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Test yourself 9 form

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Test yourself form 9

I. Change the sentences from direct speech into reported.

  1. Fred says: “I don’t like this style of clothes”.

  2. Ann’s sister says: “You need new dress and shoes”.

  3. Mr. Frost says: “Your blazer is out of fashion”.

  4. I tell her : “I can’t visit you”.

  5. Maurice says to Lucie: “My jeans and trainers are suitable for camping”.

Score: 5

II. Fill in the gaps with the right word

I remember my first day of school in detail. It was a nice bright September morning when my mum _______________me to a large school ground. There were lots of kids and parents there. At first I felt uneasy as I _____________ any of them. I wanted to go inside but the doors ______________. “Look around”, my mum said. “There are so many ______________ here. I’m sure you will make friends with them very soon”. Almost every child had a bouquet of flowers and I felt very proud because my bouquet was the ___________. Some men and women in the centre of the playground were telling us about their school years.

Look at that woman, mum”, I whispered “She________________ to the Head of the school now. I’m sure that I __________________ her. Her face looks very familiar”.

Later I found out that she was a TV presenter for an educational programme for young children and a graduate of our school. She was a very ____person. Her clothes were __________ and _________.










Score: 10

III. What parts of speech are the following words? Show how they were formed.

Suitable, fulfillment, peaceful, responsibility, political, wisdom, unhappy, wise, kindness, information

Score: 10

IV. Fill in the gaps with appropriate article.

  1. My grandparents live near ______ church. ______ church is very old.

  2. My uncle is at ______ hospital now. He wants to visit my cousin.

  3. The robber was caught and went to _____prison

  4. ______Empire State building is ______tallest building in ______New York.

  5. I never have _____supper. I’m not hungry in the evening.

  6. She is _____very pretty woman.

  7. _____we had at that café was wonderful.

Score: 10

V. Match the words with the definitions:

1. Comfortable clothes

2. When shops reduce their prices

4. You can wear such clothes when it’s rain.

5. Something you buy really cheaply but it has a good quality

6. Expensive and elegant clothes

    1. Fancy clothes

    2. In the sales

    3. Casual clothes

    4. Bargain

    5. Waterproof clothes

Score: 5

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