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Test yourself 6 form


Видеоуроки от проекта "Инфоурок" за Вас изложат любую тему Вашим ученикам, избавив от необходимости искать оптимальные пути для объяснения новых тем или закрепления пройденных. Видеоуроки озвучены профессиональным мужским голосом. При этом во всех видеоуроках используется принцип "без учителя в кадре", поэтому видеоуроки не будут ассоциироваться у учеников с другим учителем, и благодарить за качественную и понятную подачу нового материала они будут только Вас!

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Десятки тысяч учителей уже успели воспользоваться видеоуроками проекта "Инфоурок". Мы делаем все возможное, чтобы выпускать действительно лучшие видеоуроки по общеобразовательным предметам для учителей. Традиционно наши видеоуроки ценят за качество, уникальность и полезность для учителей.

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:


I variant

  1. Where are you from in Kazakhstan?

  1. I am from America

  2. I am from Turkey

  3. I am from Almaty

  1. Find the number in written form “18”

  1. eighteen

  2. eighteen

  3. eighteen

  1. Fifteen plus thirteen is ……

  1. Twenty eight

  2. Twenty

  3. Twenty seven

  1. Where`s Roza Rymbaeva from?

  1. She`s from Kazakhstan

  2. She`s from Russia

  3. She`s from England

  1. Translate from Kazakh into English “өшіргіш

  1. A chair

  2. A ruler

  3. A rubber

  1. Find the plural “a foot”

  1. Feet

  2. Foots

  3. Feets

  1. Choose the correct answer “What`s this?”

  1. It`s kind

  2. It`s a pen

  3. They are rulers

  1. Whose trainers are those?

  1. It`s Carol`s

  2. They`re good

  3. They`re Colin`s

  1. How many brothers have you got?

  1. He has got four brothers.

  2. My brother has got a book.

  3. I have got one brother.

  1. Choose opposite of the following word “new”

  1. Old

  2. Bad

  3. Good

  1. Translate from Kazakh into English “белдемше

  1. A hat

  2. A dress

  3. A skirt

  1. What`s your father like?

  1. He`s a mechanic

  2. He`s handsome

  3. Hes name is Asylbek

  1. Translate from English into Kazakh “socks”

  1. Шұлық

  2. Галстук

  3. Шалбар

  1. Choose the right answer “сағат 14:30”

  1. It`s a quarter past two

  2. It`s a half past two

  3. It`s a half to two

  1. Choose opposite of the following word “fat”

  1. Tall

  2. Old

  3. Fat

  1. Choose the right answer “сағат 07:15”

  1. It`s a half past seven

  2. It`s a quarter past seven

  3. It`s a quarter to seven

  1. What colour are Carol`s trousers?

  1. It`s black

  2. They are brown

  3. They are beautiful

  1. Ілік септігінде тұрған сөз тіркесін тап

  1. Carol`s dress

  2. Childs books

  3. Colins`s pens

  1. Translate from English into Kazakh “cello”

  1. Cкрипка

  2. Флейта

  3. Виолончель

  1. Who can play the dombyra?

  1. I can

  2. I am

  3. He is

The theme of the lesson: “What do you want to be?”
The aims of the lesson:

1) To enrich the pupils knowledge about profession.

2) To develop oral speech, listening, writing habits.

3) To bring up love for the English language and interest in the subject.

The visual aids:

Type of a lesson: mixed lesson

The methods of the lesson: group work, pair work, question-answer, the game.
I. Organization moment.
II. Warm-up.

III. Checking the homework.

IV. New lesson.
a) To introduce the theme of the lesson, the aims of the lesson;
b) To introduce new grammar.
c) Dialogue.
e) To do the exercises
f) Work with book
g) Game “My future job”
h) Game “Stop the bus”

a) Do you know?
b) Home task.
c) Giving marks.
d) The end.
The procedure of the lesson.
I. Organization moment.
— Good afternoon, my dear pupils. I’m glad to see you!

-Good afternoon, teacher!
— Sit down, please. How are you today?

-We are fine, thanks.

-Ok, very well. What day is it today?

-Today is Saturday.

-And what date is it today?

-Today is December,14th

-Thanks a lot, my dears. Now pupil on duty please give your report. Who is absent today?

II. Warm-up.

-Now, let`s start our lesson. It`s time to have a rest.

Stand up please and get ready to do the exercises and sing together.

-Ok, It was very good. You sang the song and did the exercises very well. Sit down please.

III. Checking the homework.

-And who can tell me what was your home task for today?

- Our home task is to make the posters about professions of our parents and to learn by heart new words.

- Ok, thank you. Sit down.

- Now, pupils I want to check how well you did your home task and learnt the new words. Who is ready?

- Great, your posters was perfect, my dears. You did your home task very well.

- Now let`s repeat the new words of the last and today`s lesson. Please, look at the screen and repeat after me, all together.

- Then, I would like you to solve the crossword, let`s guess the crossword. Then you will know the theme of the lesson.

IV. Introduction of the new theme.

-Today`s our lesson is called “What do you want to be?”

-Today we are going to talk about you and future profession. Our work will be very interesting and useful. Today we`ll sing a song, read interesting dialogues and play games. And I want to start our lesson with the words of John Galsworthy: “If you don`t think about your future you can`t have one”.

Are you ready for the lesson? Let`s start.

-At first I`ll divide you into 2 groups. And each group must choose their names and captains. You may give the name of professions.

-Ok, pupils, look at the screen. Today we have a new grammar rule. Presentation of the question “What do you want to be?” And we have a dialogue. Look at the screen and listen to it very attentively, because you`ll discuss it then.

-Ok, we have listen to the dialogue and let`s read and translate it.

Doing the exercises:

Answer the questions. Electronic book. Let`s speak 1.

Make the words. Electronic book. Let`s write 1.

Make the sentences. Electronic book. Let`s write 2.

-Ok, pupils. Thank you. You do all exercises very well. Now let`s do some exercises from the book. Open your books at p.86 look at the ex: 8. Find out who want`s to be an astronaut, a teacher, a doctor, a secretary, a taxi-driver and write.

-Well done. Ok, pupils and how well do you know what your classmates want to be?

Let`s play the game “My future job”. Can you guess what other pupils want to be? All of you stand up and I`ll give you a card with picture of any profession. It`s your future profession. Then ask the question “Do you want to be a…?” If he guesses it right, you should say, “Yes, I do” but if he doesn`t you should say: “No, I don`t” . Do you remember? So, let`s begin.

-Ok, we finish it. I`m very pleased with the game. Sit down, please.

Game “Stop the bus”.

-I`ll give you two papers to each groups. You must write the name of professions that you know. Who finishes first, they must say “Stop the bus”.

V. Conclusion.

-ok, thank you very much. Pupils look at the screen. Do you know?

-Now it`s time to sum up everything we have done during the lesson. What have we done today?

- Thank you very mush. Pupils look at the blackboard. There are smiles of any characters. If you like today`s lesson, you must give the mark putting the card to the smile of excellent, good and not bad.

Giving homework.

-thank you very much for your work. Please write down your home task ex:14,at p.87 write what you want to be and what your friends wants to be.


- And now I want to give you some marks for your work.

-Ok, pupil`s today`s our lesson is over. Good-bye my dears.


Theme: "What do you want to be?”
Учебник: "English, 5” автор: Аяпова Т. Т.
The aim: научить учащихся задавать вопрос "What do you want to be?” и отвечать на него.
Educational: познакомить учащихся с фразой урока "What do you want to be?”,а также закрепить названия профессий в ходе игр, диалога, кроссворда.
Developing: развивать навыки языкового общения, говорения через работу в парах и группах, развивать навыки сообразительности и мышления в лексических словах.
Communicative: отработать фразу урока "What do you want to be?” в устной и письменной речи, совершенствование диалогической речи.
Up bringing: воспитывать уважение к людям разных профессий и к труду, а также интерес к предмету через игры.
Equipment: предметные картинки, карточки с названиями профессий, мультимедийная презентация.

План урока

  1. Орг.момент 2

  2. Проверка Дз - 4

  3. Основной этап – 17

  4. Физкульминутка - 2

  5. Закрепление (групповая работа) – 12

  6. Тест-закрепление: - 3

  7. Рефлексия - 2

  8. Итоги урока - 2

  9. Д/з - 1

Ход урока

  1. Greeting:

  2. Checking the homework:

(слайд 2) Let’s check your h/w "Professions”. Look at the blackboard and match two columns with the Russian translation.

An operator



A driver


A doctor


A teacher


A dentist


A lawyer


A secretary

Менеджер в банке

A bank manager


A housewife


A musician


An astronaut


A police officer



Well done.

The second h/t was to write about your parents.

What does your mother do? –

What does your father do? –

What does your sister do? –

What does your brother do? –

Дети вы никогда не задумывались кем вы хотите быть?

слайд 3 - Тема нашего урока –Кем ты хочешь быть? – «What do you want to be?»

3. The main stage:

Слайд 4. Цель урока:

- познакомимся с фразой урока "What do you want to be?”,а также закрепим названия профессий.

Oбъяснение темы


What do you want to be?

Кем ты хочешь быть?


I want to be a ……..

Я хочу быть …….

3 л. ед.ч. – he she it

What does he want to be?

Кем он (она) хочет быть?

He wantto be a …….

Он (она) хочет быть ……



-Закрепление ответы на вопросы:

-What do you want to be?

-I want to be a ….

-And you? What do you want to be?

-I want to be a ….


Объяснение темы (2)


Do you want to be a doctor?



Yes, I do.


No, I don’t.

3 л. ед. ч


Does Asel want to be a teacher?


Yes, she does.


No, she doesn’t.



Диалогическая речь:

- Leya, do you want to be a teacher?

No, I don’t. I don’t want to be a teacher.

- What do you want to be?

- I want to be a doctor. Do you want to be a driver , Azamat?

- Yes, I do. I want to be a driver.

Физкульминутка. Развитие аудитивных навыков. Задание «Хлопаем в ладоши».Учащиеся хлопают в ладоши, если услышали в потоке речи слова, обозначающие профессии.

Big five, sing, housewife, pink, sister, cat , engineer, plane, dog, officer, green, roller-skate, Russia, doctor, kitten, nine, pupil, please, bike ,businessman, jump, dentist, grey, little, worker, four, piloteconomist, nice, teacher, hi.

Group work:






Mother’s profession





Father’s profession





What does he/she want to be






Hello. My name is Anel. I am 11 years old. I have got 4 classmates. They are: Omar, Asel, Azamat and Ann. Omar’s and Ann’s fathers are drivers. Asel’s and Azamat’s fathers are doctors. Asel’s and Ann’s mothers are housewives. They sit at home. Omar’s and Azamat’s mothers are teachers. Omar wants to be a lawyer in future. Asel wants to be as her father – doctor. Azamat wants to be a bank manager. Ann wants to be a musician because she likes music.







Mother’s profession





Father’s profession





What does he/she want to be



bank manager



0-4 – "1”

5-8 – "2”

9-12 – "3”


Hello! My name is Igor. I am 11 years old. I study at school # 1. I have a father, mother, sister. My father is a driver. My mother is a teacher. My sister is a pupil. And I want to be a football player because I like to play it.




  1. What is his name?

  2. How old is he?

  3. What does his father do?

  4. What does his mother do?

  5. What does his sister do?

  6. What does he want to be?

  1. What is your name?

  2. How old are you?

  3. Have you got a father, mother, sister or brother?

  4. What do they do?

  5. What do you want to be?



  1. What do you want to be in future?

A) Yes, I do.

B) I live in Almaty.

C) I want to be a secretary.

2. Does Dima want to be an astronaut?

A) Yes, he does.

B) No, he wants.

C) He is a student.

3. What does your friend do?

A) My friend likes English.

B) My friend is a taxi-driver.

C) Yes, I do.

4. Is your father a dentist?

A) Yes, he is.

B) He is not a doctor.

C) We are friends.

5. What does your sister want to be?

A) She wants to be a teacher.

B) We like English.

C) She lives in Pavlodar.





(максимально –

1 бал)


(максимально – 2 бала)


0-4 прав.отв. – 1 бал

5-8 прав.отв. – 2 бала

9-12 прав.отв. – 3 бала


6-5 б.– оценка «5»

4-3 б.– оценка «4»

2-1 б.– оценка «3»







-What have you learnt?

-What new phrase have you learnt?

-What was difficult/easy?

-What is your mood toady?

Homework: p.87 ex- 14 (write what your friend want to be)

Nigel Naylor, he is a tailor, he makes trousers, suits and shirts.

Penny proctor, she is a doctor, comes to see you when it hurts.

Peter Palmer, he is a farmer, he`s got cows and pigs and sheep

Wendy Witter, babysitter, minds the kids when they are asleep

People work in the country people work in the town

People work day and night to make the world go round

Mabel Meacher, language teacher, teaches English, French and greek

Gary Gummer, he`s a plumber, call him when you`ve got a leak

Patty Prentice, she`s a dentist, keeps your teeth both clean and white

Ronnie Ryman, he`sa fireman, comes when there`s a fire to fight

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