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Тест за 4 четверть, 8 класс

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Тест для 8 класса за четверть

Part I – Vocabulary

Level 1. Choose the best translation for the words below (Выберите перевод)

1. moodya) грустный; b) вспыльчивый; c) поддающийся переменам настроения;

2. outstandinga) храбрый; b) выдающийся; c) отважный

3. achievea) добиваться, достигать; b) иметь успех; c) выигрывать

4. reliable - a) добрый; b)достоверный; c) надежный

5. honesta) чистосердечный; b) честный; c) добродетельный

6. carefula) осторожный; b) полный энтузиазма; c) целеустремленный

Level 2. Form new words (Образуйте новые слова)

1. enthusiasm - ________________ 4. health - ______________________

2. honest - ____________________ 5. cheer - _______________________

3. friendly - ___________________ 6. attraction - ___________________

Level 3. Guess the words by the definition (Догадайтесь о словах по дефиниции)

1. If you are always sure in what you are doing, you are _____________________

2. Ben feels nervous and embarrassed in the company of other people. He is ________________.

3. Sally is determined to be successful, rich and famous. She is _______________.

4. Mr. and Mrs. Smith always take wise decisions and behave in a sensible and fair way. They are _____________________.

5. My mum is always willing to give and share. She is ____________________.

6. Kate is angry because I have bought a car she would like to have. She is _______________________.

Part II Grammar

Level 1 Use Present/Past/Future Simple, Present Continuous or Present Perfect

1. Bob just (to buy) a new car. _____________________________________________________

2. Sarah (to visit) France last year. _________________________________________________

3. The lesson (to begin) ten minutes ago. ____________________________________________

4. Bill (to go) to the movies every week. ____________________________________________

5. The children (to draw) a picture yesterday. ________________________________________

6. Kate and Ted (to write) a test now. ______________________________________________

7. The rain (to stop) and the sun is shining in the sky again. _____________________________

8. Mr.Connor (to leave) Moscow tomorrow. _________________________________________

9. My brothers always (to play) the guitar at home. ____________________________________

10. They already (to watch) this film. _______________________________________________

Level II. Use Present/Past/Future Simple, Present Continuous or Present Perfect

1. You (to speak) English now? ___________________________________________________

2. –Where is your exercise book?

- I’m sorry. I (to forger) it at home. _______________________________________________

3. We usually (not to wear) jeans at school. __________________________________________

4.Mr. Smith (not to steal) the money last week.________________________________________

5. I (not to be) to Europe yet. _____________________________________________________

6. They (not to think) about it next year. _____________________________________________

Level III. Ask questions to the underlined words.(Задайте вопросы к выделенным словам)

1. Sam has broken this window. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2. Kate saw a film with her friends yesterday.


Part III Irregular verbs. Fill in the gaps. (Заполните пропуски)

Level 1

Level II

Level III

Part V. Reading.

Level I. Read the text below and say if the sentences are true or false. (Прочитайте текст и скажите, являются ли предложения ниже верными или ложными)

1. Raccoons usually live in towns near people.

2. People dislike raccoons because they attack them.

3. People let raccoons eat garbage from their garbage cans.

4. In the woods they sleep under the trees.

5. Raccoons sleep at nights.

6. Raccoons are clever animals.

7.There are people who are good at helping raccoons to survive in the wild.

8.People are glad to find raccoons in their chimneys.

9.There are specialists who prepare baby-raccoons for life in the woods.

10. Raccoons are active in the afternoon.


Some people might wonder why raccoons live in towns. But the raccoons were there first. Cities grow, houses move into woods and fields where once wild animals lived. As a result, some kinds of animals move out. Raccoons usually stay on. They can live near people. People don’t always like having raccoons as neighbors, however. The animals can carry a dangerous illness.

Raccoons sleep most of the day. They sleep on tree branches. At night, they come out to find food. Dark fur around their eyes gives raccoons the nickname of “masked bandits”. Garbage is now a large part of the city raccoon’s diet. People often try hard to make their garbage cans raccoon –proof, but they usually don’t succeed, because raccoons are clever animals.

In the woods, they usually live in trees, high above the ground. In towns, however, trees are rare. As a result, raccoons sometimes make their nests in chimneys (дымоходы).

When people discover a raccoon in their house, they usually want to get rid of (избавиться от) it. There are people who are good at catching raccoons. It’s a good idea to call on one of these experts for help. City or country officials can help, too, by giving you the names of people who are trained to help homeless, lost, or sick animals. After preparing the cubs (baby raccoons) for life in the wild, these people release them.

Level II. Answer the questions. (Ответьте на вопросы)

1. Where do raccoons live?


2. Why are raccoons called “masked bandits”?


3. When do raccoons sleep and when do they come out?


4. Why don’t people like having raccoons as neighbors?


5. What do raccoons eat?


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