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Тест для 11 класса в формате ЕГЭ (лексика-грамматика)

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On 16th October 1987, southern Britain  ___ by force winds, the  worst  storm to occur in Britain since 1703. Twenty years on, Britain is remembering the event came to be known as 'The Great Storm.' Million trees   _____by the wind, as well as the fact that a wet autumn in general had made the ground very muddy.






The falling trees ____ destruction to buildings and vehicles, and blocked roads and railway lines. Everyone  _____ to stay at home.




There were also black-outs across the area. Falling trees  _____ all  power lines. People  used candles and torches for light, and gas stoves and open fires to cook food.




Earlier that week, weather forecasts had predicted severe weather. But forecasters ____ it would miss Britain and only affect the English Channel.







      But could the same thing happen today in Britain? Well, as a result of climate change many people think that sudden and severe weather changes are more likely. However, meteorological technology  now ____satellites to get a much more accurate picture of future weather. So if another Great Storm comes along, the British public should be better warned and prepared!

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