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Test for the 6th grade

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Test for the 6th grade

Form: 6 g   date:  
1. Fill in much, many, a lot of.
1. Our teacher has … work to do
2. Have you got … friends at school?
3. Is there … tea in the glass?
4. Are there … cartoons in the programme?
5. We have … young teachers in our school
2. Choose tell or say:
6. My friend always …me he likes computer games.
7. The boy … he is ready for the lesson.
8. Never … a lie.
9. What did he … you?
10. Don’t … what we are going to do.
3. Fill in the prepositions where necessary.
11. My friend is fond … collecting stamps.
a. in b. of c. for
12. The pupils are proud … their teachers.
a. in b. of c. for
13. The student took part … all the performances.
a. in b. of c. to
14. We have already bought a ticket … Astana.
a. in b. to c. for
15. I always go to school … foot.
a. to b. with c. on
4. Fill in little, few.
16. I have … free time.
17. She has … coins in her collection.
18. This man has… money in his bag.
19. They have … luggage.
20. We have … seats in this hall.
5. Choose the right variant:
21. We … in Almaty 2 years ago.
a. were b. have been c. was
22. I … Astana yet.
a. didn’t see b. haven ‘t see c. have seen
23. Yesterday I … my pen.
a. have lost b. lost
24. My friends … money in the square.
a. have found b. found c. has found
25. The teacher … all the copybooks today.
a. checked b. has checked c. have checked[b][/b]






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