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Тест на тему "Past Simple, Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous" (10 класс)

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Test A

  1. Present Perfect vs Past Simple

1. I ___ my best friend for ten years.

A have known B knew C has known

2. Somebody ___ our car last Sunday.

A stole B has stolen C have stolen

3. I don’t want to go to the cinema. I ___ this film.

A has already seen B have already seen C already saw

4. Is Mary at home? No, she ___.

A has just left B have just left C just left

5. My brother ___ a lot when he was young.

A has swum B have swum C swam

6. Michael ___ to play the piano last year.

A has learnt B have learnt C learned

7. Do you want something to drink? No, thanks. I ___ a cup of tea.

A just had B have just had C has just had

8. My parents ___ to Germany in 2005.

A went B has gone C have gone

9. Sally ___ her relatives for a very long time.

A haven’t seen B didn’t see C hasn’t seen

10. I ___ this college since September.

A have attended B has attended C attended

11. My sister ___ her ankle yesterday evening.

A twisted B have twisted C has twisted

12. Chris ___ a truck before.

A never drove B has never driven C hasn’t never driven

Test A

  1. Present Perfect Continuous vs Present Perfect Simple

1. We ___ to the theatre since last month.

A haven’t gone B haven’t been going C hasn’t gone

2. My friends and I ___ since 2 o’clock.

A have sunbathed B have been sunbathing C has been sunbathing

3. Sally ___ news since she left university.

A have reported B has been reporting C has reported

4. Jane is abroad. She ___ three countries.

A has already been visiting B have already visited C has already visited

5. ___ dancing lessons?

A Has you ever taken B Have you ever taken C Has you ever been taking

6. I want to buy a new flat. I ___ money for ages.

A has been saving B have saved C have been saving

7. My uncle is a doctor. He ___ lots of vital operations.

A has made B has been making C have made

8. Jack is cold. He ___ for too long.

A has been swimming B have been swimming C has swum

9. Den ___ championships before.

A has never won B hasn’t never won C has never been winning

10. We ___ in this café before.

A haven’t been eating B haven’t eaten C hasn’t eaten

11. I don’t want to go out. The cold wind ___ since morning.

A have been blowing B has blown C has been blowing

12. It’s the first time Martin ___ ill.

A has been falling B has fallen C have fallen

Tests B

  1. Present Perfect vs Past Simple

1. Columbus ___ America in the 15th century.

A has discovered B have discovered C discovered

2. ___ diving?

A When did you last went B When did you last go C When have you last gone

3. I ___ a letter. Can you post it?

A has just written B have just written C just wrote

4. ___ a cherry pie?

A Has your mom ever baked B Did your mom ever bake C Have your mom ever baked

5. Mark ___ the car race last year.

A hasn’t won B haven’t won C didn’t win

6. How is Lucy? Fine, we ___ her on our way home.

A has just met B have just met C just met

7. Sandra ___ her bike yesterday.

A fell off B have fallen off C has fallen off

8. ___ their wedding last weekend?

A Did they celebrate B Have they celebrated C Has they celebrated

9. She ___ much progress in her career so far.

A haven’t made B didn’t make C hasn’t made

10. My uncle ___ anything last month.

A hasn’t earned B didn’t earn C haven’t earned

11. Listen to me! I ___ with the solution.

A have just come up B have just came up C just came up

12. Andy ___ to Japan twice.

A was B has been C have been

Test B

  1. Present Perfect Continuous vs Present Perfect Simple

1. How long ___ this research?

A have you been making B has you been making C have you made

2. ___ many people to our wedding ceremony?

A Has you invited B Have you been inviting C Have you invited

3. Cathy ___ since 2 o’clock. She is exhausted.

A have been driving B has driven C has been driving

4. Bob ___ his new pencil case.

A have already lost B has already lost C has already been losing

5. We ___ to such a big park before.

A have never been B has never been C haven’t never been

6. My eyes are tired. I ___ since afternoon.

A has been reading B have been reading C have read

7. He ___ in London for two weeks now.

A has been staying B have been staying C has stayed

8. We ___ the rent yet.

A hasn’t paid B haven’t been paying C haven’t paid

9. ___ books for a long time?

A Has you been writing B Have you been writing C Have you written

10. Marta __ in the shopping centre for 2 hours.

A have been B has been C has being

11. I ___ to go scuba diving.

A have always wanted B have always been wanting C has always wanted

12 . Where have you been? Mom ___ for you all day.

A has looked B have been looking C has been looking

III. Complete with the appropriate tenses.

  1. When Carol (call) last night, I (watch) my favorite show on television.

  1. I (work) for this company for more than thirty years, and I intend to stay here until I retire!

  1. Sharon (love) to travel. She (go) abroad almost every summer. Next year, she plans to go to Peru.

  1. Thomas is an author. He (write) mystery novels and travel memoirs. He (write) since he was twenty-eight. Altogether, he (write) seven novels, three collections of short stories and a book of poetry.

  1. We were late because we had some car problems. By the time we (get) to the train station, Susan (wait) for us for more than two hours.

  1. Sam (try) to change a light bulb when he (slip) and (fell) .

  1. Every day I (wake) up at 6 o'clock, (eat) breakfast at 7 o'clock and (leave) for work at 8 o'clock. However, this morning I (get) up at 6:30, (skip) breakfast and (leave) for work late because I (forget) to set my alarm.

  1. Right now, Jim (read) the newspaper and Kathy (make) dinner. Last night at this time, they (do) the same thing. She (cook) and he (read) the newspaper. Tomorrow at this time, they (do, also) the same thing. She (prepare) dinner and he (read) . They are very predictable people!

  1. By this time next summer, you (complete) your studies and (find) a job. I, on the other hand, (accomplish, not) anything. I (study, still) and you (work) in some new high paying job.

  1. The students (be, usually) taught by Mrs. Monty. However, this week they (teach) taught by Mr. Tanzer.

Краткое описание документа:

Грамматический тест по теме  "Past Simple, Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous" состоит из 2 вариантов и включает 3 задания. Учащиеся должны выбрать правильный вариант ответа из предложенных в первом задании    Present Perfect vs Past Simpleво втором   Present Perfect Continuous vs Present Perfect Simple и в третьем расскрыть скобки и поставить глагол в правильную форму.

Таким образом данный тест расчитан на разную подготовку учащихся и дает возможность выбирать. Этот тест можно также использовать для учащихся 9-11 классов.




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