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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиТестыТест по английскому языку (6 класс)

Тест по английскому языку (6 класс)

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Arachne was a girl who lived in Greece in ancient times. She was good at weaving. Nobody on earth could weave so skillfully as she.

Arachne was not modest about her skill. She was foolishly proud of it.

After some time Athena, goddess of wisdom and household arts, heard about Arachne. She invite the girl to the contest.

One day when Arachne was weaving there suddenly appeared beside her Athena. She said: “I’ve heard your boasting for a long time. It’s time you received a lesson. Let the contest begin”.

They began to weave. Athena wove a bright picture which told the story of other foolish people who had thought themselves greater than the gods. Arachne wove a picture that told of the foolish acts of the gods themselves.

When Athena saw Arachne’s work she was so angry that struck her loom with her shuttle. Then she touched the girl with the shuttle. Soon there was no girl there, but a spider sitting in a web it had woven.

So the scientific name for all spiders is arachne.

Ex.1 Choose the main idea.

The text is about

a) the contest between the Goddess and the girl.

b) the girl who liked to boast.

c) the Goddess Athena who wanted to punish the girl for boasting.

Ex.2 Choose the right answer

1. Where did Arachne live?

a) in France

b) in Italy

c) in Greece

2. What was she famous for?

a) for skill at drawing

b) for skill at weaving

c) for skill at sewing

3. Why did the Goddess Athena decide to punish Arachne?

a) Arachne liked to boast.

b) Arachne didn’t respect the Goddess.

c) The Goddess Athena didn’t like the girl.

4. Who won the contest?

a) the Goddess Athena

b) the girl

c) nobody

5. Why was Athena angry with the girl after the contest?

a) The girl was the first to finish the work.

b) Arachne’s picture told a story about the foolish acts of the gods.

c) Arachne’s picture told a story about the foolish acts of the gods.

6. What did Athena touch the girl with?

a) with her shuttle

b) with her hand

c) with her stick

7. Arachne is the scientific name of all

a) ants

b) spiders

c) flies.


1. They …. the TV when I came in.

a) watched

b) were watching

c) have watched

d) watch

2. What …. last Satuday?

a) were they buying

b) they bought

c) did they buy

d) they were buying

3. When I …. she …. a bath.

a) phoned, had a bath

b) was phoning, was having a bath

c) phoned, was having a bath

d) phoned, was have a bath

4. What … when your mother came back home?

a) were you doing

b) you did

c) you were doing

d) did you

5. My parents … in 1970.

a) got married

b) get married

c) were getting married

d) getting married

6. Mum is in the kitchen. She … a cake.

a) makes

b) make

c) is making

d) making

7. I usually … to work, but today I … because my car is broken.

a) drive, am walking

b) am driving, walk

c) drive , walk

d) am driving, am walking

8. What language … at the moment?

a) is she speaking

b) she is speaking

c) does she speak

d) she speaks

9. Yes, we … to the cinema, but not very often.

a) go

b) goes

c) are going

d) don’t go

10. At the moment we … over the capital of our country.

a) is flying

b) are flying

c) flies

d) fly

11. How many newspapers … every day?

a) you buy

b) do you buy

c) are you buying

d) you are buying

12. Mary … to the theatre last Friday.

a) went

b) was going

c) has gone

d) have gone

13. We … our homework yet.

a) didn’t finish

b) haven’t finished

c) finished

d) hasn’t finished

14. We … in Europe last year.

a) have travelled

b) travelled

c) travel

d) has travelled

15. Jane … three times since morning.

a) telephone

b) have telephoned

c) telephoned

d) has telephoned

16. … answered all the letters yet?

a) have you

b) did you

c) you have

d) you did

17. My sister… this film yet.

a) haven’t seen

b) haven’t saw

c) hasn’t seen

d) didn’t see

18. I will phone you when I … all the information.

a) will get

b) got

c) get

d) am going to get

19. The teacher … angry if you … late.

a) will be angry, will be late

b) is angry, are late

c) will be, are late

d) is angry, will be

20. Next summer my friends … to our place.

a) will come

b) comes

c) shall come

d) came

21. I think they … here in five minutes.

a) are going to be

b) be going

c) going to be

d) will be

22. There are … apples in the basket, take one.

a) a lot of

b) much

c) a little

d) few

23. And I’d like … oranges, three or four, please.

a) much

b) a few

c) many

d) a little

24. Have you got … questions?

a) any

b) no

c) some

d) anything

25. There is a church, a shop and … houses here.

a) a little

b) little

c) any

d) a few

26. I like reading. I’ve got … books.

a) much

b) few

c) a lot of

d) a little

27. Can I have … milk in my coffee, please?

a) any

b) some

c) many

d) a few

28. What would you like?- Give me …. cheese, please.

a) little

b) few

c) any

d) some

29. I’m sorry, John can’t come to the phone. He … lunch.

a) is having

b) has

c) have

30. Have we got … sugar? – Yes, but not …

a) some, much

b) any, many

c) any, much

31. There are three… in Mr.Brown’s family.

a) man

b) men

c) mans

32. Dinosaurs … millions of years ago.

a) died out

b) have died out

c) were died out

33. Why … you … jeans today?

a) do… wear

b) are… wearing

c) did wear

34. At 6.15 when you phoned I … a shower.

a) was having

b) had

c) did

35. Pushkin, the great Russian poet, was born in ….

a) a 1799

b) 1799

c) the 1799

36. My parents … often… me any pocket money.

a) do… give

b) does … give

c) don’t … give

37. Mrs.Potts likes to live in the country, ….?

a) don’t she

b) isn’t she

c) doesn’t she

38. We … Peter this week yet, but we … him a couple of weeks ago.

a) didn’t see, saw

b) haven’t saw, have saw

c) haven’t seen, saw

39. My father always eats … chips and … meat for dinner.

a) a lot of, a little

b) a few, many

c) some, few

40. It looks a bit like New York, … ?

a) does it?

b) isn’t it?

c) doesn’t it?

41. Where is Tom? – I … him today.

a) didn’t see

b) haven’t seen

c) not see

42. Look! The children … again.

a) fight

b) are fighting

c) fought

43. Paul … to concerts. He isn’t interested in music.

a) goes

b) is going

c) doesn’t go

44. He is very busy. He has got … work to do today.

a) a little

b) many

c) much

45. I … maths yesterday when my friend … me to invite for his birthday party.

a) did, was calling

b) have done, called

c) was doing, called

46. She hates playing with the dogs, … ?

a) doesn’t she

b) isn’t she

c) does she

47. Has … got my pen?

a) any

b) anybody

c) somebody

48. A brown bear is bigger than a koala, …?

a) doesn’t it

b) isn’t he

c) isn’t it

49. My father … a bike for my birthday last year.

a) bouhgt

b) bought

c) has bought

50. He has read this book …

a) last month

b) this month

c) next month

Краткое описание документа:

Тест по английскому языку (учебник О.В. Афанасьевой, М.В.Михеевой, 6 класс. второй год обучения). Объем грамматического материала, изученного в этом классе, больше программного для 6 класса(по УМК О.В.Афанасьевой) за счет четвертого часа(факультатив "Практическая грамматика английского языка). Естественно, увеливается и объем лексического материала. В задании по грамматике пятьдесят пунктов, в зависимости от группы даю либо все одновременно, либо делю на части. Задания в формате ЕГЭ учащиеся выполняют с пятого класса, поэтому проблем не возникает. Перед началом работы с текстом выписываю на доске незнакомые слова, без которых понять содержание не возможно.

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