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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Тест по английскому языку по теме "Animals in our life" в 6 классе (УМК Enjoy English)

Тест по английскому языку по теме "Animals in our life" в 6 классе (УМК Enjoy English)

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Test 2 “Animals in our life”

Variant 1

I.Put letters in the correct order.

phidlon, seroh, dapan, hawel, raprot

II. Choose the word with the same meaning

  1. dominant

a) independent b) dirty c) main d) merry

  1. to fight

a) to save b) to battle c) to arrange d) to see

  1. zoo

a) a park b) a Wild Animals' Park c) a Zoological Society d) a farm

4) to be rich in

a) to arrange b) to enjoy c) to have a lot of d) to have

III. Choose the correct answer

  1. Will you ... our society of young scientists?

a) enjoy b) join c) go d) come

  1. In the last Science lesson students wrote a very ……… test.

a) difficult b) enjoyable c) zoological d) kind

  1. Look at his dirty shirt! He has just ... with Sam.

a) played the piano b) had a fight c) joined d) watched

  1. We want to help save ………. animals.

a) domestic b) wild c) endangered d) natural

  1. Have you ever heard of the London Zoological ... ?

a) society b) house c) wild animal park d) insect

6). There are many ….. animals in the world.

a) endangered b) cruel c) poor d) rich

7). There are 400 … of insects in London Zoo.

a) birds b) animals c) kinds d)insects

8). Welcome to the London Wild Animal’s ….!

a) center b) park c) shop d) school

9). Domestic animals are ….

a) whale, shark b) horse, duck c) elephant, zebra d)rhino, giraffe

IV. Choose the right verb

1) Have you ever ….. English poems?

a) translate b) translates; c) translated; d) are translating; e) will translated.

2) Ann ……… the Society for the protection of birds last year.

a) join; b) joins; c) joined; d) is joining; e) will join.

3) There …… less than 300 animals in the wild next year.

a) be; b) was; c) were; d) are being; e) will be.

  1. Henry has just ….. to the public library.

a) walk; b) walks; c) walked; d) is walking; e) will worked. 5) Look! The white cat ……….. with the black dog.

a) fight; b) fights; c) fought; d) is fighting; e) will fight.

Test 2 “Animals in our life”

Variant 2

I.Put letters in the correct order.

dcelrocoi, woc, cudk, lephenat, ragifef

II. Choose the word with the same meaning

1) giant

a) healthy b) big c) small d) athletic

  1. to watch

a) to save b) to fight c) to look like d) to see

  1. the kind

a) a cage b) a master c) a type d) sight

4) novel

a) poem b) joke c) book d) song

III. Choose the correct answer

1) Suddenly they ….. a crocodile swimming in the lake.

a) enjoy b) join c) see d) listen.

  1. What ... of people are they?

a) king b) character c) lot d) kind.

  1. We have already ……. our difficult work.

a) cleaned b) heard c) read d) finished.

  1. Are these wonderful oranges ... ?

a) domestic b) enjoyable c) fresh d) natural.

5) There will be less than 250 ……. in the wild next year.

a) societies b) animals c) houses d) insects.

6) . Have you ever been to London ….?

a) Zoo b) people c) animals d)insects

3. Did you …. to any Zoological Society?

a) feed b) join c) play d) enjoy

6. “Have you got a ….?” – “Yes, I’ve got a dog.”

a) pet b) sister c) animal d) people

8. Wild animals are….

a) cat,dog b) leopard, lion c) camel, parrot d) cow, horse

IV. Choose the right verb

  1. He has already ... his puppy for a walk.

a) take;              b) takes;                c) took;             d) taken;       e) is taking;         f) will take.

2.  Yesterday we ……..  Hedgehog Hospital at the Greenwich  Farm.

      a) visit;             b) visits;                    c) visited;         d) are visiting;        e) will visit.

  1. Have you ever ... to Westminster Abbey?

a) be;            b) was;              c) were;          d) been;            e) are being;              f) will be.

  1. My brother has just ... his best friend at the zoo.

        a) meet;          b) meets;                    c) met               d) is  meeting;            e) will meet.

5. I ….. my old and unusual parrot’s cage at the moment.

      a) repair;         b) repairs;                  c)  repaired;      d) am repairing;         e) will repair.

Краткое описание документа:

Тест по английскому языку по теме «Аnimals in our life» (2 четверть) 6 класс.


Цель контрольной работы:

учебный аспект:

  • контроль уровня сформированности лексических навыков по теме;
  • контроль уровня сформированности грамматических навыков по изученным темам:

       - употребление глаголов действительного залога в Present Perfect, Past Simple, Present Simple, Future Simple,  или Present Continuous Tenses.

  • контроль уровня сформированности навыков перевода предложений во временах Present  Perfect, Present Simple,  Past Simple или Present Continuous.

развивающий аспект:

  • развитие способности к самоконтролю, анализу, распределению внимания.

воспитательный аспект:

  • воспитание самостоятельности.



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