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Тест по страноведению (английский язык)

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Choose the best answer for each questions.

  1. 1. What is the capital of Wales?

  1. Dublin b. London c. Cardiff

2. What can you see on the Welsh flag?

  1. a fish b. a dragon c. a dog

3. What do we call the son of a king and queen?

  1. a prince b. a princess c. a soldier

  1. 1. How many wives did Henry VIII have?

  1. 7 b. 4 c. 6

2. What did the British call George III?

  1. "the Farmer King" b. " the German King" c. " the Book - loving King"

3. What happend to George III?

  1. His son killed him. b. He talked to trees. c. He killed his wife.

  1. 1. What is the name of Queen Elizabeth II's house in Scotland?

  1. Balmoral b. Windsor c. Buckingham

2. What happened at Windsor Castle in the early 1990s?

  1. a garden party b. a fire c. a football game

3. What can you see every day outside Buckingham Palace?

  1. the Changing of the Guard b. the Queen on her horse c. a pop concert

  1. 1. When did Sir Francis Drake live?

  1. the 12th century b. the 16th century c. the 19th century

2. What did Sir Walter Raleigh look for in South America?

  1. lost British people b. new boats c. El Dorado

3. What did Raleigh bring back to Britain?

  1. coconuts b. potatoes and tobacco c. his parents

  1. 1. Florence Nightingale is often called "The Lady with the ..."

  1. light b. lamp c. love

2. Florence is famous for her work in ...

  1. schools b. restaurants c. hospitals

3. Which country did she work in during the Crimean war?

  1. Italy b. Russia c. Turkey

  1. 1. What did William Wilberforce fight against?

  1. the slave trade b. working woman c. Africans

2. What did William Wilberforce become when he was only 21?

  1. Prime Minister b. Doctor Wilberforce c. Member of Parlament

3. What did George Cadbury make in his factory?

  1. clothes b. chocolate c. shoes

  1. 1. When was the Great Fire of London?

  1. 1466 b. 1666 c. 1866

2. Which building burned down in the fire?

  1. St. Paul’s Hospital b. St. Paul’s School c. St. Paul’s Cathedral

3. How did most people escape from the fire?

  1. They used horses. b. They went on boats down the river. c. They went into churches.

H. 1. Which two families fought in the wars of the roses?

  1. Nottingham and Manchester b. Tudor and Bosworth c. York and Lancaster

2. Which kind of wife did Warwick want for Edward IV?

  1. a German wife b. a French wife c. an English wife

3. What happened to the two young princes in the Tower?

  1. They died. b. They killed their uncle. c. They became kings of England.

  1. 1. Which is the correct name of the book by Geoffrey Chaucer?

  1. The Centerbury Pilgrims” b. “The Centerbury Stories”. c. “The Centerbury Tales”

2. Which is the correct name of the play by William Shakespeare?

  1. Hamlet and Romeo b. Juliet and Hamlet c. Romeo and Juliet

3. What is Oliver Twist?

  1. a play by William Shakespeare b. a novel by Charles Dickens c. a poem by Geoffrey Chaucer?

  1. 1. Who started the first printing press in Britain?

  1. Geoffrey Chaucer b. Gutenberg c. William Caxton

2. Who did the British call “ the father of television”?

  1. Charles Babbage b. John Logie Baird c. Alexander Graham Bell

3. Who did not work computers?

  1. Ada Lovelace b. Alexander Graham Bell c. Charles Babbage

  1. 1. Which of these is part of a car?

  1. traffic lights b. traffic jam c. indicators

2. In which country do people drive on the right?

  1. the USA b. Britain c. Australia

3. Which small car do people like a lot in Britain?

  1. the Maxi b. the Minor c. the Mini

  1. 1. What did Gilbert and Sullivan write together?

  1. symphonies b. comic operas c. religious music

2. Who made Arthur Sullivan “Sir”?

  1. Edward VIIb. William IV c. Queen Victoria

3. What kind of music did Edward Elgar write?

  1. guitar music b. symphonies and marches c. film music

  1. 1. What was the name of one of Britain’s first colonies in North America?

  1. Queensland b. Virginia с. Elizabeth

2. What were the first British colonists in North America called?

  1. the Mayflowers b. the Natives c. the Pilgrim Fathers

3. Why did a lot of British people go to North America in the 1800s?

a. They liked the food there. B. They couldn’t find work in Britain. C. They liked the weather better in America

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Данный материал представляет собой тестовое задание с выбором одного правильного варианта ответа. Вопросы касаются истории, а также культуры англоговорящих стран от средних веков до наших дней. Данный материал может использоваться как на уроках, так и во внеурочной деятельности. Может использоваться и как дополнительный материал для углублённого изучения предмета. Отдельные вопросы можно использовать при подготовке олимпиад английского языка. Все вопросы содержат материал, который не изучается в рамках школьной программы, поэтому требуют дополнительной подготовки как учителя так и учеников. 

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