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Тест по теме "Настоящие времена английского глагола"


Test Present Tenses:

Open the brackets. Use

Present simple: V1 / Vs, Present continuous: am / is /are + Ving, Present Perfect: have / has +Ved/3, Present perfect continuous: have / has been + Ving

1. – Do you know who I am? – Yes, I do. We __(meet)___ once before.

2. My friend has sent me three letters but neither of them ___(arrive)__.

3. My father is a seaman. And what _he (do)____to earn money?

4. For many years agriculture and science __(receive)___ financial support.

5. Mary is very busy now. She __(work)___ at a new project concerning settlements improvement

6. Mary says she _(not hear)____ from her aunt since New Year congratulations letter

7. My wife has own car but she ___(use)__ it rarely

8. Wait a minute! I reject to believe any word you __(tell)___ here now.

9. John is a great pianist. Does anyone know how long (play) the piano?

10. Do you know where my glasses are? I __(see)___ them since weekends.

11. Are you looking for something? – Yes, I am looking for my hat. I __(leave)___ it somewhere but I don’t know the exact place.

12. The day will be great if you start it with training. That’s why I __(jog)___ every morning.

13. EU Government is worried as the unemployment level __(increase)___.

14. The world __(change)___ rapidly. Every day brings something new.

15 You do not hear what I am saying because you .(be).... very absent-minded.

16 Susan is a fashion designer. Now she ..(make).. a new set of clothes to be shown at a fashion show.

17 I have just applied for a job in the local hospital, now I ..(wait)... for an answer from them.

18 I am tired. We ..(walk)... for more than an hour. Let’s stop and rest for a while.

19 Carol and I are old friends. I ...(know).. her since we studied in high school together.

20 Jerry promised to come to work in time. He is not here, and he even ..(not call)..yet. .

21 I am sorry, Ann can’t come to the phone right now. She ...(take).. a shower.

22 Excuse me I ..(look for)... a public telephone. Is there one near here?

23 I don’t like Alice. She ..(complain)... about difficulties of life all the time.

24 She has sent me two letters, neither of which ..(arrive)... .

25 A group of scientists are travelling around Africa. How many countries ..they (visit)... so far, I wonder?

26 Her family .just (move).... to another town.

27 I have read this chapter in my chemistry text three times, and still I .(not understand).... it.

28 My friend has sent me three letters but I ……(not get)……….any of them.

29 She……(not / hear)………from her aunt since New Year.

30 Paul isn’t a very honest person. That is why when he speaks nobody .(believe).. him.

31 Bill, you hair looks wet. What .you (do).. all morning in the rain?

32 Gill can’t do the dishes right now because she ..(sleep). now.

33 He found a new job in China. He always (want)... to move to China because he is fond of their lifestyle.

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Краткое описание документа:

Представленный тест направлен на отработку грамматических навыков по теме "Настоящие времена английского глагола". В самом начале даны формулы образования всех времён, относящихся к настоящему: Present Simple, Present Continous, Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous. В тесте представлены разные виды предложений: повествовательные, вопросительныи и отрицательные предложения. В задании требуется раскрыть скобки таким образом, чтобы форма глагола грамматически соответствовала смыслу предложения. Данный тест можно использовать на разных этап урока в среднем и старшем звене.

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