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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Тест по теме "Прошедшее время"
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  • Иностранные языки

Тест по теме "Прошедшее время"


Прошедшее совершенное время (Past Perfect)

Tест 1

When I 22 ____ the radio on yesterday, I 23 ____ a song that was popular when I was in high school. I 24 ___ the song in years, and it 25 ___ back some great memories. Then I went out, and 26 ___ into an ex-girlfriend of mine. We 27 ___ each other in years, and both of us 28 ___ a great deal. I 29 ___ talking to her so much that I 30 ___ her to dine with me. When we came to the restaurant we came across Jack. I 31 ___ him because he 32 ___ so much weight and had grown a beard.

22. a. had turned b. turned

c. was turning d. has turned

23. a. heard b. has heard

c. was hearing d. heard

24. a. did not hear b. have not heard

c. was not hearing d. had not heard

25. a. brought b. has brought

c. had brought d. has brought

26. a. run b. ran

c. has run d. was running
27. a. had not seen b. have not seen

c. did not see d. was not seeing

28. a. have changed b. changed

c. had changed d. was changing

29. a. have enjoyed b. enjoyed

c. am enjoying d. enjoy

30. a. asked b. ask

c. was asking d. had asked

31. a. did not recognize b. had not recognized

c. have not recognized d. was not recognizing

32. a. was losing b. has lost

c. lost d. had lost

Tест 2

An American warship once 22 ____ a visit to a port in a hot country where the British navy had a base, and the captain of the British base 23 ____ the officers of the American warship to a parly ashore.

Now, Americans like their drinks to have plenty of ice in them, even in a cold climate, but at the time of the warship’s visit to the English base, it was generally known that the British hardly ever 24 ___ ice, even in the hottest countries. The captain of the American ship 25 ____ to drink warm drinks at the British party, so an hour before the party was due to begin, he 26 ___ a small boat ashore to his host with several large tins of ice from the warship’s refrigerators.

The Americans 27 ___ forward to having plenty of ice in their drinks. They were therefore very surprised when, on their arrival, they got no ice in their drinks. They thought that the servants 28 ____ time to unpack the ice that 29 ____ from the ship, but the party 30 ____, and still there was no ice. Or course, the American officers were too polite to ask what 31 ___ to the ice that they had sent.

When the party at last came to an end, the American captain thanked his British host for the pleasant party, then the secret of the ice came out. The British captain thanked the American captain for it and said, ‘It allowed me to have the first really cold bath I 32 ____ in this place’.

22. a. had paid b. had paid

c. paid d. paying

23. a. has invited b. had invited

c. was inviting d. invited

24. a. had had b. had

c. was having d. were having

25. a. does not want b. was not wanting

c. did not want d. had not wanted

26. a. sent b. had sent

c. has sent d. was sending
27. a. had looked b. have looked

c. were looking d. are looking

28. a. had not had b. have not had

c. did not have d. do not have

29. a. has been sent b. was sent

c. is sent d. had been sent

30. a. was continuing b. had continued

c. has continued d. continued

31. a. has happened b. had happened

c. happened d. was happening

32. a. had had b. had

c. has had d. have had

Tест 3

The government wanted to put up a big office building in the capital, and 22 ____ to choose an engineering company to do the work. Several big companies wanted the job, because it would bring them a lot of money if they 23 ____ it, but, of course, they could not all have it, so the government had to decide which of them should be the lucky one. They therefore 24 ____ a government official to examine the various companies’ offers, decide which was the most suitable, and then advise the Minister of Works which of them to choose.

After some months, the choice was made and work was about to begin when one of the companies which 25 ___ complained to the Minister. They said that the official who 26 ____ for advising him on the choice of a company to do the work had accepted bribes.

The Minister at once ordered an inquiry into the whole matter, and after a month had proof that the official 27 ___ bribes. He therefore sent for him and asked for an explanation.

The official admitted that be 28 ____ big bribes. ‘But’, he said, ‘I did not just take one from the company to which I recommended that you should give the work. I took a bribe from each company to favour it in my choice of the one to recommend’.

Well, then’, said the Minister, ‘how 29 ___ your choice? 30 ___ the one that gave you the biggest bribe?’

Certainly not, sit!’ answered the official, deeply hurt that the Minister should accuse him of such dishonesty. ‘I was very careful to take exactly the same bribe from each of the companies that were trying to get the job’.

Then how 31 ___?’ asked the Minister.

As an honest government official’, answered the man, ‘I 32 ___ the company that I Thought would do the work best and most cheaply, of course’.

22. a. had b. has

c. was having d. had had

23. a. can get b. could get

c. could have got d. could not get

24. a. have appointed b. has appointed

c. appointed d. had appointed

25. a. had not been successful b. has not been successful

c. have not been successful d. had been successful

26. a. had been responsible b. has been responsible

c. have been responsible d. were being responsible
27. a. had indeed been taking b. had indeed taken

c. has indeed taken d. indeed taken

28. a. has taken b. had taken

c. have taken d. was taken

29. a. you finally made b. did you finally make

c. have you finally d. had you finally made

30. a. did you choose b. have you chosen

c. had you chosen d. were you choosing

31. a. have you chosen b. did you choose

c. had you chosen d. do you choose

32. a. choose b. had chosen

c. has chosen d. chose

Прошедшее длительное время (Past Continuous)

Tест 1

When I 22 ____ out this morning, the sun 23 ___ and the birds 24 ___. It 25 ___ a beautiful morning. I 26 ___ to the nearest park and 27 ___ down near the river. But while I 28 ___ there, it 29 ___ to rain, so I 30 ___ home. My hat 31 ____ off when I 32 ___.

22. a. was going b. went

c. has gone d. go

23. a. shone b. has shone

c. was shining d. shines

24. a. were singing b. sang

c. have sung d. sing

25. a. is b. was being

c. has been d. was

26. a. was walking b. has walked

c. walk d. walked
27. a. was sitting b. has sat

c. sit d. sat

28. a. sit b. was sitting

c. sat d. has sat

29. a. began b. was beginning

c. has begun d. begins

30. a. ran b. run

c. was running d. has ran

31. a. fall b. was falling

c. fell d. has fallen

32. a. run b. has ran

c. ran d. was running

Tест 2

The day 22 ___ terribly. My alarm 23 ___ and 24 ___ the house with only one hour to spare before the plane 25 ___ due to take off. Luckily there 26 ___ very little traffic and I 27 ___ at the airport with 30 minutes to spare. I 28 ___ in at the gate and went for a coffee. Just as I 29 ___ it, the announcer 30 ___ my flight. I followed the sign to the departure gate and went through passport control. The hall was full of teenagers, obviously a school trip. They 31 ___ a terrible noise. And then I 32 ___ that terrible announcement, the one you don’t want to hear. There was a problem with the engine.

22. a. was beginning b. has begun

c. begin d. began

23. a. went not off b. was not going off

c. went off not d. did not go off

24. a. has left b. left

c. was not leaving d. was leaving no

25. a. was being b. was

c. has been d. is

26. a. is b. was

c. was being d. were
27. a. was arriving b. have arrived

c. has arrived d. arrived

28. a. was checking b. check

c. has checked d. checked

29. a. drank b. was drinking

c. has drunk d. drink

30. a. was calling b. has called

c. called d. calls

31. a. were making b. was making

c. made d. have made

32. a. hear b. was hearing

c. hears d. heard

Tест 3

In the early 1980’s, Ellis 22 ___ the potential for home computers. Using standard components, he 23 ___ together his first computer, and started to market it in 1983. At first, he 24 ___ it through specialist electronic magazines. Then he 25 ___ advertisements in the ‘quality’ Sunday newspapers. It 26 ___ an immediate success. Later that year he 27 ___ the more powerful YX40. This 28 ___ colour graphics and 29 ___ less than the YX30. However, there 30 ____ production problems. People 31 ___ their YX40 and 32 ___ for their money back. In 1985, Ellis went bankrupt and Hamster bought the rights to the YX30.

22. a. has seen b. was seeing

c. saw d. sees

23. a. put b. was putting

c. has put d. puts

24. a. sold b. has sold

c. sells d. was selling

25. a. was placing b. has placed

c. places d. placed

26. a. was b. be

c. has been d. is
27. a. brings out b. has brought out

c. brought out d. was bringing out

28. a. had b. was having

c. has had d. have

29. a. was costing b. has cost

c. cost d. costing

30. a. was b. were

c. is d. are

31. a. were returning b. have returned

c. has returned d. was returning

32. a. demand b. have demanded

c. were demanding d. has demanded

Краткое описание документа:

В данном материале содержится тестовое задание по теме "Прошедшее совершенное время (PastPerfect)", "Прошедшее длительноевремя (Past Continuous)". От традиционных оценок и контроля знаний тесты отличаются объективностью измерения результатов обучения, поскольку они ориентируются не на субъективное мнение преподавателей, а на объективные эмпирические критерии. Тесты имеют безусловные преимущества по сравнению с другими формами контроля. Тест позволяет работать одновременно с большим количеством учеников, быстро устанавливаются результаты, соответственно ученики оперативно узнают результат своей деятельности.


Данный тест можно использовать как при подготовке к контрольному уроку, так и на повторение. 


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