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Тест по теме "Спорт"

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Test to the topic

Sport and the Olympic Games

  1. Sport … a great role in our life.

a) lose, b) plays, c) is.

  1. Football is a… game.

a) team, b) single, c) pair.

3. People, who play a sport are… .

a) fans, b) coaches, c) players.

4. An important competition that decides which player or team is the best

in a particular sport, game, etc. is … .

a) fencing;

b) championship;

c) javelin.

5. My friend … judo.

a) goes, b) does, c) plays

6. The head of a team is … .

a) referee, b) captain, c) spectator.

7. In Portuguese – born footballer Ronaldo's full name is … .

a) Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro;

b) Рона́лдо Луи́с Наза́рио де Ли́ма;

c) Рона́лду де Асси́с Море́йра. 

8. Football by Americans is called... .

a) soccer, b) football c) golf.

9. A federation of football clubs is called a football …

a) union, b) league, c) team.

10. The boxer … his opponent as hard as he could.

a) knocked, b) punched, c) touched.

11. A figure skating team won, because they had been trained by such a good … .

a) coach, b) director, c) teacher.

12. Having lost the match, the ice hockey team travelled home in … spirits.

a) cold, b) empty, c) low.

13. After their long period of training the footballers were in good …

a) figure, b) style, c) shape.

14. A coach … a team or a player.

a) follows, b) watches, c) trains.

15. The Olympic Games, the biggest international sports games, which unite people from all over the world, … the symbol of peace and friendship.

a) came, b) be, c) became.

16. The Olympic Games … every four years.

a) takes place, b) take place, c) took place.

17. The 1-st Olympic Games held in …

a) Ancient Greece, b) France, c) Africa to please the ancient God Zeus in… a) 776, b)767, c) 677.

18. The official emblem of the Olympic Games is a colourful flag with … interlinked rings.

a) 6, b) 5, c) 4.

19. Women …to attent the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece.

a) were not allowed, b) were all allowed, c)did not allowed

20. The awards for winners of early games was… .

a) wreath from an olive tree, b) an olive tree, c) a gold cup.

21. The founder of the modern Olympic Games is …

a)Spartacus, b)Heracles, c) Baron Pierre de Coubertin

and … countries took place in the 1-st modern Olympic Games.

a) 300, b) 21, c) 30

22. Summer and Winter Olympic Games are held …

a) separately, b) together, c) after one month.

23. The Winter Olympic Games have been hosted 4 times  in…

a) The United States, b) France, c) Canada

24. In February I ...

a) watched, b) was watching, c) have been watching … the

a) 22nd, b) 23rd, c) 88th Olympic Winter Games.

25. The 2014 Olympic Winter Games mascots were chosen by the country-wide elections conducted via social networks. Who gained the most votes?

a) the Snow Leopard, b) the Polar Bear, c) the White Rabbit

26. Where in 2018 will be taken place the next 23 rd Winter Olympics?

a) France; b) Korea; c) Germany.

27. In which Olympic Winter Games Russian sportsmen have won 33 medals?

a) The 20th in Torino (2006);

b) the 21st in Vancouver (2010);

с) the 22-nd in Sochi (2014);

28. How old is the skater Yulia Lipnitskaya that after the team competitions in figure skating became the youngest champion in the history of the Winter Olympics?

a) 14 years;

b) 15 years;

c) 16 years;

29. In the 22-nd Olympic Winter Games there were … sets of medals for across 7 Olympic sports. a) 90, b) 98, c) 89

30. The host city of the 22-nd Winter Games Sochi is situated in … region

a) Rostov, b) Krasnodar, c) Stavropol.

31…. countries took part in the Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi.

a) 45, b) 54, c) 98.

32. Which of these legendary Russian women lighted a fire at the opening of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi?

a) Speed ​​skater Lydia Skoblikov;

b) Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova;

c) Figure skater Irina Rodnina;

33. What dignity was the first medal of the Russian team at the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014?

a) Gold, b) Silver, c) Bronze.

34. Who won for the Russian Olympic team first "gold"?

a) Skaters, b) Skiers, c) Figure skaters.

35. In which discipline of snowboard triumphantly acted family of Russian athletes husband Vic Wild, who won the "gold", and his wife Alena Zavarzina, received the same day, "bronze"?

a) Halfpipe;

b) parallel giant slalom

c) The snowboard cross;

36. What place in the medal standings took the team of hosts of the 2014 Olympics?

a) first;

b) second;

c) third;

37. How has it been obtained the flame for the Paralympics torch in Sochi?
a) From the sun, collected through a system of lenses and reflectors.
b) From the Olympic torch from Sochi;
c) by friction;

38. Find the Russian equivalent of the proverb «Fit as a fiddle»

a) Здоров как бык;

b) Здоровье – лучшее богатство;

c) Богатство ничто без здоровья;

39.Find the Russian equivalent of the spoken English phrase

«Took a hammering»

а) продули с треском;

b) мощный удар по воротам;

c) судью на мыло!

40. Whom belong the words «O Sport, you are Piece!» to?

a) Jean-Jacques Rousseau;

b) Baron Pierre de Coubertin;

с) Greek god Zeus.

Ответы к тестам:

1 – b) 2 - a), 3- c), 4- b, 5 - b), 6 - b), 7-a), 8 - a), 9 - b), 10 - b),

11- a), 12 –c), 13 - c), 14-c), 15 –c), 16 -b), 17-a),a), 18 – b), 19 –a), 20 -a),

21 – c), c), 22 –a), 23-a), 24 –a),a), 25 –a), 26 –b), 27-c), 28-b), 29-b), 30-b)

31 – a) 32 -c), 33–c), 34 –c), 35 – b), 36 – a), 37 – c), 38 – a), 39- a), 40-b).

Okuneva G. N.

English teacher of Kaleyevo school

Sernur district of the Republic of Mari El

Краткое описание документа:

Лексико-грамматический тест по теме "Спорт" на английском языке содержит 40 вопросов разного уровня сложности.   Тест предназначен для проверки уровня сформированности лексико-грамматических навыков по теме. На каждый тест даны четыре варианта ответов, из которых один правильный. В тест включены темы "История Олимпийских игр", "Здоровье", "Роль спорта в жизни людей", "Олимпиада в Сочи в 2014 году" и предназначен для обучающихся средних классов. Материал может быть использован как для самостоятельной проверки учащимися знания лексики по теме «Спорт», так и на уроке. В конце теста находятся ответы.

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