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Test yourself 8 класс

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Test yourself

  1. The United Kingdom ______ England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

  1. include b) comprises c) consist of d) made

  1. The primary school ________ included Kazakh, Maths, Russian and etc.

  1. curriculum b) subject c) program d) start

  1. Astana is the capital ___ Kazakhstan.

  1. in b) of c) to d) for

  1. ____ the first of September we get acquainted with our teachers.

  1. in b) of c) to d) on

  1. School year _____ 9 months.

  1. last b) lasted c) lastd d) lasts

  1. The school is _______ in the centre of the city.

  1. located b) situate c) form d) have

  1. Nell Smith goes to a __________ school.

  1. grammar b) state c) comprehensive d) junior

  1. Compulsory education in England begins at ______.

  1. 3 b) 4 c) 6 d) 5

  1. ___________ education lasts for six years.

  1. infant b) junior c) primary d) secondary

  1. Compulsory education in Kazakhstan begins at ______.

  1. 3 b) 4 c) 6 d) 5

  1. Dan’s school is a government school, usually called a ____________.

  1. secondary b) state c) primary d) common

  1. English, maths and Science are called _____ subjects.

  1. sore b) more c) care d) core

  1. If you go to __________ you will have a good education.

  1. grammar school b) modern school c) state school d) private school

  1. The sons and daughters of aristocracy go to _________ schools.

  1. comprehensive b) grammar c) modern d) private

  1. The British education has many different faces but one _______.

  1. theme b) purpose c) assignment d) study

  1. English is the most _________ language in the world.

  1. widespired b) popular c) widespread d) widesipred

  1. The primary school’s classes are on the _________.

  1. ground floor b) first floor c) second floor d) third floor

  1. The children ______ their books they need to do their homework and go home.

  1. give b) take c) collect d) copy

  1. One or two children have to stay behind as a punishment. Белгіленген сөзге сұрақ қойың

  1. Why b) What c) Where d) When

  1. In England lessons start at _____o’clock. a) 8 b) 8.30 c) 9 d) 9.30

  2. Lessons finish at ____ o’clock. a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4

  3. means the subject matter of a book, paper, document etc.

a) create b) content c) electronic d) uniform

  1. is a branch of physics.

a) electronic b) electronics c) pillar d) computer

  1. It means the act or action of starting the building or planting something.

a) basic b) create c) foundation d) start

  1. Who does get acquainted with English boy?

  1. Nick b) Aidar c) Asel d) Samat

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