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Тест за 9 класс

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Final test for the 9 form (Student´s book «New Millennium English»)

I. Put the verbs into the correct forms.

1.​ By 2021 my brother (to finish) a secondary school.

a) will have worked, b) will be working, c) will work.

2.​ I (to play) tomorrow at 14 p.m.

a) will have played, b) will be playing, c) play.

3.​ I (to pass ) my Math exam on the 31 of May.

a) will have passed, b) will be passing, c) passing will be.

4.​ I (to study ) for the next 7 years.

a) have been studying, b) will study, c )will be studying .

5.​ We (to learn) at school for 9 years.

a) have been learning, b) have learn, c) are learning

6.​ I like (a) to go, b) going, c) go) to disco on Saturdays.

7.​ I’d like (a) to know, b) knowing, c) have been knowing) more foreign languages.

8.​ Kate (remove) yet ? a) has …removed, b) had… removed, c) removes.

No, she still (live) in Yoshkar-Ola a) lives, b) live, c) lived.

9.​ She never (to live) in a big city before her trip to Russia.

a) had lived, b) had been living, c) lives.

10.​ Oh no! I (to forget) to bring my book!

a) have forgotten, b) forget, c) forgotten

II. Continue the sentences using worth+Ving.

1.​ The book was really fantastic. It … … (to read) it.

2.​ I’m very tired . It … … … (to waste) time on the work in the garden.

3.​  The ride was not bad but it (not to wait) in the queue for 2 hours.

4.​ This film is truly zhighly. It … … (to pay attention to).

5. Although I got completely wet it (to go) on this ride.

III. Put the articles a, the, zero where necessary

1.​ What … nice day!

2.​ You must help her – she’s quite … loyal!

3.​ His lecture is … rather good.

4.​ My sister is quite … reliable person. She is so … good!

5.​ He’s got … such interesting books.

6.​ … largest mountain in … world is … Elbrus.

7.​ … Russia lies across 11 timezones.

8.​ … Morskoy Glaz is … unique natural landmark in … Republik of Mari El.

9.​ Would you like to be … teacher?

10. In summer we went to Moscow. I stayed by my friend for … week.

IV. Put the verbs in Conditional 3. (If … had Ved(3), would have Ved(3).

1.​ If you (to learn ) better, you ( to pass ) your exams better.

2.​ If you (to pass) your exams, you (to enter) a university.

3.​ My dad (to buy) me a bike, if I (to get) «5».

4.​ We (to go) to Sernur District Competition, if we (to win) at school.

5.​ If I’ve (to train) regularly, we (to win) the competition.

V. Put the verbs in Active or Passive forms.

1.​ Max said that he (to pass) his exams.

a) had passed, b) had been passed, c) passed.

2.​ Why are you so tired ? I … … (to work ) in the garden for 2 hours.

a) have been working, b) have worked) c) have been working.

3.​ Recently an interesting exhibition (to organize) in our school hall.

a) has been organized, b) has organized, c) is organized.

4.​ A lot of trees 9 (to cut down ) in our forests.

a) have been cut down, b) have cut down, c) cut down.

5.​ I (to finish ) watering the plants yet. Can you help me?

a) have finished), b) finished, c) (have been finished.

VI. Complete the sentences with either … or…/ neither … nor…

1.​ If you are good at performing in public, you can become … actor …a politician.

2.​ I do not like to work with children, so I will be … a teacher, … an educater.

3.​ My sister is interested in English, so she will be … a doctor, a vet.

4.​ Tomorrow in Literature we will speak about A. Pushkin, so I will be …reading poems, … repeating a text about him.

5.​ I enjoy to treat my «ill» dolls, and I think about being … a surgeon, … a doctor.

VII. Fill in the gaps with relative clauses who and wich.

1.​ A person … likes to cause pain is cruel.

2.​ My son … is a student is very loyal.

3.​ Beauty is the quality … the most boys value in girls.

4.​ I gave my friend a present … she liked very much.

5.​ I hate bossy people … like to give orders to everybody.


I. 1. will have finished, 2. will be playing, 3. will be passing,

4. will be studying, 5. have been learning, 6. going, 7. to know, 8. has …removed, 9. had lived, 10. have forgotten.

II. 1. was worth reading, 2. was not worth wasting, 3. was not worth waiting,

4. is worth paying, 5. was worth going.

III. 1. a, 2. -, 3. -, 4. a, -, 5. -, 6. the, the, -, 7. -, 8. -, a, the, 9. a, 10. a.

IV. 1. had learnt , would pass, 2. had passed, would enter, 3. would buy, had got, 4. would go, had won, 5. had trained, would win.

V. 1. had passed, 2. have been working, 3. has been organized,

4. have been cut down, 5. have finished

VI. 1. either … or… 2. neither … nor… 3. neither … nor…

4. either … or… 5. either … or… .

VII. 1. Who, 2. who, 3. which, 4. which, 5. who.

Пожалуйста, подождите

Краткое описание документа:

Лексико-грамматический тест для 9 класса разработан для отработки навыков лексики и грамматики по следующим темам:

·                     Future Continious vs Future Perfect

·                     Present Perfect

·                     thesentencesusingto be+worth+Ving

·                      the articles a, the, zero

·                     the verbs in Conditional 3. (If … had Ved(3), would have Ved(3)

·                     verbs in Active or Passive forms

·                     conjuctions either … or…/ neither … nor…

·                     relativeclauses who and wich



Он позволяет повторить грамматический материал, изученный за курс обучения в основной школе в различных видах заданий. Тест содержит семь заданий, общее количество баллов - 45. Проводится в конце года как итоговая контрольная работа за 9 класс. В конце теста даны правильные варианты ответов.



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