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Тесты для 9 класса

  • Иностранные языки

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Етістіктерді дұрыс шақта қойыңыздар.

1. My father _____ _______ to hospital.

a) are taken; b) was taken; c) was examining.

2. The sun _____ _______, so we ______ to go to the mountains.

a) was having, went; b) was shining, decided; c) was having, finished.

3. He ______ _______ his homework yet.

a) hasn’t done; b) have been written; c) has been heard.

4. Mark is really dirty because _____ ______ ______ all day.

a) had been waiting; b) had been cooked; c) has been working.

5. My sister ____ to school last year.

a) understand; b) went; c) finishing.

Саналатын және саналмайтын зат есімдермен қолданылатын өлшемдердің дұрысын таңдаңыздар.

6. Would you like ______ cheese?

a) some; b) little; c) any.

7. I’m afraid there are only ____ left.

a) a few; b) much; c) some.

8. We eat ______ meat.

a) some; b) a little; c) any.

9. you drink _____ beer.

a) a lot of; b) a bit of; c) too much.

10. _______ have a snack between meals.

a) most of us; b) no one; c) everyone.

Шартты сөйлемдердегі етістіктердің дұрысын таңдаңыздар.

11. If I am free on Sunday, I will/ would go to the cinema.

12. I’ll let you know if I found out / find what’s happening.

13. If people were more sensible, life would be/ will be easier.

14.If I were rich, I will spend/ would spend all my time travelling.

15. If it were Sunday. I wouldn’t/ will go to school.

Phrasal verbs – тің мағынасына сәйкесін табыңыздар.

16. I ran in a marathon but I wasn’t fit enough. I _____ after 15 kilometres.

a) made it up; b) dropped out; c) left out.

17. The papers for the exam were not ready. So they had to _______ it.

a) put off; b) turn up; c) look out.

18. Sorry. I’m late. The car _________.

a) broke down; b)make up; c) put off.

19. You have some problems with grammar. It means you’ll have to ________ revising.

a) leave out; b) see off; c) go on.

20. When they printed the papers, they ______ a page.

a) go back; b) left out; c) be carefull.

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