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Тесты для подготовки к ГИА по английскому языку

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One Saturday morning, Abby's Mum came upstairs to see Abby in her bedroom. There was a big mess on the floor and Abby sat in the middle of it all reading a book.
"What a mess," Mum said. "You need to have a clear up in here. Because things get broken or lost when they're all willy-nilly like this. Come on, have a tidy up now."
"But I'm very busy," Abby argued, "and it's boring doing it on my own. Can't you help me?"
"No I can't, I'm busy too. But I'll give you extra pocket money if you do a good job."
When Mum came back later all the toys and clothes and books had disappeared.
"I'm impressed," said Mum. "But I'll inspect it properly later."
"It was easy," said Abby. "Can I have my extra pocket money I now?"
"All right. Get it out of my change purse. It's in the kitchen tidy drawer."
In the kitchen, Abby went over to the dresser and pulled open the tidy drawer. She hunted for the purse.
"It must be somewhere at the bottom," Mum said. "Let's have a I proper look."
She pulled the drawer out and carried it over to the table. Abby looked inside. There were lots of boring things like staplers and string, but there were lots of interesting things as well.
"What's this?" Abby asked, holding up a plastic bottle full of red liquid.
"Fake blood, from a Halloween party years ago. Your Dad and I took I you to that, dressed up as a baby vampire. You were really scary."
Abby carried on looking through the drawer. She found some I vampire teeth, white face paint, plastic witch nails and hair gel. Mum pulled out a glittery hair band. It had springs with wobbly balls on the top that flashed disco colours! Abby found some sparkly hair elastics to match the hair band. She made her Mum put lots of little bunches all over her head so she looked really silly.
"I remember this," Abby said as she pulled out a plastic bag. "This is from my pirate party." Inside there was a black, false moustache and some big gold earrings.
"Come here," Mum said and smeared white face paint all over Abby's face. She dribbled the fake blood so it looked as if it was coming out of Abby's eyes and mouth. She put gel all over Abby's hair and made it stand up into weird, pointy shapes. Abby put in the vampire teeth and slipped on the witch fingers. She made scary noises at Wow-Wow, the cat.
He ignored her and carried on washing himself on the seat next to her.
Abby came to sit on her Mum's knee.
"It's fun doing this together," she said.
"Maybe. But we still haven't found the change purse."
"Well, you know things will get lost, or broken, when they're all willy-nilly."
"You cheeky monkey!" Mum laughed. "But what shall I do with it all?"
"I know, it's easy," Abby said and began to remove everything off the table into her arms. She put it all back in the kitchen drawer.
Mum looked at her suspiciously.
"Let's go and inspect your bedroom, shall we?"
Abby followed her upstairs and into her bedroom. Wow-Wow was sitting in front of her fish tank looking hungrily at the goldfish. He dashed under the bed when he saw Mum and Abby. Mum kneeled down and lifted the bed cover to get him out. Underneath were heaps of Abby's toys, books, tapes, clothes and shoes, empty plastic cups, wrappers and a half-eaten sandwich on a plate.
"Abby! What's all this?"
"It's my tidy drawer," Abby said. She wrapped her arms around her Mum and gave her a kiss.
"Let's sort this one out together now.'

  1. When Mum came to Abby's room she saw

    1.   her daughter reading at her table.

    2.   the cat looking at the fish.

    3.   a terrible mess all over the place.

    4.   Abby dressed up as a vampire.

  2. Abby agreed to tidy up her room because Mother

    1.   promised to take her to the Halloween party.

    2.   offered to give her extra pocket money.

    3.   promised to help her.

    4.   said that she would punish her.

  3. Where did Abby find many interesting things?

    1.   In her Mother's change purse.

    2.   Under her bed.

    3.   On the kitchen table.

    4.   In the tidy drawer in the kitchen.

  4. Abby's parents used most of the interesting things

    1.   when they dressed themselves up for Halloween parties.

    2.   as presents for Halloween parties.

    3.   to dress her up for different parties.

    4.   when they wanted to play tricks on Abby.

  5. Abby put on the vampire teeth, witch nails and other things from the tidy drawer because

    1.   she wanted to scare the cat.

    2.   she was going to a Halloween party that evening.

    3.   she enjoyed dressing up with her Mother.

    4.   she had to dress up for a pirate party.

  6. Abby's Mother decided to inspect Abby's bedroom

    1.   after she had seen Abby tidy up the kitchen table.

    2.   because she had promised she would do that.

    3.   before Father came home from work.

    4.   when they heard some strange noise from it.

  7. When Abby's Mother looked under her daughter's bed she saw

    1.   the cat eating a sandwich.

    2.   the tidy drawer from the kitchen.

    3.   her change purse.

    4.   all the Abby's things.

Your Future World

What will you be doing in 2025? Will you be living in an undersea research station? Will you be the chief engineer (1)______ a bridge across the Atlantic Ocean? Will you be leading an (2)______ to the planet Mars? Will you be ...?
You can daydream, of course, but nobody knows exactly what the world will be (3)______ But scientists have made some guesses.
Based on the advances made, they believe people will be healthier. Diphtheria, malaria, tuberculosis, polio and many other killers are under control now. These diseases are on the way out, (4)______ to germ-killing chemicals, new ways of finding out about our bodies, and new ways of providing clean, safe (5)______ and water.
Healthier people live longer, so we can expect the world's population to (6)______ sharply. It may double in the next forty years! This brings up a serious problem: how will we find food, water and minerals for such a huge population?
Scientists are at work on some (7)______. From the ocean they hope to get new fertilizers to increase the yield of the soil; new chemicals to kill crop-destroying insects without (8)______ other animals, new sources of water or supplies of food.


А inventing

В designing

С scheming

D doing


А exploration

В expenditure

С   expedition

D exhibit


А like

В alike

С likely

D likable


А as a result

В because

С on account

D thanks


А eat

В feed

С food

D cooking


А decrease

В   distract

С dissolve

D   increase


А solutions

В   alternatives

С preference

D questions


А hurting

В harming

С injuring

D wounding


l'll never forget the first time I met Mark. I was at a party feeling a bit bored when my eyes fell on this tall well-built young man in his mid-twenties.
He had red 1 ) ................. hair and was really good-looking. He was smartly dressed in a casual white cotton shirt and grey 2) ................. trousers. What really attracted me though, was his warm 3) ................. smile. Of course most people believe that his most stunning feature is his 4)..................... green eyes. We started chatting and took to each other immediately.
Mark is a kind and 5)................. person who will always listen to you and offer help. He's also very intelligent and 6)................. enough for his age. Mark is really 7)....................... as he can come up with new ideas all the time. That's why he's very good at his job, although he's not really obsessed with his 8)........................
Mark likes reading and travelling. As he's very 9)................... and loves meeting new people, he's got friends all over the world.
Over the years, I've shared many good times with Mark. He's one of the most 10) ................. people I've ever met, as well as one of my best and most trusted friends.


A slanting

B freckle

C pale

D shoulder-long


A long-sleeved

B loose-fitting

C low-heeled

D sling-back


A sensible

B careful

C  friendly

D fair


A   almond-shaped

B curly

C  curved

D   oval


A  understanding

B muscular

C crooked

D   skinny


A middle-aged

B  bossy

C mature

D shy


A polite

B brave

C patient

D creative


A practice

B career

C position

D professional


A sociable

B   fit

C persuasive

D accurate


A  cheerful

B rude

C spoilt

D calm




I used to work at the local supermarket every Saturday. But one day I was called
into the manager’s office.
‘I have received a serious (1) …… about your behavior. Your colleague, Sara, has
(2) …… me that she saw you take money from the till,’ he began.
‘I can’t understand why she would (3) ...... this kind of accusation,’ I replied.
‘I don’t want to discuss this matter. I (4) ...... that you leave the shop at once’ was
all he said.
I began to (5) ...... but Mr Bradshaw refused to listen. As I left the shop I saw
someone running across the car park opposite. It was Sara – she was the (6) ......
of my troubles and now was my chance to find the (7) ...... why she had lied. I ran
(8) ...... her and soon (9) ...... up with her.
‘Why on earth did you lie to Bradshaw?’ I almost screamed at her.
‘I owe you an (10) ...... . I’m in trouble – I had to get that money but I knew they
were going to catch me, so I pretended it was you. I (11) ...... I’ll make it up to
She was scared, and although I was having (12) ...... understanding her (13) ......,
something in her eyes made her story sound (14) ...... . But why should I get the
(15) ...... for something I didn’t do?


A complaint

B  objection

C blame

D  protest


A said

B told

C explained

D stated


A   have

B give

C make

D put


A insist

B confirm

C make

D force


A deny

B demand

C protest

D criticise


A  cause

B  force

C effect

D origin


A meaning

B purpose

C answer

D reason


A into

B  after

C with

D  over


A made

B took

C went

D caught


A apology

B admission

C  argument

D offering


A   mean

B  promise

C   say

D decide


A  problem

B doubt

C   harm

D  trouble


A decision

B explanation

C truth

D answers


A realistic

B promising

C convincing

D  positive


A   threat

B  cause

C   blame

D effect



Many adults in America and increasing numbers elsewhere (1) ...... part in mentoring
schemes. A mentor is an adult who provides support and friendship to a young person.
There are (2) ...... different (3) ...... of mentoring: passing on skills, sharing experiences, offering guidance. Sometimes the most (4) ...... thing to do is just listen. Mentoring is open to anybody – no particular (5) ...... experience is required, just a desire to make a (6) ...... to the life of a young person who needs help. This may seem a difficult thing at first, but many people find they have a real (7) ...... for it.
The support of a mentor can play an important (8) ...... in a child’s development and can often make up (9) ...... a lack of guidance in a young person’s life. It can also improve young people’s (10) ...... towards society and build up their (11) ...... in dealing with life’s challenges. For the mentor, it can be incredibly rewarding to know that they have had a significant (12) ...... on a child and helped to give them the best possible (13) ...... in life.
Indeed, it is not only adults who are (14) ...... of taking on this role. There is now an
increasing (15) ...... for teenagers to mentor younger children, for example by helping
them with reading or other school work.


A hold

B give

C take

D form


A number

B numerous

C multiple

D  masses


A approaches

B means

C manners

D ways


A helpful

B  willing

C  kind

D recommended


A trained

B expert

C professional

D  skilled


A move

B switch

C difference

D distance


A  ability

B skill

C strength

D talent


A  piece

B part

C role

D section


A to

B for

C with

D over


A attitude

B  impression

C   approach

D conduct


A knowledge

B   belief

C confidence

D hope


A   change

B result

C  factor

D influence


A availability

B risk

C chance

D  ability


A  able

B capable

C good

D  efficient


A want

B   wish

C demand

D lack


  1.   Driving a car with faulty brakes is ....... quite a risk.

    1.   being

    2.   taking

    3.   putting

    4.   setting

  2. At the wedding reception, the best man______the side of his glass lightly with a knife to get the guests' attention.

    1.   heat

    2.   tapped

    3.   stroked

    4.   hit

  3. The bank manager has agreed to ....... me another $5000.

    1.   pay

    2.   borrow

    3.   lend

    4.   hand out

  4. These old houses are going to be ....... soon.

    1.   run down

    2.   laid out

    3.   knocked out

    4.   pulled out

  5. I lost too much money betting at the races last time, so you won't ...... me to go again.

    1.   impress

    2.   persuade

    3.   urge

    4.   convince

  6. It was a very beautiful cloth ....... from silk.

    1.   composed

    2.   threaded

    3.   worn

    4.   woven

  7. Many people living around the stadium_______about the violent behaviour of the soccer fans.

    1.   object

    2.   criticize

    3.   disapprove

    4.   complain

  8. The law states that heavy goods delivery vehicles may not carry ....... of more than fifteen tons.

    1.   loads

    2.   masses

    3.   measures

    4.   sizes

  9. Sure, I'll bring that too. Also, don't forget your .......... I forgot mine last time I went to the beach and was squinting for so long that I got a headache afterwards. I'll pick you up at 10 o'clock.

    1.   goggles

    2.   bifocals

    3.   welding glasses

    4.   sunglasses

  10. I'm sorry, I haven't got ....... change. Why don't you try the bank?

    1.   lots

    2.   all

    3.   any

    4.   some

  11. Are you going to wear your new ......... suit, Amanda? I also got a new one last week and I'm looking forward to wearing it.

    1.   jump

    2.   diving

    3.   three-piece

    4.   bathing

  12. She was ….. with some of the people, the others seemed vaguely ….. to her.

    1.   familiar, acquainted

    2.   acquainted, familiar

    3.   acquainted, acquainted

    4.   familiar, familiarly

  13. She told us about an interesting________which she is planning - across Europe by train and bicycle.

    1.   crossing

    2.   travel

    3.   journey

    4.   voyage

  14. Nick and Mike were the ….. students in class who ….. to write the test well.

    1.   one, were able

    2.   lonely, succeeded

    3.   alone, could

    4.   only, managed

  15. I was an hour late because of the ….. traffic.

    1.   heavy

    2.   hard

    3.   difficult

    4.   densely


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