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Тесты на тему "verb to be"

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Test 1

1. … am a schoolboy

a)You b) I c) She

2. … is my friend`s mother

a) They b)His c) She

3. Is this … room, Omar ?

a) Her b) He c) Your

4. Whose rubber is this, … or mine?

a)Your b) my c) yours

5. … is my study and it is clean

a) those b) his c) that

6. I can ride a bike …

a) myself b) mine c)him

7. … trainers are my brother`s

a) this b) we c) those

8. I put … notebook on the shelf

a) she b) ours c) his

9. There are … bananas in the vase

a) she b) any c) some

10. … singers are in the hall

a) any b) a few c) much

11. They clean … room themselves.

a) our b) his c) their

12. There is … butter on the plate

a) many b) any c) much

13 . … are my classmates

a) she b) mine c)they

14. Is there … hot water in the kettle?

a) some b) any c) few

15. This is a girl. … name is Ann.

a) he b) she c) her

16. We always translate the text … in English

a) their b) ourselves c) himself

17. There isn`t … grass on the ground

a) any b) much c) few

18. Would you like … tomato juice ?

a) any b) some c) much

19. … often helps me, when I am need

a) you b) she c) we

20. Pass, that salt … please

a) she b) him c) myself

Test 2

  1. Are there … fresh vegetables in the shop?

a)some b)any c)something

2. Where is my mother? … is going to the office

a) he b) her c) she

3. … nice flowers are grown in our garden.

a) that b) these c) it

4. There are … forks in the sideboards

a) any b) many c) much

5. The text was translated by … .

a) she b) your c) us

6. Would you … chicken soup?

a) few b) some c) anything

7. The children must wash up dishes … after dinner.

a)my b)themselves c)yourself

8. Can you buy any chalk for … too?

a) I b) me c) hers

9. My little sister makes … bed every day.

a) him b) her c) much

10. I have seen how … is coming there.

a) somebody b) anything c) she

11. Some of them make only … mistakes in their work

a) few b) any c) much

12. Our family wish … a good luck on trip.

a) their b) them c) he

13. This is my place and that is … ?

a)his b) she c) theirs

14. How much cost … markers?

a) this b) that c) those

15. They don`t buy … during their holidays.

a) anything b) some c) somebody

16. … wants to be a dentist after leaving school

a) they b) he c) we

17. This is my scarf, where is … ?

a) she b)myself c)yours

18. My aunt has brought … toys to her niece

a) those b) this c) their

19. Whose dog runs faster mine or … ?

a) yours b) she c) they

20. May I bring … to eat for guests ?

a) some b) anything c) something

Test 1

  1. Have you read … English stories?

a)much b) any c) few

2. The boys parents didn`t let … go for a walk late.

a) she b)they c) him

3. He usually repairs his watch … .

a) they b) himself c) her

4. There was … in the garden. It was empty.

a) nothing b) anybody c) herself

5. Who are …. standing people?

a) some b) they c) those

6. He usually spends … time in open air.

a) many b) much c) little

7. I have known … for a long time.

a) them b) their c) we

8. There is a swimming pool in … yard .

a) myself b) their c) her

9. She must cook her dinner …

a) yourself b) our c) herself

10. I want to play volleyball with … .

a) you b) his c) we

11. There is not … coffee in the cup.

a) much b) many c) no

12. I don`t understand … about their acting.

a) anybody b) anything c) little

13. My car needs … petrol than my uncles

a) many b) much c) no

14. Do your iron your clothes … ?

a) himself b) my c) yourself

15. I have lost … key when I return home

a) something b) my c) she

16. Can you lend … some money ?

a) them b) hers c) some

17. … are my best friends from 1st form

a) we b) his c) they

18. This is my cousin. … studies in the college.

a) we b) he c) she

19. There was … snow on the ground this year

a) many b) a little c) few

20. How … does this orange juice cost?

a) many b) much a) many

Test -2

1. Have you ever seen… whale?

a) some b) any c) few

2. The guests ask …. to drink, they are thirsty

a) some b) anything c) something

  1. There was … at home when we came

  1. some b) nobody c) anybody

4 All members of our team learn to ski …. .

  1. ourselves b) they c) themselves

5 I have chosen … colorful blouse

  1. some b) these c) that

6 I cant find … glass, have you seen anywhere ?

a) his b) it c) my

7 The woman falls down from the upstairs and hurt ….

  1. her b) herself c ) myself

8 …. are standing at the bus stop and waiting for… .

  1. he me b) they she c) we them

9 This is my ticket where is …. ?

  1. theirs b) mine c) yours

10 Are there … plants in your room ?

  1. some b) anything c) any

11 We have already appointed our group leader …. .

  1. themselves b) ourselves c) ours

12 …. stool my purse with money last week.

  1. anybody b) some c) somebody

13 There isn’t … ice in the skating –rink this year

  1. anything b) much c) no

14 The teenagers shouldn’t leave … parents alone

  1. his b) their c) they

16 Where is my walkman , I cant see it … .

  1. some where b) anywhere c) anything

17 This is a foreigner , … nationality is Chinese

  1. she d) his c) her

18 My task at exam was easy and was … very difficult ?

a ) mine b) hers c) your

19 There was … in the street . It was rainy and windy

  1. somebody b) anybody c) nobody

20 Samal has brought …. many nice gifts from the capital

  1. his b) their c) them

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