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Тесты: обобщение грамматического материала

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Тест для учащихся 9 классов

1 вариант

Из предложенных вариантов необходимо выбрать правильный вариант.

I do not know Spanish, but I (learn) it now.

 am learning

  1. ... your sister often ( go ) to the theatre.

 Is ... go
 Does ... go
 Do ... go

  1. I (wake up ) early and got out of bed.

 woke up
 had woken up

  1. My wife (often/make ) plum-cakes.

 is often making
 often makes

  1. He can play golf well, ...?

 ..., doesn`t he?
 ..., can`t he?
 ..., can he?

  1. Margie and her sister ... wonderful voices.

 has got
 have got

  1. I have to get my photograph (take) for a new passport.


  1. ... is no place like home.


  1. ... Mississippi is the longest river in the USA.


  1. The day before yesterday we ( invite )to the restaurant by Tom Jenkins.

 are invited
 were invited

  1. He said, "Where is Jill going?"

 He asked where was Jill going.
 He asked where Jill is going.
 He asked where Jill was going.

  1. It (often/rain ) in this place.

 is often raining
 often rains

  1. Mr. Evans is speaking over the phone, ...?

 ..., is he?
 ..., isn`t he?
 ..., doesn`t you?

  1. - Have you got any money? - Yes, I ( borrow ) it from my mother.

 have borrowed
 did borrow

  1. We were late. The meeting ( start ) an hour before.

 had started

  1. ... the delegation visit your school?


  1. What makes you ( do ) such rash actions.

 to do

  1. ... is from here to St. Petersburg?

 How far
 How long

  1. My mother ... a bad headache.

 have got
 has got

  1. We (not/see) Peter this week.

 did not see
 have not saw
 have not seen

Тест для учащихся 9 классов

1 вариант

Из предложенных вариантов необходимо выбрать правильный вариант.

1.Начало формы
  1. I have never heard Helen ( sing ).


2. ... I help you?


3. This money ... enough to buy this book.

 have been

4.Are you married?

 Yes, I do.
 Yes, I am.
 Yes, I was.

5. The more she knew this man the ... she liked him.


6. I ( buy ) a new dress last week.

 have brought
 had bought

7. You don`t have to worry. He can take care of ...


8. The letter and the parcel ( post ) tomorrow.

 will be post
 will have been posted
 will be posted

9. ...Jack London is a well-known American writer.


10. Tom is their ... son.


11. I got out of bed an hour later I ( wake up ).

 woke up
 had woken up

12. My parents ( be ) to the USA many times.

 have been
 have being

13. We ( see ) him a couple of weeks ago.

 have saw
 have seen

14. We ( not/have ) a holiday last year.

 did not have
 have not had
 had not have

15. Bob … homework already.


has done;


16. Pupils … on the computer when the lesson was over.

were playing;



17. The first lesson usually … at 8.15.




18. Ann … the composition before she went for a walk.



had written.

19. This book … at the end of the year.

will be published;

was published;


20. I … in Volgograd since childhood.



have been living.

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