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Тесты по английскому языку


______ Date: _________ 7 grade

The Theme of the lesson: Test yourself

Test yourself

I . Vocabulary

1-10 Do you have a friend?

What kind of verbs do you use when you speak about your friend? (Not less 10 verbs)

Example: I trust my friend

II. Choose the right preposition

11. I alway rely _______ my friend.

a) on b) with c) at

12. I share my book ___________ my friend

a) to b) with c) at

13. I care __________ my friend.

a) to b) with c) for

14. I trust _________ my friend.

a) zero (0) b) with c) for

15. I think ______________ my friend.

a) of b) with c) for

III. Grammar

Read the situations and complete the sentences.

16. The rain started an hour ago. It is still raining now.

It __________________ for an hour.

17. My friends started playing football 2 hours ago. They are still playing it.

They ___________ for two hours.

18. I started writing this test 10 minutes ago. I’m still writing it.

I ________________ for 10 minutes.

19. We started learning English 2 years ago. We’re still learning English now.

I _____________ since the 5th form.

20. Your friend is learning French, You ask: How long ______________ French?

______ Date: _________ 7 grade

The Theme of the lesson: Test yourself

Test yourself

I . Vocabulary

1-10. Fill in the chart. (Not less than 10)

Plant and trees


Fish and reptiles


Domestic animals

II. Choose the right plural form

11. There are a lot of _____________ in the forests of Kazakhstan.

a) wolf b) wolves

12. Squirrels eat a lot of __________

a) leaves b) leaf

13. I have seen a lot of ____________ in the zoo of the U.K.

a) rhinos b) rhinos

14. Wolves have sharp ____________

a) children b) child

III. Grammar.

Complete the sentences using can or could

16. Omar ___________ drive, but he hasn’t got a car.

17. My friend does yoga. He ____________ stand on his head.

18. Omar and Dmitry _____________ speak English fluently but we _____________ to show the reason of going there.

IV. Choose the right tense

19. My friend is reading a book now. He/she began reading it 20 minutes ago.

He/she ____________ the book for 20 minutes

  1. has been reading

  2. read

20. The walls are white. (The walls were not clean).

We __________ the walls.

  1. have been painting

  2. have painted

______ Date: _________ 7 grade

The Theme of the lesson: Test yourself

Test yourself

I . Grammar.

Choose the correct answer.

  1. I need to buy _________

  1. bread b) a loaf of bread c) breads

  1. I’m looking for ___________

  1. a trousers b) trousers c) a trouser

  1. I’ve always liked ___________

  1. aChinese food b) Chinese food c) the Chinese

  1. There isn’t ___________ milk in the fridge

  1. some b) any c) a

  1. There was only ___________ butter left.

a) many b) a little c) a few

  1. It took her ____________ minutes to make coffee

a) a few b) much c) a little

7. The bread __________ here.

a) baked b) is baked c) is bake

8. He ___________ a book to his birthday.

a) was given b) gave c) was gave

9. This writer ____________ several awards.

a) was won b) has won c) wined

10. Meals ________ regularly.

a) can take b) should take c) should be taken

II. Vocabulary

Choose the correct answer

  1. The traditional British Sunday lunch includes

  1. Yorkshire pudding b) an omellete c) bacon and eggs

  1. I love Kazakh ___________

  1. cuisine b) products c) kitchen

  1. Beshbarmak is served with large pieces of ___________ dough.

  1. rounded b) rolled c) circle

  1. The Kazakhs prepare very __________ kuyrdak.

  1. taste b) tasty c) tasteful

  1. Don’t butter the entire _________ of bread.

  1. piece b) slice c) cut

  1. Traditional food _______ roast-beef and potatoes.

  1. consists b) includes c) concludes

  1. The meat is not well-done, red in the middle. It is ___________.

  1. uncooked b) rare c) raw

  1. John, you leave too much soup in the plate. Don’t be so _________

  1. spend full b) wasteful c) waster

  1. I’m in trouble. Last night I _____________ my father’s car and had an accident.

  1. lent b) borrowed c) brought

  1. Put two ________ of salt in it.

  1. spoon tables b) tablespoons c) fulltablespoons

______ Date: _________ 7 grade

The Theme of the lesson: Test yourself

Test yourself

  1. Vocabulary

Fill in the missing words

chest chemist’s medicine

blood pressure hurt

lungs prescription cough

temperature pulse

Yesterday Nina fell ill. She had a bad (1) _____ It ______ (2) when she moved. The doctor came. He felt Nina’s (3)______ and listened to her (4) _____ and (5). He also took Nina’s (6) ______ and tested her (7)____. The doctor told Nina to take some (8) ________ for her cold. He wrote a (9) ______ for some pills and mixture. Her mother went to the (10) ________ to get the medicine.

  1. Grammar

Choose the correct answer

I. M y hair is dirty. I wash it.

a. should

b. have to

c. must

2.The city museum is very interesting. You ------------visit it

a must

b. have to

c. could

3. I eat too much chocolate. I really stop.

a. must

b. should

c. don’t have to

4. He doesn't look well. I think he------------go to the dentist.

a. has to

b. must

c. should

5. We decided not to go to the countryside. You get up early tomorrow.

a. mustn’t

b. don’t have to

c. shouldn’t

6 I can't buy a drink. I haven't got money.

a. some

b. no

c. any

7.There are beautiful flowers in the garden.

a. some

b. any

c. much

8. Do you drink ________ tea?

a. many

b. much

c. few

9. My father knows ________ about computers.

a. much

b. some

c. many

10. I drink ________ coffee. I don’t like it.

a. very few

b. very little

c. some

______ Date: _________ 2013 7 grade

The Theme of the lesson: Test yourself

Test yourself

I . Grammar.

Choose the correct answer.

  1. As our school canteen ________ I don’t have lunch at school

  1. is being repaired

  2. being repaired

  3. was being repaired

  1. I am glad that I _________ by this teacher

  1. taught

  2. am taught

  3. am teached

  1. How ________ one travel alone, I wonder

  1. must

  2. can

  3. need

  1. You ________ tell it to me hundred times, dad I am a grown-up person

  1. must

  2. needn’t

  3. need

  1. It is a secret. You ________ tell it to anyone

  1. needn’t

  2. should

  3. shouldn’t

  1. The sky is too grey. It ________ rain all day.

  1. must be

  2. may

  3. can be

  1. _________ you send me some money, please?

  1. should

  2. need

  3. could

  1. My uncle had a heart attack I _________ to call the Doctor.

  1. had to

  2. needn’t

  3. should

  1. It _________ immediately, hurry up!

  1. can be done

  2. must be done

  3. could be done

  1. The exercise ________ in writing

  1. can do

  2. can be done

  3. could do

II. Vocabulary

Choose the correct answer.

  1. Hi, Jack. Can you give me a ________? I’ve missed my bus!

  1. ride

  2. lift

  3. driver

  1. I’ve never thought that a hitch-hiker can ________ the driver.

  1. rob

  2. thief

  3. murderer

  1. ________ of hiking alone don’t frighten me

  1. dangerous

  2. dangers

  3. danger

  1. In some shops you needn’t pay by _________

  1. visa

  2. credit

  3. cash

  1. Never had a better holiday! It was _______!

  1. terrible

  2. terrific

  3. boring

  1. A good tent, a nice site and nice weather will make your holiday unforgettable

  1. Camping

  2. Package

  3. Tenting

  1. I don’t like travelling with many suitcase, bags. I prefer travelling _____________

  1. light

  2. lightly

  3. alone

  1. There are __________ museums in our city open to tourists

  1. vary

  2. various

  3. differ

  1. When I was in Turkey. I was homesick I ________ my family and friends

  1. Lost

  2. Lacked

  3. Missed

  1. The ________ of living in this country goes up.

  1. price

  2. cost

  3. amount

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