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Тесты по английскому языку на тему "Reading and grammar"

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

II variant.

Choose the right word.

1. Mother … me her plans.

A) tells

B) told

C) says

D) said

2. William didn’t … his opinion.

A) say

B) tell

C) told

D) said

3. Sportsmen…football yesterday.

A) plays

b) played

C) will play

D) had played

4. If the weather … I will go for a walk.

A) is fine

B) was fine

C) are fine

D) were fine

5. … you meet her at the station yesterday evening?

A) do

B) does

C) did

D) will do

6. Lena … us to birthday last month.

A) had invited

B) has invited

C) will have invited

D) have invited

7. He …from 9 o’clock to 5 o’clock every day.

A) work

B) is working

C) works

D) has worked

8. Anna …5 languages very well.

  1. speak

  2. speaks

  3. is spoken

  4. is speaking

9. The students … already … the books.

A) is /closed

B) have / closed

C) has/ closed

D) had/ closed

10. They have not their test yet.

A) write

B) writing

C) wrote

D) written

11. In England the traffic … to the left.

A) keep

B) keeps


D) are keeping

12. Your English is correct. You make very … mistakes.

A) few

B) little

C) a few

D) a little

13. There … 7 days in a week.

A) are

B) is

C) was

D) shall be

14. I am looking for my keys. Has … seen them?

A) somebody

B) any

C) anybody

D) nobody

15. … flowers are beautiful.

A) these

B) that

C) those

D) this

16. …. London is the capital of Great Britain.

A) …

B) the

C) a

D) an

17. Last year Kevin … a new car.

A) was bought

B) has bought

C) bought

D) had bought

18. My mother likes coffee, and I like …milk.

A) …

B) the

C) a

D) an

19. Are there …pencils in your- box?

A) Any

B) some

C) the

D) much

20. On the …of September all children in Russia go to school.

A) one

B) first

C) second

D) fifth

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