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Тесты по английскому языку на тему "Видо-временные формы глагола" 8 класс

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Тесты по грамматике (времена) 8 класс

Test 1. Choose the right variant of the main verb. Past Perfect or Past Perfect Continuous?

1. Andrew (to wait) for this moment for some time.

a) had been waiting;

b) had waited.

2. The room was dirty because we (not / to clean) the house for weeks.

a) hadn’t been cleaning;

b) hadn’t cleaned.

3. Nick hoped there (to be) no lessons since Monday.

a) had been;

b) had been being.

4. When he saw what his wife (to do) he only sighed.

a) had done;

b) had been doing

5. For some years he (to work) very hard.

a) had worked;

b) had been working.

6. He always (to know) that this would happen to him.

a) had been knowing;

b) had known.

7. He explained that his wife with two children (to go) home to visit her mother.

a) had gone;

b) had been going.

8. For long months she (to keep) it secret.

a) had been keeping;

b) had kept.

9. He said that he (to think) about it for ages.

a) had thought;

b) had been thinking.

10. He (not / to speak) from the time they left the office until now.

a) hadn’t spoken;

b) hadn’t been speaking.

Test 2. Choose the right variant of the verb. Future Simple or Present Simple?

1. What __ we (to do) if she (to be) late?

a) do __ do, will be;

b) shall __ do; is.

2. She (to sing) for us if we (to ask) her to.

a) will sing, ask;

b) sings, shall ask.

3. Stop talking before I (to take) your daybook.

a) shall take;

b) take.

4. I (to stay) with your baby if you (to decide) to go to the office.

a) shell stay, decide;

b) stay, will decide.

5. Tell me if your father (to come) home.

a) will come;

b) comes.

6. If you (to be) the first to get there, wait for me.

a) will be;

b) are.

7. I (to speak) to him before you (to return).

a) shall speak, return;

b) speak, will return.

8. If I (to find) it, I ( to tell) you.

a) find, shall tell;

b) shall find, tell.

9. I think he (to know) when the train (to leave).

a) will know, leaves;

b) knows, will leave.

10. If we (to catch) the 10/30 train, we (to arrive) too early.

a) catch, shall arrive;

b) shall catch, arrive.

Test 3. Choose the right variant of the main verb. Past Continuous or Past Perfect Continuous?

1. We (to play) for about an hour when it started to rain.

a) were playing;

b) had been playing.

2. I (to wait) for an hour before the taxi came.

a) was waiting;

b) had been waiting.

3. What __ you (to do) at 11 o’clock last night?

a) were __ doing;

b) had __ been doing.

4. We (to talk) non-stop for nearly an hour.

a) had been talking;

b) were talking.

5. He (to smoke) for twenty years.

a) had been smoking;

b) was smoking.

6. He (to fish) for several house when a small boy came up to him.

a) was fishing;

b) had been fishing.

7. We (to wander) about the city when my mother arrived.

a) were wandering;

b) had been wandering;

8. I (to walk) home when I met my parents.

a) was walking;

b) had been walking.

9. They (to sit) on the grass and to (read) a book.

a) had been sitting; had been reading;

b) were sitting; were reading.

10. I (to have) dinner with my friends at 8 o’clock yesterday morning.

a) was having;

b) had been having

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