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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Тесты по английскому языку(9класс)
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  • Иностранные языки

Тесты по английскому языку(9класс)


Grammar test. Form 9.

I. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense.

Some verbs are passive, and there are also examples of the Second Conditional, indirect questions, infinitives, gerunds, and reported statements and requests.

Sarah Jenkins is an English teacher. She (work) in a language school in

London. She (teach) English since she (leave) university five

years ago.

I asked her first if she (enjoy) teaching English. 'Yes, I do', she replied. It's

hard work, but it's very rewarding. you ever (work)

abroad?" 'Yes', replied Sarah, 'I (spend) two years in Madrid. But the school

soon closed and I (make) redundant. Luckily, some of my students asked

me if I (continue) to teach them privately, so I stayed in Madrid. 'And how

long you (teach) in London?' I asked. 'Since I came back from

Madrid, three years ago.' I then asked Sarah what the most memorable moment of her

career was. 'Well, a funny thing (happen) while I __. (work) at the

school in Madrid. I had a student called Gloria. On some days she was the best student

in the class. But on other days she performed really badly. I tried very hard (help)

her, but things got worse. Then, one day, I met Gloria in the street and asked her about

her boyfriend. (The day before she (tell) me a sad story about him). She

looked surprised and told me that her name (be) Victoria, not Gloria. She

continued, "My twin sister and I (alternate) in your classes since September -

two for the price of one!" After that it was much easier to teach them. At the beginning of each class I simply asked, "Are you Gloria or Victoria today?'" Finally I asked Sarah about her plans for the future. 'Well, I'm very interested in teaching young children so

next September I (do) a special training course. 'And are you going to stay

in Britain, or would you like to work abroad again? 'I (promote) recently.

I'm now Director of Studies. So I think I (stay) here for a few more

years. Of course, If someone (offer) me a well-paid job in Italy or Greece, I

(take) it, but that's not very likely!'

Complete the sentences in indirect speech.

1 Where is the bank?
I'm afraid I don't know...

2 What are you giving your children for Christmas?
We haven't decided...

  1. Did you post a letter?

I don't remember;..

4. Where does David get all his money?
No idea, but I'd love to know...

5.Where have I put my glasses?
You are always forgetting...

Lexical test. Form 9

I . Use the given words to form new words that fit in the space: Attend, introduce, mistake, read, success, revise, absent, punish, gift, fail.

Margaret started English literature this term, and I am afraid that her (1)……… to this subject has not been entirely (2)…………. . She hasn’t shown much enthusiasm, and does not always pay (3)……………..in class. Her assignments are often (4)………, because she is so untidy, because of her……..(5) to check her work thoroughly. She failed to do any (6)…….. before the end of the term test, and had poor results. She seems to have the (7) ………….idea that she can succeed without studying . She has also had many (8)………..and has frequently arrived late for class. This has resulted in several severe (9)……….. . Although Margaret is a (10)…… …….. student in some respects, she has not had a satisfactory term.

II. Look carefully at each line . Some lines are correct, but some have a word which should not be there. Find these words.

A Holiday in Scotland.

Some friends of mine decided to go on holiday

to Scotland. They asked me if I was wanted to go

too, but I had already arranged to get to Italy.

I told them so that I had been to Scotland before,

so they asked me to give them some ideas.

I advised them to take up warm clothes and

raincoats. “If I were like you, I’d always carry umbrellas!”

I told them. ‘I doubt that the weather

You’ ll have any sunny days’. I didn’t see

them again until was after their holiday. They

were all very sun - tanned, and they told me

If we had been taken your advice, we would

have made a terrible mistake, ” they said me.

Reading Comprehension .

Charlie Chaplin.

This is a story that Chaplin liked to tell about himself. It happened after the great actor had become world famous.

A theatre announced that a competition would be held to see who could act like Charlie Chaplin. Those taking part had to dress like Chaplin, walk like Chaplin and act one of the roles in a Chaplin film.

When Charlie Chaplin heard about the competition he decided, as a joke, to take part in the competition himself. Naturally, he kept his plan a secret from everybody.

When the results of the competition were announced Chaplin said: «I didn't know whether to feel angry or only surprised. I didn't win the first prize. But after thinking about it, I decided that it would be best to laugh.»

Complete the statements (in Tasks 1 - 4) according to the text.

A. This is a story which ...

  1. Chaplin was fond of telling.

  2. is written by Chaplin's friend.

  3. was announced at the competition.

  4. happened before Chaplin had become world famous.

B. People who took part in the competition had to ...

  1. sing songs.

  2. keep it a secret.

  3. imitate Chaplin's manners.

  4. dance.

C. When the results of the competition were announced Chaplin learnt

that ...

  1. his new film was a success.

  2. he had won the first prize.

  3. he had not won the first prize.

  4. he had won the second prize.

D. When Chaplin learnt the news he decided ...

  1. to be angry.

  2. to keep it a secret.

  3. to tell everybody about it.

  4. to laugh.

E. Find the wrong sentence.

  1. Chaplin didn't take part in the competition.

  2. Chaplin didn't allow to hold this competition.

  3. Chaplin didn't know about the competition.

4)Chaplin didn't tell anybody about his plans

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