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Тесты по английской грамматике "Пассивный залог"

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  1. Use the verbs in brackets in the passive voice

  1. I am sure I (ask) at the lesson tomorrow.

  2. One more guest (expect) to come for the conference.

  3. All the texts (look) through yesterday.

  4. He said that Helen’s letter (receive) the day before.

  5. The children just (take) to the theatre by the teacher.

  6. The poem (learn) by everybody by the last lesson.

  7. The essay (hand) next Wednesday.

  8. At the last competition the prize (win) by our team.

  9. The question (settle) as soon as they arrive.

  10. I hope the invitation already (accept) by everybody.

  1. Write the sentences below in the passive voice.

  1. They teach three languages at school.

  2. I bought the potatoes yesterday.

  3. They sell milk in this shop.

  4. I have translated the whole text.

  5. By six o’clock they had finished the work.

  6. They will show this film on TV.

  7. We received his letter after his departure.

  8. The dogs have never attacked the people here.

  9. She had showed me the dress after I came home.

  10. The doctor will prescribe the new medicine tomorrow.


V. 2

  1. Use the verbs in brackets in the passive voice

1. Two reports on the story (make) last month.

  1. The test already (correct) by the teacher.

  2. The book (discuss) at the next conference.

  3. The songs (sing) at the lesson of Music.

  4. Two new engineers (introduce) to the head tomorrow.

  5. The home task (do) by the time my mum came home.

  6. I hope the telegram already (send).

  7. Moscow University (found) by Lomonosov.

  8. This funny animal always (laugh) by everybody.

  9. The composition (write) by the last lesson.

  1. Write the sentences below in the passive voice.

  1. Bees gather honey from flowers.

  2. They broke the window last week.

  3. When I came home they had eaten the sweets.

  4. We shall do the work in the evening.

  5. Teachers usually do corrections in red ink.

  6. They haven’t brought my skates back yet.

  7. We will insist on strict discipline.

  8. They had switched the light before they came in.

  9. The old man has just showed us the way out of the wood.

  10. The storm drove the ship against the rock.

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