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Тесты по англ.языку"Контроль аудирования в 8 классе"

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Listen to the text, name the interesting places in London.(8 form 1 semester)


London, the capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, is situated on the banks of the river Thames.

The City of London is the commercial centre of all the country. It contains the Bank of England, business firms, companies, corporations, office buildings. Besides the Bank of England, London has 5 largest commercial banks of the United Kingdom and well-known London Stock Exchange.

The masterpiece of architecture in the City today is St. Paul's Cathedral, designed by Christopher Wren, the famous English architect of the 17th century.

The Tower of London is an old castle, situated in the City. It was used as a fortress, a palace and a prison. During its long period of existence it was time when the Tower was even the Zoo. It was the Royal Zoo, of course. Now the Tower is a museum and houses the Crown jewels and other treasures. There is a legend in England that the Tower will fall if it loses its ravens. That's why these birds are carefully guarded.

Westminster is the aristocratic, official part of London. It's very attractive for tourists because it has historical places full of customs and traditions. Parliament is situated in the Palace of Westminster. The famous Big Ben, the clock from which all people of this country take the time is in one of its beautiful towers.

Westminster Abbey is very beautiful church, which is more than 900 years old. Nearly all the kings and queens of Britain were crowned and buried there. Many famous people of this country were buried in the Abbey, among them Newton, Darwin, Dickens, Kipling and others. In the Poet's corner there are memorials to Shakespeare, Burns, Byron, Scott, Thackeray and Longfellow.

The official residence of the Queen of England is Buckingham Palace. The changing of the guard before Buckingham Palace several times a day is watched by hundreds of people.

  1. Направленное аудирование

1. Прослушайте текст и выберите правильные ответы на вопросы.

1) Where does the Fox come to?

a) He comes to a well.

b) He comes to a wall.

c) He comes to a house.

2) Who comes to the well then?

a) the Wolf

b) the Rabbit

c) the Goat

3) Why does the Goat jump down into the well?

a) Because he wants to drink.

b) Because he wants to help the Fox.

c) Because he wants to eat grass.

Текст №2

Jonathan Swift and his Servant.

Jonathan Swift, the famous English writer, once went into the country with his servant. In the morning when he wanted to put on his boots, he saw that they were not clean.

How is this, Tom?” said Swift when he saw them. “Why haven’t you cleaned my boots?”

You see,” said Tom “It’s very dirty out today. If you go out, your boots again will be dirty, so I didn’t clean them.”

Swift thought a little and said, “All right, Tom. Go and get ready, we’ll go out in a minute or two.”

But,” cried Tom, “I haven’t had my breakfast. I am hungry.”

I know,” said Swift, “but if you have your breakfast you will again be hungry in a few hours, so today you will have no breakfast.”

I. Right and wrong statements.( Укажите верны или неверны данные утверждения)

1. Once J. S. went to London with his servant.

2. In the morning when he looked at his boots he saw they were not clean.

3. He asked the servant why he hadn’t cleaned his boots.

4. The servant said that the boots were clean.

5. They didn’t have breakfast in the morning.

6. J. S. was very hungry.

7. J. S. had breakfast with the servant.

8. J. S. gave a lesson to his servant.

3. Прослушайте слова и повторите лишь те из них, которые относятся к положительным качествам человека.

kind; ugly, polite, quiet, clever, beautiful, unfriendly, cruel, obedient, naughty, friendly, shy, rude, non-athletic, athletic, brave, noisy, stupid, independent, serious, understanding, curious.

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