Инфоурок Другое ТестыТесты по грамматике английского языка на тему "Passive Voice"

Тесты по грамматике английского языка на тему "Passive Voice"

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Тесты по грамматике английского языка

Тема: «Страдательный залог»


                                                Test 1                                      Active or Passive Voice

1.     How many doors … yesterday?

a. painted             b. were painted             c. are painted

2.     His new book … in every bookshop in the town.

a. is sold               b. were sold                   c. sold

3.     Her umbrella … quite a lot of money.

a. is cost               b. was cost                     c. costs

4. … the toys … to the children on time?

a. Were … sent    b. Was … sent               c. Did … send

5.     The students … everything they need for their future profession.

a. teach                b. are taught                 c. was taught

6.     The results … great progress in science.

a. are shown         b. were shown                c. show

7.     Some time ago a letter from my brother … .

a.was come           b. come                          c. came

8.     This door … when there are not many people in the shop.

a. is closed           b. was closed                 c. close

9.     … a card to your parents?

a. Did you write   b. Was you written         c. Were you written

10.  The Arabic language … in Turkey.

a. doesn’t speak    b. don’t speak                c. isn’t spoken

11.  What … in your language?

a. is this film called       b. this film is called        c. is called this film

12.  A lot of interesting films … on TV last month.

a. show                b. were shown     c. has made

13. My friend … detective stories.

a. is translated      b. translates                  c. translate

14.  Modern furniture … of plastic.

a. made                b. makes                        c. is made

15.  All the cars … before we sell them.

a. are tested         b. test                            c. were tested

16.  Scissors … to cut different things.

a. are used           b. use                             c. uses

17.  I … of everything before going on a trip.

a. thought             b. had thought              c. had been thought

18.  I’m afraid the telephone number … some days ago.

a. is lost                b. was lost                     c. lost

19.  The television is a great thing. When … ?

a. did it invent      b. it was invented           c. was it invented

20. How  much money … ?

a. did they steal    b. were they stolen         c. they had stolen


Test 2                                                        Passive Voice

1.     The play … several times in the last century.                          

a) was staged           b) staged                        c) has been staged

2.     How many new schools … this year?

a) were built              b) have been built         c) built

3.  The gates … at seven o’clock every morning.

a) are locked            b) lock                           c) locked

4.  Did you ask them when … ?

a) the house built      b) the house was built   c) did the house build

5.  In this picture a man … by a dog.

a) is following           b) is being followed      c) follows

6.  My bike is not here! It … , I’m sure.

a) was stolen             b) has been stolen                  c) was being stolen

7.  Do you think this book … well next month?

a) will sell                 b) is sold                        c) will be sold

8.  How many cars … in the accidents on this road so far?

a) have damaged       b) had been damaged     c) have been damaged

9.  Last year my friends and I … to take part in a TV programme.

a) invited                  b) are invited                 c) were invited

10. Some new metro stations … in Moscow now.

a) are being built     b) will be built               c) are built

11. I think the article … tomorrow in the evening.

a) will translate         b) will be translated      c) have been translated

12. 1,000 children … every year in this city.

a) will be born          b) are born                   c) were born

13. When we entered, the wall … bright yellow.

a) was painted           b) was painting              c) was being painted

14. … this year by an experienced optician?

a) Have your eyes been tested                        b) Were your eyes tested

c) Did you test your eyes

15. You … many questions.

a) don’t be asked       b) won’t be asked         c) didn’t be asked

16. If he behaves badly, he … .

a) was punished        b) will punish                c) will be punished

17. These plants … three times a week.

a) are watered          b) was watered               c) you water

18. Peaches … here for 10 p each.

a) was bought           b) can be bought          c) buy

19. How … in a usual Chinese family?

a) is tea made          b) is made tea                 c) tea is made

20. My favourite book … a great Russian writer.

a) wrote by               b) was written by          c) was written from


Test 3                                                        Passive Voice


1. The day before yesterday we … to the restaurant by Tom Jenkins.

a. are invited

b. were invited

c. invite

2. Look! The bridge … .

a.     is being repaired

b.     is been repaired

c.      has being repaired

3.     The letter and the parcel … tomorrow.

a.      will be post

b.     will have been posted

c.      will be posted

4.     Margaret … to be a very industrious person.

a.      has been known

b.     is known

c.      is been known

5.     In Greece the Olympic Games … once in four years.

a.     were held

b.     are being held

c.      are held

6.     The problem … for three years, but they haven’t got any results.

a.     has been studied

b.     has being studied

c.      was studied

7.     This book … by the end of September.

a.      would been republished

b.     will have been republished

c.      will been republished

8.     A police car came when the injured man …  the road.

a.     was being carried off

b.     was been carrying off

c.      has been carried off

9.     I … in a small Siberian town not far from Tomsk.

a.      was borne

b.     am born

c.      was born

10.  Dad phoned us and asked if our luggage … .

a.      was already being packed

b.     had already been packed

c. was already packed


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Краткое описание документа:

В данной работе размещены три теста для проверки у обучающихся 9-х классов изученной темы "Страдательный залог".

Первый тест нацелен на различие действительного и страдательного залогов, а два других на выбор правильной формы страдательного залога. Правильные ответы в тесте выделены жирным шрифтом.

Тесты можно использовать при работе с любым учебником.

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