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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Тесты по грамматике (настоящие времена)
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Тесты по грамматике (настоящие времена)


Тест № 1 по английскому языку "Present Tenses"

Выберите ваш вариант ответа вместо пропусков.

1. Carol and I are old friends. I ___ her since we studied in high school together.

a) know

b) have known

c) are knowing

d) have been knowing

2. I am tired. We ___ for more than an hour. Let's stop and rest for a while.

a) have been walking

b) are walking

c) walk

d) have walked

3. You do not hear what I am saying because you ___ very absent-minded today.

a) are

b) is

c) are being

d) have been

4. Nora, you look awfully tired. What ___ all day?

a) do you do

b) are you doing

c) have you been doing

d) have you done

5. Their car is as good as new though they ___ it for a number of years.

a) have

b) have been having

c) are having

d) have had

6. What ___ with yourself? There is mud all over you!

a) has you been doing

b) are you doing

c) did you do

d) have you been doing

7. Jerry promised to come to work in time. He is not here, and he even ___ .

a) isn't calling

b) hasn't called

c) hasn't been calling

d) doesn't call

8. As far as I know Mike ___ Italian for quite some time, but he still doesn't understand very much.

a)is learning

b) has been learning

c) has learnt

d) learns

9. David is quite an athlete. He wants to be strong and healthy that's why he ___ every morning.

a) is jogging

b) has jogged

c) jogs

d) has been jogging

10. I have just applied for a job in the local hospital, now I ___ for an answer from them.

a) wait

b) have been waiting

c) have waited

d) am waiting

11. The government is worried because the number of people without jobs ___ .

a) increases

b) has increased

c) is increasing

d) has been increasing

12. It's raining, and I see you don't have an umbrella. You can borrow mine, I ___ it now.

a) don't need

b) did not need

c) haven't needed

d) haven't been needing

13. Paul looks young for his age. He says he is 56 years old, but nobody ___ him.

a) hasn't believed

b) is not believing

c) believes

d) believe

14. My mother is a medical nurse; she takes care of sick and old people. What ___ for a living?

a) does your mother do

b) is your mother doing

c) has your mother done

d) has your mother been doing

15. My cousin Jake has got a lot of books, most of which he ___ .

a) doesn't read

b) hasn't been reading

c) hasn't read

d) isn't reading

Keys to test № 1 (Present Tenses):

1B, 2A, 3C, 4C, 5D, 6D, 7B, 8B, 9C, 10D, 11C, 12A, 13C, 14A, 15C

Тест № 2 по английскому языку "Present Tenses"(для учителя)

Выберите ваш вариант ответа вместо пропусков.

1. Anne is a fashion designer; she ___ to the opening of every new fashion show in the city.

A) goes

B) is going

C) has gone

D) has been going

2. Zeta has sent me two letters; neither of which ___ .

A) has arrived

B) have arrived

C) arrive

D) is arriving

3. There! ___ this big heavy cloud in the sky; I am sure it'll rain in a minute.

A) Do you see

B) Have you seen

C) Are you seeing

D) Have you been seeing

4. A group of scientists are travelling around Africa. How many countries ___ so far, I wonder?

A) have they visited

B) have they been visiting

C) they have visited

D) do they visit

5. Their car is as good as new though they ___ it for a number of years.

A) have

B) have been having

C) are having

D) have had

6. I have found a good job. It's in Brazil. I ___ to go to Brazil. I don't like living in cold climates.

A) have always wanted

B) always wanted

C) want

D) is wanting

7. I ___ Mario for some time since he left Milan a few years ago.

A) haven't seen

B) don't see

C) didn't see

D) aren't seeing

8. I think you ___ very silly. Don't get out of bed. You'll only make your temperature go up again.

A) are

B) are being

C) were

D) have been

9. As far as I know Mike ___ Italian for quite some time, but he still doesn't understand very much.

A) is learning

B) has been learning

C) has learnt

D) learns

10. - Do you remember me? - Of course, I do. We ___ several times before.

A) have met

B) meet

C) met

D) have been meeting

11. What are you looking for? – I ___ my umbrella somewhere, and now I don't know where it is.

A) leave

B) has left

C) have been leaving

D) have left

12. How long ___ Jerry? - But I don't know him at all. I have never met him.

A) do you know

B) have you known

C) has you known

D) did you know

13. Jack Strom has been a postman all his life; he ___ mail to homes and offices to the people of the town.

A) is delivering

B) has delivered

C) has been delivering

D) delivers

14. For many years American schools ___ federal aid for special purposes.

A) receive

B) have received

C) have been receiving

D) are receiving

15. The Alisons have got three cars, two of which they never ___ .

A) are using

B) use

C) have used

D) have not use been using

Keys to test № 2: 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5D, 6A, 7A, 8B, 9B, 10A, 11D, 12B, 13D, 14C, 15B.

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