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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Тесты по грамматике "Видовременные формы глагола"
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Тесты по грамматике "Видовременные формы глагола"

Выбранный для просмотра документ 1 вариант.doc


I variant

I. Complete the sentences. Circle the right letter.

Example: Yesterday, we … a birthday present for Tom. I think he’ll be happy to get a new computer game.

a) buy b) bought c) have bought

1. What’s the name of the waterfall? – I ... .

a) Don’t know b) didn’t know c) haven’t known

2. What are you doing? – I … the Internet. I need some information about Niagara Falls.

a) browse b) am browsing c) browsed

3. Did you have a nice trip? – Yes, the weather … fine. We swam and sunbathed every day.

a) is b) was c) will be

4. … you already … the new film about Francis Drake? – Not, yet. Is it worth watching?

a) Do … see b) Did … see c) Have … seen

5. Jim, there … a lot of homework to do. Let’s begin with Maths.

a) is b) are c) –

6. They … just from Karelia. Here is a souvenir for you.

a) return b) returned c) have returned

7. Unfortunately, the explorer … his e-mail last night.

a) doesn’t check b) didn’t check c) hasn’t checked

II. Complete the text.

Use: over, fought, terrible, veterans, often, wear, second.

In November the British people have a special holiday – Remembrance Day. It is held on the second Sunday in November every year. On this day the British wear a red poppy (мак) in memory of people who ________ for their country during the two World Wars and died.

So Remembrance Day is __________ called Poppy day. There are usually special services at war memorials and churches in cities, towns and villages all ________ the country.

At 11 o’clock on each Remembrance Day there is a two minute silence in Britain. People remember those who died during the wars and conflicts and think how ____________ war is. The Royal British Legion sells red paper poppies which people ______________ on their coats. Later, the money from poppies is given to war ______________.

III. Complete the sentences.

Use: with. for, on, at, of

Example: There are plenty of different school clubs which students can join.

1. At first, Sophie got along ________ her classmates. But the project changed the situation.

2. If you travel with kids, you have to visit our Fun Park and go ________ the rides.

3. Do you know that over 500 kinds ________ animals live in Chester Zoo?

4. What did you do last weekend? – I had a sore throat, so I had to stay ________ home.

5. What is your hometown famous ________? – There is lots to see and enjoy.

6. You can play Monopoly instead ________ me, if you want.

Выбранный для просмотра документ 2 вариант.doc


II variant

I. Complete the sentences. Circle the right letter.

Example: Paul … the photography club last years.

  1. joins b) has joined c) joined

  1. Where is Tom? – He is in the canteen. He … his lunch.

a) has b) is having c) has had

  1. We … our project yet. We need two days.

  1. don’t finish b) didn’t finish c) haven’t finished

  1. The school has very good sports facilities, … it?

  1. doesn’t b) didn’t c) haven’t

  1. … you … the poem by heart? – Not yet.

  1. Do … learn b) Are … learning c) Have … learn

  1. Kate … French and Spanish at school. She is going to be an interpreter.

  1. studies b) has student c) studied

  1. Last week we … a very difficult Maths test. Unfortunately, most of the student got low marks.

  1. took b) have taken c) take

  1. “Don’t be afraid! You … a success,” the teacher encouraged the young actors before the performance.

  1. are b) will be c) have been

II. Complete the text.

Use: historical, valley, modern, happy, stadium, perform, centre

I live in a peaceful town which is situated at river valley. On the one hand, my town is famous for its history, old cathedral and __________ building. But on the other hand, it’s

a __________ town and there are lots of nice places you can go to. There is a new concert hall

in our town and popular musicians, pop and rock group often come and __________ in the

concert hall.

Young people like the big shopping __________ which has a cinema and different clubs.

There is also a __________ and three sport centers in the town. Teenagers and adults can swim, run, do aerobics and play football and basketball there.

I’m __________ in my town and I don’t want to leave it.

III. Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions.

She works in a hospital.

1. They live ….. London.

2. I’m not very good ….. mathematics.

3. A: Where does she come ….. ? B: Hungary, I think.

4. He’s not interested ….. music.

5. I usually go shopping ….. Saturdays.

6. The museum opens ….. 10 a.m.

7. We go fishing ….. the weekend.

Выбранный для просмотра документ 3 вариант.doc


III variant

I. Complete the sentences. Circle the right letter.

  1. Unfortunately, we… cut down the old trees in the park last year.

a) have to b) will have to c) had to

2. Where are the children? – They… Lotto in the living room.

a) are playing b) play c) played

3. They… their work a month ago. Now there is a nice pond in the park.

a) start b) started c) have started

4. The scientist… his book about rare insects yet.

a) won’t… finish b) didn’t… finish c) hasn’t… finished

5. What… you…?- It’s the picture of my kitten.

a) are… drawing b) do… draw c) have… drawn

6. … you … a good time in the wildlife park yesterday?

a) Do… have b) Did… have c) Have … had

7. …you… me to set the table?- Yes, of course.

a) Do… help b) Did… help c) Will… help

II. Complete the text.

Use: drink, instead of, national, meal, lunch, tea, unhappy.

Everybody knows that the British like tea. Tea is more than just a drink to them- it is a way of life. Many people drink it with breakfast, then mid-morning, with_______, at tea-time(around five o’clock), with dinner and finally just before bed.

For centuries now, tea has been the_________ drink of Great Britain. Tea has worked its way into the language too. Nowadays, people have “tea breaks” at work, even if they_______ coffee or Cola. Many people call the main evening________”tea”, even if they drink juice or mineral water with it. When someone is________ or sad, the British say they need tea and sympathy. In fact, tea is the best Treatment for all sorts of problems and troubles________ pills and tables.

III. Complete the sentences. Circle the right letter.

Example: You can see different kinds… animals in the zoo.

a)off b)of c)for

1. The students will have Science instead… Maths. The Maths teacher has fallen ill.

a)off b)of c)from

2.Mum, could I go… some rides? – Yes, of course.

a) of b) at c) on

3. There are plenty… ways to cook this tasty dish.

a)of b) on c)in

4. Carol was responsible… the rare tropical plant, wasn’t she?

a) on b) at c)for

5. Could you help me… my homework? – Yes, I’ll try.

a) on b)with c) of

6. The students felt sorry… their new classmate.

a) of b) for c)on

7. May I come…? -Yes, you may.

a) out b) on c) in

Выбранный для просмотра документ Кеу 6 класс..doc


Key 6 класс:

1 вариант Задание 1:

1- a 2-b 3-b 4-c 5-a 6-c 7-b

2 вариант Задание 1:

1-b 2-c 3-a 4-c 5-a 6-a 7-b

3 вариант Задание1:

1-c 2-a 3-b 4-c 5-a 6-b 7-c

1 вариант Задание 2:

1 – fought 2-often 3-over 4-terrible 5-wear 6- veterans

2 вариант Задание 2:

1-historical 2-modern 3-perform 4-centre 5-stadium 6-happy

3 вариант Задание 2:

1-tea 2-lunch 3-national 4-drink 5-meal 6-unhappy 7-instedof

1 вариант Задание 3:

1-with 2-on 3-of 4-at 5-for 6-of

2 вариант Задание 3:

1-in 2-at 3-from 4-in 5-on 6-at 7-at

3 вариант Задание 3:

1-b 2-c 3-a 4-c 5-b 6-b 7-c

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