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Конкурс "Законы экологии"

Тесты по темам "Sport" and "At Home"


Test: “Sport and Games” 2 grade

(3,3point each)

  1. Answer the questions:

  1. What so the football players so with a ball? a) throw b) kick c) dance

  2. What kind of sport is skating? a) winter sport b) summer sport c) spring sport

  3. When did The Olympic Games take place in 2012? a) Pekin b) Moscow c) London

  4. What sis the sportsmen use in golf? a)hockey stick b) golf stick c) soccer stick

  5. How does the referee stop the game? a)he dances b) he whistles c) he jumps

  6. What do the sportsmen in boating use? a) arrows b) sculls c) hoops

  7. What so the hockey players hit? a) ribbon b) hoops c) puck

  8. How many players are there in volleyball team? a)5 b) 6) c) 7

  9. When was basketball invented? a) in 1891 b) 2013 c) 2000

  10. Where do the basketball players throw the ball in? a) gate b) basket c) fence

  11. What do the sportsmen in gymnastics use? a) ribbon, hoop b) puck, helmet c) skates, ski

  12. Who can catch the ball with hands in football? a) referee b) players c) goalkeeper

  13. How is the football called in Britain? a) rugby b) soccer c) American football

  14. Where do the figure skating sportsmen skate? a) on the ice b)on the field c) on the court

  15. What does the referee shoe? a) flowers b) cards c) fingers

  16. How many team players does each team have? a) 11 b) 15 c) 10

  17. What does each player have on the T-shirt? a) number, name b) telephone number c)country

  18. What do the sportsmen in cycling ride? a) car b) bicycle c) scooter

  19. What does each sportsman wear? a) sport uniform b) school uniform c)casual clothes

  20. Why do the sportsmen train very hard? a) to win the game b) to eat c) to rest

II. Make up sentences: 21. you, go, me, with, Would?

  1. Soccer, exercise, good, is, body, for, the, a.

  2. Players, at, stadium, football, play, the.

  3. Watch, hockey, going, I, am, to.

  4. The, got, the, winners, medals.

III. Write the missing letters: 26. Cy___ling,

27. he___et

28. arr___ws

29. sh___ttle cock

Test: “AT HOME”

  1. grade

I. Fill in blanks:

1. The clock shows the____. a) watch b) time c) seasons

  1. In front of the house there is a____. a) balcony b) hall c) garden

  2. The TV set has many ____. a)pillows b) flowers c) channels

  3. The ____ make the bed nice. a) pillows b) quilt c) blanket

  4. The ____ keeps me warm. a) quilt b) pillow c) curtains

  5. My mother irons the clothes on the ____. a)sofa b) ironing board c) cutting board

  6. I wash the dishes with ____. a) toilet soap b) toilet water c) liquid

  7. I fill the ____ with warm water. a) tub b) sink c) shampoo

  8. I take a ___.a) tables b) lessons c) shower

  9. I brush my teeth with ____.a)tooth brush, tooth paste, b) comb, mirror c) towel, water

  10. After having a shower, I put on ____. a) gloves b) bathrobe c) T-shirts

  11. There is an ______ under the roof. a) door b) attic c) window

13. The fridge keeps ____ for a long time. a) pictures b) food c) books

14. There is a fireplace in the ____. a) balcony b) living room c) kitchen

15. I use the ____ to wash the clothes. a) toilet water b) paper c) powder

16. The father use the computer in the ____. a) study b) kitchen c) hall

17. My mother uses____ to make baursak. a) rolling pin b) plate c) lid

18. On the ____floor there is a balcony. a) inside b) second c) outside

19. The dog’s house is ____.a) in the house b) over the house c) outside

20. We eat in the ____.a) hall b) dining room c) bedroom

II. Answer the questions: 21. Where does your mother fry eggs? a) jar b) frying pan c) pot

  1. What gives us light? a) desk b) chandelier c) computer

  2. What do you wear on your feet at home? a) sandals b) slippers c)skates

  3. What do you wear when you go to sleep? a) pajamas b) hat c) skirt

  4. How do we the place where your mother use stove? a) bedroom b) kitchen c) study

  5. What cover the pillow? a) pillowcase b) blanket c) quilt

  6. Where do you look at and comb your hair? a)at the book b) at the TV c) at the mirror

  7. What do we keep in the chest of drawers? a)our books b) clothes c) papers

  8. Where do we warm the food? a) in the fridge b) microwave c) kettle

  9. Where do we take off our clothes? a) kitchen b) study c) hall

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