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Тесты "Present Simple or Present Continuous"

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Present Continuous or Present Simplе

I.Напишите, что происходит \не происходит в данный момент.

1. I \ count \ the crows. - I'm counting the crows.

2. I \ sit \ on \ the chair.

3. I \ ride \ the \ bicycle.

4. I \ read \ this book.

5. I \ learn \ English.

6. I \ sit \ at \ the table.

II. Present Simplе или Present Continuous?

  1. Don't put your coat on. The sun ( to shine) is shining.

  2. In summer the sun (to shine) brightly.

  3. I usually ( to wait for) Tom. He is always late.

  4. We (to have) coffee every morning.

  5. Mary (to play) the piano every evening.

  6. She is in the kitchen. She (to make) tea for us.

  7. I am busy. I (to make) my bed.

  8. Call them. They (to play) football in the yard.

III. Вставьте is \am \ are\ do\ don't \ doesn't.

  1. Our grandma ____ live with us. She has her own little house.

  2. What time _____ you usually wake up?

  3. Why ____ they looking at me?

  4. I can not talk to you now. I _____ working.

  5. _____ your brother shave every morning?

  6. We ____ want to move at all.

  7. Sam ___ a good football player, but he ____ play very often.

  8. ____ the sun shining? No, it ___ not.


I.Напишите глагол в нужной форме.

1. I read – he reads 6. I play football – we

2. we count – she … 7. He sings – you …

3. they jump – it … 8. They fly - …

4. you go – she … 9. They say – she …

5. we smile – they … 10. She asks – we …

II. Ваш друг делает то же , что и вы. Напишите об этом.

  1. I go to school. – My friend goes to school too/

  2. I get up at seven.

  3. I come from school late.

  4. I live not far from school.

  5. I play football well.

  6. I jump high.

  7. I do my homework on Sunday.

III. Напишите вопросительные предложения.

  1. I often play with my little sister.

Do you often play with your little sister?

  1. We like big dogs.

  2. You give us good marks.

  3. He makes a lot of mistakes in words.

  4. She plays the piano very well.

  5. Sometimes they go to the cinema.

  6. Our children read a lot.

  7. Barbie is very clever. She speaks Chinese.

IV. Сделайте утвердительные предложения отрицательными.

  1. We go to bed at 10 o'clock.

  2. Those boys play football in our yard every Monday.

  3. My little bird sings songs.

  4. Mr. Dale gives his son some money.

  5. Polly likes that boy.

  6. You understand me very well.

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