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Тестирование на 1 курсе

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  1. Тестирование

Вариант 1

In this exercise you have to put the verb into the correct form using will or going to.

  1. I've got a terrible headache.

Have you? Wait there and I (get) an aspirin for you.

  1. Why are you filling that bucket with water?

I (wash) the car.

  1. I've decided to re-paint this room.

Oh, have you? What colour (you/paint) it?

  1. Look! There's smoke coming out of that house. It's on fire!

Good heavens! I (call) the fire-brigade immediately.

  1. The ceiling in this room doesn't look very safe, does it?

No, it looks as if it __ (fall) down.

  1. Where are you going? Are you going shopping?

Yes, I (buy) something for dinner.

  1. I can't work out how to use this camera.

It's quiet easy. I (show) you.

  1. What would you like to drink - tea or coffee?

I__________________(have) tea, please.

  1. Has George decided on what to do when he leaves the school?

Oh yes. Everything is planned. He (have) a holiday for a

few weeks and then he (start) a computer programming course.

  1. Did you post that letter for me?

Oh, I'm sorry. I completely forgot. I ___________ (do) it now.

  1. What shall we have for dinner?

I don't know. I can't make up my mind.

Come on, hurry up! Make a decision!

Okay then. We (have) chicken.

  1. We need some bread for lunch.

Oh, do we? I (go) to the shop and get some. I feel like a walk.

Before he goes out, Ben talks to Jane:

I (get) some bread. Do you want anything from the


Yes, I need some envelops.

Okay, I (get) you some.

  1. John has to go to the airport to catch a plane. He hasn't got a car:

Alan, can you take me to the airport this evening?

Of course I (take) you. I'd be delighted.

Later that day Eric offers to take John to the airport.

John, do you want me to take you to the airport?

No thanks, Eric. Alan (take) me.

  1. Тестирование

Вариант 2

Complete the text with the correct form of the Past Simple or Present Perfect.

«One day last year, Kevin Brown (walk) to his office. I

(know) Kevin, he (be) a lawyer in an office near

my newspaper and we (play) squash together sometimes.

That day I (not go) to my newspaper, I (go) to

the pub on the comer for lunch. As I (go) into the pub I

(see) that a man (run) along the

street behind Kevin.

I (shout), «Kevin. There is a man behind you»! But Kevin

(not hear) me and (not look back) at the

man, so he (not see) him. The man (hit)

Kevin from behind and then tried to take his money. I (run)

across the street. Then I (pull) the man down to the ground. A

police car (come), I could hear it. I

(hold) the man on the ground and then the police

(take) him away. I don't think I'm a hero but the

police (give) me a certificate for bravery».

Put in somebody/anything/nowhere etc.

  1. 13.1 don't like cold weather. I want to live warm.

  1. Is there interesting on television tonight?

  1. Have you ever met famous?

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