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Тестовая работа по теме "A Trip to St Petersburg"


A Trip to St Petersburg

Fill in the blanks with the suitable words. There is one extra word.

situated, opportunity, attractions, worth, masterpieces, monuments, impression, huge, instead of , enough, consists, make a living, servant, waste, avenue, skyscrapers, Cathedral, sightseeing, queue, guide, left … for…

Mr and Ms Wands are from Germany. They enjoy travelling a lot. They use any 1) ________ to visit different countries and do some 2) _______ . They prefer having an active life 3) ______ being a coach potato.

Some months ago they made a trip to St Petersburg. It is 4) ________ on the Eastern shore of the Baltic Sea. The Wands travelled there by train. They got a good first 5) _______ of the railway station which is a 6) _______ light building. They were heartily greeted by their 7) _______ Ann. She is not from St Petersburg but she has been living here long 8) _______ to be able to make any tour unforgettable. Her task was to get acquainted the tourists with this charming city. As the Wands had only three days of their vacation they couldn’t 9) _______ time.

The city’s nicknames are "The Venice of the North" because of many rivers and canals and "The Palmyra of the North". The Northern Capital of Russia 10) _______ of eighteen boroughs. It is the centre of the Russian cultural life. It has a lot of 11) _______. There are no 12) _______ in the historical part of the city but there are a lot of 13) _____ and cinemas, museums and picture galleries. The most amazing is the Hermitage where everybody can see a great number of 14) _______ of world famous artists. The Wands were shocked a little when they saw a long 15) _______ to the tickets office. But the Hermitage is 16) _______ waiting. They spent a whole day there.

In the morning Ann invited the Wands to see The Peter and Paul Fortress. They visited St Isaac's 17) _______ and climbed up the 300 or so steps to the observation walkway at the base of the cathedral’s dome and enjoyed the breathtaking views over the city

Another place of interest is The Mariinsky Opera and Ballet Theater. The Wands 18) _______ by teaching German students music that’s why they were interested in this wonderful ballet. In the evening they walked along Nevsky Prospect, St. Petersburg’s main 19) _______ and one of the best-known streets in Russia.

Last day was very busy. They had to get up very early and 20) _______ St Petersburg ______ Petergof. They enjoyed beautiful fountains of The Imperial palace and park ensemble and a picturesque view of the Gulf of Finland. They had to buy a lot of souvenirs to their numerous friends and relatives.

So The Wands came back home and advised all his friends to visit this wonderful city.

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