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Тестовые работы для чтения на английском языке

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Read the text. Mark the sentences

T (true) or F (false)

Now Kate has got a dog, too. The dog’s name is Spot. He is black and white, with a funny short tail. He isn’t very big, smaller than Kate’s big gray cat Pussy. But though Spot is very small, he’s got a loud voice and he can hear any noise that comes from the garden. Kate’s parents say Spot is a very good dog. They are not afraid to leave Kate alone in the house when they go to work. Spot takes care of Kate because she is very little, she’s only seven. Pussy doesn’t like Spot. She thinks he’s too noisy and too active. Pussy likes calm and peace. But Spot thinks Pussy is OK.

1. Spot’s tail is not very long.
2. Spot is black and gray.
3. Kate has got a cat.
4. Spot is a small dog.
5. Kate’s parents like Spot.
6. Kate’s parents don’t go to work.
7. Kate is sometimes alone in the house.
8. Kate’s cat likes noise and active games.
9. Pussy likes Spot more than he likes her.
10. Kate is a little girl.


Read the text. Mark the sentences T (true) or F (false)

Lily and Jimmy are hungry. There is no food in the cupboard. They go to the garden and look for some apples. There are a lot of apple-trees in the garden, but Lily and Jimmy can’t get to them the apples are too high. Jimmy says: “I must go and bring a long stick. We can get to those apples with that stick”. And so he goes to find it. Lily waits for him under an apple tree. Suddenly an apple falls down on Lily’s head. At first she wants to cry but then she understands she is very lucky. Lily eats the apple when Jimmy comes back. Jimmy is angry with Lily because he is hungry.

  1. The children want to eat.
    2. They don’t want the apples in the cupboard.
    3. There are a lot of cherry-trees in the garden.
    4. There are a lot of apple-trees in the garden.
    5. The children can get to the apples easily.
    6. Jimmy goes to find a long stick.
    7. Lily doesn’t go with him.
    8. Lily waits for Jimmy under the apple-tree.
    9. Lily thinks she is lucky.
    10. Jimmy is not very happy.

Read the text. Mark the sentences T (true) or F (false)

Millions of people all over the world like Michael Jackson. He has got three sisters and five brothers. The boys are all in the band called “The Jackson Five” but Michael is the international• superstar. Why do so many people like him? They like his music, they like his songs and they like his dancing. They even like his clothes. On stage Michael Jackson is a star but at home he is quiet and shy. He lives in a very big house in California with his mother and two of his sisters. He loves animals. He’s got a lot of animals in his private zoo.

1. All the family is in the band “The Jackson Five”.
2. A lot of people dislike Michael Jackson.
3. Michael can dance.
4. On stage Michael is quiet and shy.
5. Michael likes animals.
6. All Michael’s sisters live with him in California.
7. He has his own zoo.

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