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Тестовые задании по английскому для 5-класса

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5-класс Тест

1. Сколько букв в английском языке?

a) 24 b) 25 c) 26

2. Сколько гласных?

a) 7 b) 4 c) 6

3.How are you?

a) I am ten b) I am ok c) I am from Astana

4. What is your address?

a) It is Abai street b) My flat is good c) I am from London

5. Множественное окончание

a) s b) ‘s c) s’

6. “Grandmother” правильный перевод

a) мама b) папа c) бабушка

7. His name is Omar. … is from Astana.

a) She b) He c) It

8. What … your first name?

a) are b) is c) am

9. Какие буквы не хватает? Tha_k you.

a) n b) s c) v

10. “children” перевод

a) родители b) племянник c) дети

11. Это мой друг

a) This is my friend b) It is my friend c) He is my friend

12. Какая буква не хватает? K L M N _ P

a) Q b) S c) O

13. nine

a) 9 b) 19 c) 90

14. Five plus two is …

a) seven b) three c) nine

15. Who is that girl?

a) She is my mother b) He is my brother c) She is my sister

16. What’s your mother’s name?

17. What’s your address?

18. How old are you?

19.. How are you?

20. What is your name?

Тест 2

1. ….he got a brother?

a) Has

b) Does

C) Have

d) Do

e) Is

2. ……….? - I am a teacher.

a) Who are you?

b) Where is your job?

c) What are you?

d) Where are you?

e) How are you?

3. ……is a person who sells sugar, flour, salt , etc..

a) A nurse

b) A baker

c) A butcher

d) A grocer

e) A greengrocer

4….is a person who sells meat .

a) A nurse

b) A baker

c) A butcher

d) A grocer

e) A greengrocer

5. ……..is a person who works in hospitals and helps doctors.

a) A nurse

b) A baker

c) A butcher

d) A grocer

e) A greengrocer

6. Antonym for the word “short” is ……

a) polite

b) tall

c) bright

d) pretty

e) lazy

7. Synonym for the word “ clever” is ……

a) polite

b) tall

c) bright

d) lazy

e) stupid

8. …….is a person who sells diary products.

a) A driver

b) A butcher

c) A milkman

d) A tailor

e) A baker

9. My sister …..fair-haired.

a) has

b) have

c) is

d) are

e) am

10. These children……..a very rich imagination.

a) has

b) have

c) is

d) are

e) am

11. Boris lives…..number 16 , Lesnaya Road, Petropavlovsk.

a) in

b) at

c) on

d) into

e) with

12. Antonym for the word “ugly” is…… .

a) slim

b) tall

c) beautiful

d) short

e) dark

13. Synonym for “big” is….. .

a) slim

b) large

c) short

d) fair

e) love

14. …….Ann have a car?

a) Do

b) Got

c) Has

d) Does

e) Is

15. Choose the right variant of translation: « В этом театре много актеров ».

a) There aren't any actors in this theatre.

b) There are actors in this theatre.

c) There are many actors in this theatre.

d) This theatre has got actors.

d) There is an actor in this theatre.

16. Choose the right variant of the question to the sentence.

I had no classes on Friday.

a) Have you got any classes today?

b) Did you have any classes on Friday?

c) Do you have any classes tomorrow?

d) Will you have any classes on Friday?

e) Do you have any classes today?

17. Her surname…..Williams.

a) are

b) am

c) is

d) has

e) have

18. They…not married.

a) has

b) have

c) do

d) is

e) are

19. Find the odd word.

a) butcher

b) tailor

c) singer

d) driver

e) letter

20. Jane ……a round face.

a) is

b) are

c) am

d) has

e) have

Test 3

1. Who is working in the study?-……..

a) I have .

b) I do.

c) She has.

d) I am .

e) I is.

2. Summer …………….spring.

a) follows

b) follow

c) is following

d) are following

e) am following

3. Pete……..a magazine now.

a) read

b) reads

c) reading

d) is reading

e) are reading

4. Sometimes she……new books in this shop.

a) buys

b) buy

c)is buying

d) are buying

e) buying

5. I……..him.

a) am not understanding

b) don’t understand

c) doesn’t understand

d) am not understand

e) don’t understanding

6. They….tennis at the moment.

a) play

b) are playing

c) plays

d) is playing

e) am playing

7. He…..to speak to you now.

a) is wanting

b) want

c) wants

d) is want

e) are wanting

8. What goes round the Earth? – The Moon…. .

a) is

b) has

c) are

d) do

e) does

9. Who is working in the garden?- We….. .

a) are

b) do

c) is

d) have

e) does

10. Where….my sisters travelling now?

a) have

b) do

c) are

d) is

e) has

11. The antonym for the verb “to turn on” is….

a) turn at

b) turn in

c) turn of

d) turn off

e) turn into

12. When it is cold in the room, my father turns on….. .

a) gas

b) hot water

c) washing machine

d) central heating

e) vacuum cleaner

13. When it is dark outside we turn on……. .

a) electricity

b) gas

c) cold water

d) vacuum cleaner

e) washing machine

14. A piece of furniture to sit at and work is a….

a) sink

b) table

c) chair

d) sofa

e) cupboard

15. A piece of furniture to wash up in is a…. .

a) sink

b) table

c) chair

d) sofa

e) cupboard

16. Things you may hang on the window are…… .

a) lamps

b) fires

c) pictures

d) curtains

e) carpets

17. Choose the correct question to the underlined word. (Выберите правильный вопрос к подчеркнутому слову)

They seldom write letters to their friends.

a) What do they write?

b) Who writes letters?

c) How often do they write letters to their friends?

d) What do they do?

e) When do they write letters to their friends?

18. She is singing my favourite song.

a) What is she doing?

b) Who is singing?

c) What is she singing?

d) Where is she singing?

e) Is she singing my favourite song?

19. She usually comes home late.

a) Who comes home late?

b) What does she usually do?

c) When does she usually come home?

d) Does she usually come home late?

e) Where does she usually come?

20. Tom and Jane…….to spend this summer in the country.

a) wants

b) are wanting

c) wanting

d) is wanting

e) want

Тест 4

1. Where …..you from?

a) is

b) are

c) it is

2. “Wednesday”

a) понедельник

b) пятница

c) среда

3. What month is it after June?

a) september

b) july

c) may

4. What are you good at?

a) math

b) it is


5. Которые вспомогательные глаголы?

a) do, you, am

b) is, does, do

c) are, it, do

6. “ju_ce”

a) e

b) i

c) y

7. [blæk]

a) blue

b) black

c) brown

8. “7:25”

a) It is seven past twenty five

b) It is twenty five to seven

c) It is twenty five past seven

9. There are ________________in the living room.

a) sofa, cups, carpets

b) armchair, books, bath

c) clock, picture, sofa

10. Где множоственное окончание

a) I have many books

b) He goes to school

c) It’s a green book

11. There is a book _____ the table

a) on

b) at

c) in

12. Can you play piano?

a) Yes, he can

b) Yes, I can

c) No, I can

13. “50

a) fifty

b) five

c) fifteen

14. [ei]

a) flat

b) sofa

c) plane

15. Составь предложение

subject \like\ you\ do\?\ what

16. Tha_k you

17. Ne_hew

18. Surname_

19. Rub_er

20. A T-s_irt

Тест 5

1. This is....teacher

a)ours b)our c)those

2. Those shoes are... brother's.

a) mine b) my c) me

3. Look at...! She is a singer

a) hers b) her c) she

4. Mike and Nick are friends. .... are from Great Britain

a)we b)me c)they

5. The children ...in the garden

a)are b)is c)am

6. This ... my cat

a)are b)am c)is

7. I... from Moscow

a)is b)am c)are

8. These are stars in.... sky

a)a b)an c)the

9. Boil.... water, please

a/ a b/ an c/ the

10. Put... teaspoon of tea in the teaport

a) a b) an c) the

11. His....names are Catherine and Paula

a)cousin's b)cousins' c)cousins's

12. My.... name is Mike

a)friend's b)friends' c)friends's

13. Our ..... names are Jean and Christ

a)children's b)childrens' c)childrens's

14. ... favourite food is fish and chips

a)Andrew's b)Andrews' c)Andrews's

15. My sister... very clever.

a/ is b\does c/ has

16. David ...a lot of friends

a)is b)does c)has

17. Sally... not like cooking

a)is b)does c)has

18. There....some sugar on the table

a)is b)are c)am

19. There... three apples on the plate

a)is b)are c)a lot of

20. There is .... coffee in the coffeepot

a)much b)many c)any

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