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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Тестовые задания по английскому языку для 9 классов
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  • Иностранные языки

Тестовые задания по английскому языку для 9 классов


Entry Test

Use the proper form.


1. Both my (brother-in-law) work in a bank which is situated on the (outskirt/outskirts) of town.

2. Look! Two (aircraft) are flying in the dark sky.

3. My (grandmother) favourite TV series (be) 'Santa Barbara'.

4. When (be) the latest news on TV? - (It, They) (be) at 9 a.m.

5. Two kilometres (be) a long way to go on foot.

6. The police (be) after the escaped prisoners.

7. Oh dear. Measles (be) quite a serious illness.

8. My (sister-in-law) family is not very large.

9. Cambridge University was exclusively for (man) until 1871 when the first (woman) college was opened.


10. My uncle was operated yesterday. He is still in ... hospital. I'm going to ... hospital to see him.

11. ... life will be very different in ... future.

12. ... villages-in this part of ... country near ... Thames are very beautiful.

13. ... Nightingales belonged to ... highest social class of ... England.

14. What do you call ... people of ... China? - ... Chinese.

15. ... man must do everything possible to save ... environment and ... life on ... planet of Earth.

16. ... English language was brought onto ... British Isles in ... middle of ... fifth century by ... Angles, Saxons and Jutes who came there from ... North of ... Germany.

17. Near ... British Museum you can see the tall building of ... University of London.

18. ... Statue of Liberty was ... gift of friendship from ... France to ... United States.

Tenses in the Active and Passive Voice. The Sequence of Tenses:

19. I never (read) a story that (interest) me so much as the one I (read) last night.

20. When we (go) to see them last night, they (play) chess, they (say) they (play) since six o'clock.

21. You (go) with us to the Zoo tomorrow if you (be) a good boy.

22. No sooner we (finish) the translation of the text than the bell (ring).

23. Why you (not, make, do) an effort to improve your life? I wish you (make) an effort to change everything.

24. If I (be) you, I (think) twice before accepting his invitation.

25. 1 wish you (discuss) this (serious, seriously) tomorrow. It isn't funny.

26. All the doors and windows (lock) before we went on holiday, but the house (break into) when we (return) home.

27. Our house (surround) by a beautiful garden. The garden (plant) by my grandfather many years ago.

28. The Cambridge Folk Festival very well (organize), and there are never (any, some) of the serious problems which can (cause) by large crowds.

29. The oldest college in Cambridge University is Peterhou-se, which (found) in 1284, and the most recent is Robinson College which (open) in 1977.

30. I'd like to know who Australia (discover) by? - Ask the teacher about it, ...?

31. Dan said that he (call) you (tomorrow). - If he (call) me in the evening, I (be) very busy. I wish he (call) me in the morning.

32. We thought that the parcel (deliver) in time, but the postman (not, come) yet.

33. The furniture (rearrange) today, and the flat (look) very cozy now.

Modal verbs:

34. Let's discuss this over lunch, ...? - OK. We (can, had to, may) discuss this (later, lately).

35. Cambridge (can, must, may) be one of the best-known towns in the world and (may, can, must) (find) on most tourists' lists of places to visit. You (should, have to, might) go there yourself to see this town. I (mustn't, can't, needn't) do it, I (be) there several times.

36. Everyone (can, should, might) pay taxes to the government.

Pronouns and Prepositions:

37. (Some, any, few) beautiful roses (give) (on, to, for). Jane (to, by, at, for) Patrick (by, at, on) (her, hers) birthday.

38. The house was small and there (be) not (many, much, little, a little) rooms in it.

39. (What, how) is Rob like? - He is generous and kind.

40. The secretary just (sign) (this, these, that) letters (of, on, by) behalf (on, for, at, of) the manager.

Adjectives and Adverbs:

41. (Old) she gets, (forgetful) she becomes. (A, the, -) elderly and (at, an, the, -) old (be) often forgetful.

42.1 think the American version of 'War and Peace' was (lit-tle) interesting than (our, ours).

43. For (far) information, please write to the above address.

44. Now there (be) about 12,000 students in Oxford, and the University and the town live (happy, happily) side by side.

45. Mr. Smith is much (old) than his wife but they are (happy) couple I ever (meet).

Choose the right variant:

46. Are you going (on, to, in) holiday this year?

a) I'm afraid not. b) Yes, please, c) You are welcome.

47.1 didn't go to the party last night.

a) So did I. b) Neither I did. c) Neither did I.

48. Let's go to the beach today, ...?

a) Why not? It 's a lovely day. b) Yes, we would. c) Don't worry.

49. Sorry to keep you waiting.

a) Don't say so. b) Don't mention it. c) That's OK.

50. Could you pass me the salt, please?

a) Yes, I could. b) Yes, I will. c) Here you are.

51. Read the text and do the exercises given below.

Living a Long Life

It is often said that Japanese people, on average, live much longer than Europeans. To a large extend this must be due to the food most Japanese people eat since from the point of view of the life-style, life in modern Japan is no less stressful than ours in the west. The Japanese live on a diet largely made up of fish and rice. At lunch-time a typical Japanese family will consume at least twice as many vegetables as we do in Europe. In comparison with Europeans, the Japanese eat far less meat and fewer potatoes; at the same time, they eat seven times more fresh fish than we do which make their diet much healthier by far. It would be fair to say that, in general, the Japanese consume far less sugar than Europeans, though the modern Japanese — frequent visitors to Europe on business or for pleasure — are discovering the pleasures and dangers of western-style eating habits.

a) Mark the statements which are True.

1. The Japanese live as long as people in western countries. □

2. From the point of view of life-style, life in modern Japan is less stressful than in Europe. □

3. The Japanese eat much more vegetables than Europeans. □

4. When in Europe on business, the Japanese try to eat only their national food. □

5. They consume more sugar than we do. □

b) Write down your answers to the following questions.

1. On what diet do the Japanese prefer to live?

2. Do people in Japan eat more or less meat than Europeans?

3. What makes the Japanese diet much healthier than ours?

4. Japanese people eat twice as many vegetables as we do, don't they?

5. What do the Japanese discover when they come to Europe?

6. Why do the Japanese live longer than Europeans?


Level 1-A


1. Have you ever visited other countries? - Yes, I... to Italy and France.

a) was c) had been

b) have been d) would be

2. I feel really tired. We ... to the party last night and have just returned home.

a) went c) had seen

b) has gone d) was going

3. At the beginning of the film I realized that I ... it before.

a) see c) had seen

b) saw d) have seen

4. When the bus stopped in the small square, Helen ... her magazine and didn't realized at first that she had arrived at her destination.

a) read c) was reading

b) reads d) had read

5. My sister's son ... in tomorrow's race, because he is too young. They do not allow riders under sixteen.

a) won't ride c) wouldn't ride

b) shan't ride d) doesn't ride

6. A beautiful bridge ... in our city. It will be finished next year.

a) builds c) is being built

b) is built d) has been built

7. It has been raining for two hours. I hope it ... raining soon.

a) stops c) would stop

b) shall stop d) stop

8. Television has many advantages. It keeps us informed about the latest news, and also ... entertainment at home.

a) provide c) is provided

b) provides d) provided

9. On the other hand television ... for the violent behaviour of some young people, and for encouraging children to sit indoors, instead of doing sports.

a) blames c) is blamed

b) blamed d) would blame

10. Some millionaires have lots of money and ... what to do with it.

a) don't know c) won't know

b) didn't d) knows

11. How ... at college? You didn't say much about it in your last letter.

a) do you get on c) will you get on

b) are you get on d) are you getting on

12. When you ... in this city again? - In a month.

a) arrive c) have you arrived

b) arrived d) will you arrive

13. Every time that I miss the bus, it means that I ... walk to work.

a) has to c) had to

b) have to d) could

14. Every time when I missed the bus, I ... to return home late.

a) must c) can

b) had d) may

15. That was great! It was ... meal you have ever cooked.

a) good c) best

b) better d) the best

16. This exhibition is ... interesting than the previous one.

a) little c) least

b) less d) the least

17. We saw ... good film last night. The film was about the love of a girl to her cat and dog.

a) a c) -

b)the d) an

18. Everybody agrees that ... happiness is very important in the life of people.

a) - с) а

b) the d) many

19. In the past people lived in ... harmony with the environment.

a) a c) the

b) an d) -

20. When they arrived ... the station, they rushed to the platform not to miss the train.

a)to c)in

b) at d) for

Test 2

1. When you ... older, you'll change your mind about this.

a) will grow c) have grown

b) grow d) grew

2. By the time the police get there, the burglars ... .

a) vanish c) will have vanished

b) will vanish d) vanished

3. As soon as the taxi arrives, I ... you know.

a) let c) had let

b) have let d) will let

4. My friend has been writing to me for years already, but he never ... a photo.

a) sends c) will send

b) has sent d) sent

5. Why are you busy packing? - My train ... in two hours, so we'll leave the house in an hour.

a) is leaving c) leaves

b) will be leaving d) left

6. When was this building finished? - They say it ... by the end of last year.

a) had been finished c) will be finished

b) was finished d) finishes

7. I thought that I ... my key and was very glad when I found it.

a) lose c) had lost

b) lost d) was losing

8. What's the matter? You look upset. Last week I lost my scarf and now I just ... my gloves.

a) lost c) had lost

b) have lost d) lose

9.1 ... for this bank for five years already but I have decided to change my job.

a) am working c) have been working

b) has worked d) worked

10. Martin said that he ... the tickets the next day.

a) bought c) will buy

b) had bought d) would buy

11. The house opposite our college .,., that's why we are using the back entrance at present.

a) pulls down c) is being pulled down

b) is pulled down d) pulled down

12. You ... an umbrella when you left the house, didn't you?

a) have c) had had

b) was having d) had

13. By the time we got to the cinema the film ... .

a) will begin c) had begun

b) would begin d) began

14. Is there anything I ... do to help you?

a) can c) am to

b) may d) as to

15. The last film I saw was ... frightening than this one.

a) little c) least

b) less d) the least

16. Someone is calling you. Will you answer ... phone?

a) a c) -

b) the d) these

17. To tell the truth I don't like ... pair of trousers that I bought last month.

a) those c) that

b) this d) a

18. Whose house is it? - It's ... .

a) my c) her

b) mine d) our

19. Today is ... cold than yesterday. So, I'm wearing my


a) little c) least

b) less d) the least

20. "Come home ... Christmas Day, we'll be waiting for you", my mother always says to me.

a)in c) -

b) on d) at

Test 3

1. Excuse me, do you speak English? I ... for a hotel.

a) look c) was looking

b) am looking d) have been looking

2. Last summer we wanted a relaxing holiday, so we ... to stay on a small island.

a) choose c) had chosen

b) have chosen d) chose

3. Mathematics ... hard. I don't understand it.

a) are c) was

b) is d) were

4. While we ... for the train, it started to rain.

a) waited c) was waiting

b) are waiting d) were waiting

5. The police officer said that every house in that street ... already by the police.

a) search c) had been searched

b) were searched d) searched

6. There is going to be a big art exhibition. It... a lot of visitors.

a) attracts c) has attracted

b) will attract d) attracted

7. The result of his investigation ... in the newspaper soon.

a) publish c) will be published

b) be published d) is published

8. When they arrived home, their children ... outside the door waiting for them.

a) sit c) was sitting

b) are sitting d) were sitting

9. We ... a new computer not long ago. Now the job will be done much more quickly.

a) had bought c) bought

b) was bought d) have bought

10. He was sorry that he ... to me for so long.

a) didn't write c) hadn't been writing

b) haven't been writing d) hasn't been writing

11. The ring you found ... be returned to an old lady who had lost it.

a) can c) have to

b) must d) are to

12. Everybody in our team played ... except the captain.

a) bad c) worst

b) badly d) the worst

13. You know much, but you know ... than your teacher.

a) little c) least

b) less d) much

14. Small shops are not as ... as supermarkets.

a) more convenient c) most convenient

b) convenient d) the most convenient

15. Sarah is a very good pianist. She plays ... piano very well.

a) a c) the

b)an d)-

16. We had five phone calls, but there were ... for you.

a) no c) either

b) none d) neither

17. I didn't have much time, but I ... visit a lot of places of interest in London.

a) can c) must

b) was able to d) had to

18. That's an easy question! ... knows the answer!

a) All c) Each

b) Everybody d) Every

19. The comic told silly jokes, but nobody laughed ... him.

a) on c) at

b) under d)about

20. We feel sorry ... Sam because he hasn't got any friends.

a) for c) with

b)about d) by

Test 4

1. If I ... some fish, will you cook it for me?

a) will catch c) caught

b) catch d) am catching

2. She said that she ... her present flat. She tried to find

another one.

a) doesn't like c) didn't like

b) won't like d) likes

3.1 saw you yesterday from the bus. Where ... you ... at that


a) was hurrying c) had hurried

b) were hurrying d) did hurry

4.1 found that everything I said on the phone ... to the police.

a) report c) was reported

b) is reported d) had been reported

5. When I speak Italian, all the others in the class ... at me as I don't know the language well.

a) laughed c) will laugh

b) was laughing d) laugh

6. He ... in the Army for eighteen months. This is his last month.

a) serves c) has been serving

b) is serving d) have served

7. Don't make noise: the children ... to sleep.

a) try c) will try

b) is trying d) are trying

8. A new museum ... in the city. What a beautiful building it will be!

a) was being built c) is built

b) is being built d) builds

9. Two terrorists ... in New York some days ago.

a) are arrested c) were arrested

b) have been arrested d) will be arrested

10.1 ... understand this letter. Will you translate it for me?

a) mustn't c) may not

b) can't d) shouldn't

11. Diana's parents don't let her go to late-night disco. She ... be at home at 9 o'clock in the evening.

a) must c) may

b) can d) have to

12. Henry ... apologize for his bad behaviour yesterday.

a) have to c) had to

b) may d) is to

13. The children studied hard, and as a result they passed the exams ... of all.

a) good c) best

b) better d) the best

14. This is ... film I've ever seen.

a) more interesting c) most interesting

b) the most interesting d) not interesting

15. ... old, ... sick, ... unemployed need our special care.

a) - c) the

b) an d)everybody

16. Someone who saw ... robbery called the-police.

a) - c)the

b) a d)those

17. According to this song ... we need is love.

a) all c) each

b) every d) some

18. We wished the bride and groom happiness in ... new life together.

a) there c) theirs

b) their d) these

19. Excuse me, but does this umbrella belong ... you?

a) to c) at

b) for d) with

20. I listened to the radio every day to know the weather forecast but I can never rely ... it.

a) at c) in

b) to d) on

Test 5

1.1 knew that I ... her somewhere before.

a) saw c) would see

b) had seen d) has seen

2. When I finally found the house, I knocked at the door but ... the answer.

a) don't hear c) didn't hear

b) hasn't heard d) heard

3. I went out into the garden to fetch my bike, but found that someone ... it.

a) stole it c) has stolen

b) would steal d) had stolen

4. When I... for the keys, I remembered that I had left them at home.

a) looked c) had been looking

b) was looking d) look

5.1 have been working for the bank for a year already, but I ... to change my job.

a) decided c) has decided

b) have decided d) decide

6. They spoke so quickly that I ... what they were speaking about.

a) not understand c) didn't understand

b) don't understand d) hadn't understood

7. Yesterday our flight ... because of the fog.

a) cancelled c) had been cancelled

b) was cancelled d) has been cancelled

8.1 couldn't open the office door because someone ... it.

a) lock c) had locked

b)locked d)would lock

9. As soon as you ... me, I will contact you.

a) calls c) called

b) will call d) call

10.1 ... him since he started working here.

a) have never trusted c) trusted

b) had never trusted d) trust

11. Mary will be ready soon. She ... coffee at the moment.

a) has c) was having

b) have d) is having

12. If we ... late for the class, our teacher will be angry with us.

a) is c) will be

b) were d) are

13. We ... in the sunshine for about half an hour when I suddenly felt sick.

a) have been sitting c) sat

b) were sitting d) had been sitting

14. We were disappointed as the film was ... than we expected.

a) entertaining c) most entertaining

b) less entertaining d) entertaining

15. We usually ask our teacher to explain ... difficult problems to us.

a) the c) a

b) - d) this

16. Playing ... guitar is an interesting hobby.

a) - c) the

b) a d) mine

17. Our city is famous for ... beautiful ancient buildings.

a) its c) it's

b) it d) his

18. Her hair is long and fair. Everybody admires ... .

a) them c) they

b) it d) its

19. You are very good ... dealing with people.

a) in c) on

b) at d) about

20. Last summer our neighbours decided to drive to Scotland ... a short holiday.

a) at c) on

b) to d) for

Test 6

1. When the light ... I was sitting in the armchair reading a book.

a) goes out c) go out

b) had gone out d) went out

2. I thought I ... this film before, but I hadn't.

a) saw c) had seen

b) seen d) have seen

3. Why haven't you brought me the letters for signature? ... them yet?

a) Don't you type c) Haven't you typed

b) Didn't you type d) Will you type

4. She wasn't sure whether she ... the door of her flat.

a) locked c) had locked

b) has locked d) didn't lock

5.1... my homework all morning and haven't finished it yet.

a) am doing c) have been doing

b) do d) did

6. The inspector suspected that the thief ... a special key for opening this door.

a) uses c) had used

b) has used d) will use

7. I was very tired. When I ... to bed, I fell asleep immediately.

a) got c) had got

b) has got d) will get

8. The Vikings ... to North America a thousand years ago.

a) sail c) had sailed

b) sailed d) have sailed

9. Thank you for your offer, but I ... not to accept it.

a) decide c) have decided

b) has decided d) decided

10. You ... through your old photograph album for half an hour already.

a) look c) have looked

b) are looking d) have been looking

11. Nobody knows where his picture is. Perhaps, it ... .

a) was stolen c) has been stolen

b) will be stolen d) stolen

12. I agree. You ... apologize for not inviting him to your birthday party.

a) can't c) shouldn't

b) mustn't d) may not

13. Actually, today I feel ... than I did yesterday.

a) bad c) worst

b) worse d) the worst

14. ... people who are unemployed often feel depressed.

a) The с) А

b) - d) That

15. Who was the first astronaut who landed on ... Moon?

a) the с) а

b) - d) those

16. What happened at the end of the film? - I'm sorry to say, but I haven't seen ... film.

a) a c) -

b) the d) those

17. This is ... interesting exhibition I've ever visited.

a) more c) less

b) most d) the most

18. Would you mind waiting ... minutes?

a) few c) little

b) a few d) a little

19. I'm ... interested in languages than in mathematics,

a) much c) little

b) many d) less

20. The students often translate English texts ... Russian.

a) to c) into

b)in d) on

Test 7

1. My mother ... strawberries for years but she has never had such a good crop before.

a) grow c) has been growing

b) grew d) had grown

2. Helen got off the bus and walked into the bank when she realized that she ... her handbag on the bus.

a) left c) has left

b) had left d) leaves

3. You are a great cook! This cake ... wonderful as usual.

a) taste c) will taste

b) tasted d) tastes

4. I cut my finger when I ... the potatoes.

a) am peeling c) was peeling

b) have peeled d) will peel

5. The students ... not to be late for their classes.

a) ask c) are asked

b) asked d) are asking

6. Yesterday, while Jane ... she broke two cups.

a) wash up c) was washing up

b) washes up d) has washed up

7. Be attentive and more serious. You always ... something!

a) lose c) have lost

b) are losing d) have been loosing

8. What ... you ... when I phoned you last night?

a) did do c) had done

b) were doing d) had been doing

9. Our flat ... at the moment, so it doesn't look its best.

a) paints c) is being painted

b) is painted d) has been painted

10. My brother will be absent. He ... for his exam at this time tomorrow.

a) will prepare c) will have prepared

b) will be preparing d) will have been preparing

11. ... you give me some advice about the language courses?

a) Have c) Should

b) May d) Could

12. Why didn't you give me a call yesterday? We ... discuss everything together.

a) can c) may

b) must d) could

13. At college the work is harder than the work we did at school, but it is much ... interesting.

a) more c) many

b) most d) a few

14. A person with a good education usually gets ... better job.

a) - c) the

b) a d) an

15. ... poor people need help from the government.

a)- c)A

b) The d) This

16. The government should help ... poor.

a) - с) а

b) the d)that

17. You can do ... you want, but don't bother me now.

a) anything c) some

b) something d) any

18. The government is going to provide ... houses for homeless people.

a) much c) most

b) more d) least

19.1 think of coming to Moscow ... a few days to visit my sister.

a) of c) for

b)on d)over

20. I think we should ask ... some information about this case.

a) about c) for

b) - d) on

Test 8

1 The train stopped at all the stations, and long before we got to London every seat ... and people were standing in the corridors.

a) has been taken c) had been taken

b) was taken d) is taken

2. Most of the young people left this village a long time ago and nobody ... yet.

a) returned c) had returned

b) has returned d) was returned

3. The police suspected that Bill himself had broken the window at his house because he wanted to make them think that a burglar ... his valuable stamp collection.

a) stole c) was stealing

b) had stolen d) has stolen

4. The police thought that he ... it because he needed money.

a) did c) was doing

b) had done d) has done

5. If you work a bit harder, I'm sure you ... the exam.

a) pass c) have passed

b) will pass d) would pass

6. Where are you going? I ... speaking with you yet.

a) not finished c) haven't finished

b) didn't finish d) don't finish

7.1 didn't see where the bus stop was, so I... the bus yesterday.

a) miss c) has missed

b) missed d) had missed

8. Last week a burglar broke into the house while we ... television.

a) watch c) watched

b) have watched d) were watching

9. When are you going to finish this translation? - I... this translation today.

a) finish c) have finished

b) finished d) had finished

10. I felt really tired. We ... for two hours before we reached the nearest hotel.

a) walked c) have been walking

b) were walking d) had been walking

11. My father is sure that most people ... bicycles to work in twenty years' time.

a) shall ride c) ride

b) will be riding d) are riding

12. The plane ... take off after the fog had lifted.

a) must c) can

b) was able to d) may

13. Finally we ... s"; background: #ffffff; line-height: 100%; widows: 0; orphans: 0"> a) can c) must

b) may d) had to

14. In the past most of the population lived in ... country.

a) the c) -

b) a d) this

15. The judge sent our neighbour to ... prison for a month.

a) the c) -

b) a d) an

16. ... English are proud of their country and that the English language is spoken all over the world.

a) the c) an

b) - d) few

17. Why have you done it? Oh, there are ... reasons for it.

a) much c) a little

b) little d) many

18. Sorry, but I can't hear ... of you properly.

a) neither c) nobody

b) either d) none

19. We were looking forward ... a quiet rest near the forest.

a) for c) on

b) to d) at

20. Our city is famous ... its beautiful ancient buildings.

a) of c) by

b) for d) with

Test 9

1. My passport ... last month, and nobody has found it yet .

a) lost c) has been lost

b) was lost d) had been lost

2. There's going to be an interesting art exhibition. It ... a lot of visitors.

a) attracts c) will attract

b) attract d) would attract

3. Have you head the news? He ... all his exams this week.

a) passed c) had passed

b) has passed d) pass

4. By the time we get to the cinema the film ... .

a) will begin c) will have begun

b)begins d)began

5. He says his train ... at 8 a.m. He's packing his things at the moment.

a) leave c) has left

b) leaves d) would leave

6.1 was quite ... to see Ben behaving like that.

a)shocked c) being shocked

b)shocking d)shock

7. I ... on the phone when the postman knocked on the door and entered the room.

a) speak c) was speaking

b) am speaking d) have spoken

8. We first came to this town more than twenty years ago. Everything ... in the town since that time.

a)change c) has changed

b)changed d)is changed

9. We didn't know that Bill ... to Brazil the week before, and he was abroad when the burglary took place.

a) flew c) has flown

b) had flown d) would flow

10. I arrived in Prague in September last year. So I ... here for six months.

a) live c) have lived

b) lived d) will live

11. While I was wondering whether to buy the shoes or not, they ... by someone else.

a) buy c) were bought

b) bought d) had been bought

12. He was happy. He ... pass his driving test at the first attempt.

a) should c) had to

b) must d) was able to

13. At present I ... afford to go to the cinema twice a week.

a) can't c) must not

b) couldn't d) might not

14. We didn't think you were ... in ancient history.

a) interested c) not interesting

b) interesting d) less interesting

15. Every morning I listen to ... radio, but I don't like to watch TV so early.

a) the c) -

b) a d) these

16. ... English is the world language and the English language spoken in the USA or Australia differs from the English language spoken in Britain.

a)the c) an

b) - d)a

17. You are always quarreling! Stop it, ... of you!

a)everybody c) both

b) some d) every

18. Mr. Smith was accused of spying and put ... prison.

a) in c) at

b) of d) to

19. Our city succeeded ... collecting a large sum of money for charity.

a) on c) with

b) in d) at

20. I'm sorry ... your difficulties. Can I help?

a)for c) about

b) at d)on

Test 10

1. It's 11 o'clock so I ... to bed now.

a) go c) will go

b) am going d) have gone

2. The tickets to the football match usually ... and checked at the entrance.

a) sell c) are sold

b) was sold d) won't be sold

3. We ... to the party today.

a) have been invited c) have invited

b) are invited d) had been invited

4. The baby ... because it is hungry now.

a) crying c) cries

b) is crying d) cried

5. There ... a lot of people waiting in the station yesterday evening.

a) is c) was

b) are d) were

6. Some people ... on the benches waiting for their trains.

a) was sleeping c) have slept

b) were sleeping d) had slept

7. By the time the train arrived, Susan ... to push her way to the front of the crowd.

a) managed c) had managed

b) has managed d) would manage

8. ... you ... my English book anywhere? I can find it nowhere.

a) Did ... see c) Will ... see

b) Have ... seen d) Had ... seen

9. Не ... the text before I decided to help him.

a) translated c) has translated

b) had translated d) will translate

10. It ... in London this morning that the British Oil Corporation had discovered oil under the sea near the Welsh coast.

a) announced c) had been announced

b) would be announced d) was announced

11. If he ... when I come, I won't wake him up.

a) sleep c) will sleep

b) will be sleeping d) is sleeping

12. ... they leave before supper or have they time to stay until my friends come?

a) must c) might

b) may d) should

13. My ... brother studies at college.

a) old c) older

b) elder d) the eldest

14. This is ...film I have ever seen.

a) good c) worse

b) the best d) better

15. ... Hyde Park is a very large park in central London.

a) - с) а

b) the d) an

16. My friends tell me that professors are people who think a lot, but say ... .

a) little c) a few

b) few d) some

17. These books cost ... than my friend wants to pay.

a) more c) most

b) much d) the most

18. He has earned so ... money that he has decided to help the poor.

a) much c) little

b) many d) few

19. They go to work by car and come home ... foot.

a) by c) with

b) on d) in

20. The bus from Glasgow arrives ... the Central bus station.

a) at c) in

b) to d) for

Test 11

1.1 found my lost pen while I ... for my pencil sharpener.

a) look c) was looking

b) looked d) am looking

2. When my friend studied abroad, his parents ... him every week.

a) phone c) had phoned

b) was phoning d) phoned

3. When I got home I realized that I ... my wallet.

a) lose c) had lost

b) lost d) has lost

4. When you ... to the Chinese restaurant next time, what will you eat?

a) go c) goes

b) will go d) would go

5. The man ... by the police yesterday, but he denies robbing the bank.

a) arrest c)is arrested

b) was arrested d) had been arrested

6. It's raining, but if you take your umbrella, you ... wet.

a) don't get c) won't get

b) didn't get d) doesn't get

7. Last year Helen was staying with her brother while her house ... .

a) repaired c) was repaired

b) was being repaired d) had been repaired

8. Cars are fast and convenient. On the other hand they ... problems in cities.

a) cause c) has caused

b) caused d) will cause

9. When I ... up yesterday, I was told this good news.

a) wake c) woken

b) woke d) has woken

10. We ... come to your party, but it depends on our finding a babysitter.

a) may c) has to

b) couldn't d) mustn't

11. Our teacher is a reliable person, we ... trust everything to her.

a) shouldn't c) is able

b) can d) must

12. I'll feel ... when my exams are over.

a) happy c) more happily

b) happily d) happiest

13. I felt ... because I had fever.

a) badly c) worse

b) bad d) the worst

14. Have you ever seen a film at ... Embassy cinema?

a) - c) an b)a d)the

15. I don't like to have ... animals in my flat.

a)the c) an

b) — d) some

16. Excuse me, could you move. I can't see ... .

a) something c) nothing

b) anything d) none

17. ... is at home and no one knows where they are.

a) Anybody c) Everybody

b) Somebody d) Nobody

18. I'd like to thank everybody who has helped me ... this experiment.

a) in c) at

b) on d) with

19. He wanted to borrow my bike ... the weekend but I couldn't lend it to him.

a) to c) for

b)in d)on

20. My cat catches a lot of ... .

a) mouse c) the mice

b) mice d) a mouse

Test 12

1. If I ... lots of money, I'll help the poor.

a) will have c) had

b) have d) would have

2. The trouble with you is that you always ... . I don't like it.

a) are complaining c) had complained

b) were complaining d) complain

3. I ... her a letter and sent it off immediately.

a) had written c) was writing

b) will write d) wrote

4. I'm afraid my hands are a bit dirty. I ... in the garden since morning.

a) have been working c) work

b) was working d) worked

5. By the year 2100 most of the Earth's natural resources ... up.

a) will use c) will have been used

b) will be used d) will be using

6. The first person who ... the finishing line is the winner.

a) crosses c)crossed

b) cross d) will cross

7. My trousers ... ironing. Have you got an iron?

a) needs c) will need

b) need d) had

8. What happens in your class? ... lectures every day?

a) Had the teachers read c) Do the teachers read

b) Did the teachers read d) Are the teachers reading

9. If you ... me a song, I will sing it at the concert.

a) write c) has written

b) will write d) had written

10.1 disapprove of people who ... all sorts of promises which they have no intention of keeping.

a) made c) have made

b) makes d) make

11. When the burglar ran out of the house he ... by a policeman.

a) arrested c) had been arrested

b) was arrested d) would be arrested

12. I think you ... practise driving every day to become a safe driver.

a) can't c) should

b) might d) has to

13. You ... have my car if you like. I shan't be using it tomorrow.

a) had to c) may

b) are to d) must

14. ... war between these two countries was the longest in history.

a) - с) а

b)the d)those

15. On my way home I saw a terrible fire. Luckily the fire brigade soon came and put out ... fire.

a) a c) -

b) the d)such

16. There are ... things that money can't buy.

a) any c) some

b) much d) something

17. Helen had to pay extra at the airport because she had too ... luggage.

a) much c) little

b) many d) few

18. There is a newspaper shop ... the end of the street.

a) at c) on

b) in d) by

19. ... we get to the theatre, the play will have started.

a) until c) as soon as

b) by the time d) whenever

20. Nowadays there are many good reasons for using bicycles ... cars to travel in city centers.

a) instead of c) except for

b) but d) such as

Test 13

1. An Englishman very seldom ... on the Underground. He prefers to read newspapers.

a) talk c) is talking

b) talks d) has talked

2. If you ... with the traffic regulations, you will get into trouble with the police.

a) aren't complied c) don't comply

b) won't comply d) wouldn't comply

3.1 ... whether you are telling the truth or not and if you are telling a lie, I will never believe you again.

a) shall know c) should know

b)know d)knew

4. Whose horse you ... when I saw you yesterday?

a) were riding c) was riding

b) did ride d) rode

5. Do you know the time? It ... to me it's about two o'clock.

a) seem c) seemed

b) seems d) will seem

6. Tom met me at lunch time and said, "I ... you at the bus stop this morning".

a) haven't seen c) didn't see

b) not seen d) hadn't seen

7. Since my first visit to this city many new houses ... here and it has become very noisy.

a) are built c) had been built

b) were built d) have been built

8. My doctor says, "A week in the country ... you feel better". I want to follow his advice.

a) made c) will make

b) has made d) is making 9.1 don't like that she always ... with you.

a) arguing c) had argued

b)argue d)is arguing

10.1 noticed that it ... all night and everything was wet.

a) was raining c) rained

b) had been raining d) has been raining

11. She ... him your message as soon as she sees him.

a) give c) will give

b) gives d) gave

12. Yesterday I was going home on foot and all the time I had an impression that I ... .

a) am followed c) followed

b) was followed d) was being followed

13. ... you remember what you were doing at this time yesterday?

a) can c) must

b) may d) should

14. We moved last week and now we have a much ... flat.

a) good c) best

b) better d) the best

15. The Mediterranean is not as ... as the Pacific Ocean.

a) larger c) largest

b) large d)the largest

16. I didn't expect to see him there. He was ... last person I wanted to see.

a) the с) а

b) - d) one

17. I didn't know ... answer to that question, so I left it out.

a)the c) an

b) - d) no

18.1 don't go swimming very ... nowadays.

a) many c) few

b) much d) a little

19. Excuse me, there is ... I'd like to ask you.

a) anything c) something

b) everything d) none

20. A combination of the use of bicycles ... cheap public transport solves the problem of traffic jams in large cities.

a) with c) of

b) by d) in

Test 14

1. There ... several groups of people in Britain that try to protect the environment.

a) is c) was

b) are d) were

2. Money ... the root of all evil in our life.

a) are c) have been

b) were d) is

3. This time next week I ... on a beach in the Crimea.

a) shall lie c) will be lying

b) lie d) was lying 4.1 just ... some soup. Would you like some?

a) have made c) had made

b) made d) had to

5. Jim told me that he ... in the school basketball team.

a) plays c) will play

b) had played d) is playing

6. Some birds, such as parrots, ... alive and sold as pets.

a) catch c) will be caught

b)caught d)are caught

7. He is used to working late at the office. He ... it every day.

a) do c) did

b) does d) will do

8. The boy ... a bicycle along the motorway when he was hit by the car.

a) ride c) has been riding

b) rode d) was riding

9. The boy ... to hospital by the driver of the car.

a) was taken c) had been taken

b) took d) will take

10. As soon as the traffic ... the children ran across the road.

a)stop c)stopped

b) had stopped d) will stop

11. How long you ... for me? - For half an hour.

a) are waiting c) do wait

b) did wait d) have been waiting

12. People ... prevent pollution of the rivers before it gets worse.

a) could c) must

b) need d) had to

13. If you are spoiled as a child you ... have a lot of problems in adult life.

a) must c) could

b) may d) should

14. The more you work the ... you'll pass your exams.

a) good c) best

b) better d) the best

15. In Britain you officially become ... adult on your eighteenth birthday.

a) the c) -

b) an d)a

16. What plant does your father work at? - He works at ... plant down the road.

a) a c) -

b)the d)those

17. Shall we have ... dinner today? - Don't worry, at the end of the conference they will serve a dinner.

a) - c) the

b) a d) an

18. Whose spectacles are these? - ... are on the table, and these are my spectacles.

a)your c) our

b) yours d)their

19. Most visitors to Britain aren't used to driving ... the left and have a lot of problems.

a) to c) in

b) at d) on

20. Don't forget to thank Martin ... coming. He risked his life to get there.

a) in c) at

b) by d) for

Test 15

1. My mother is ill. She will stay in bed until she ... better.

a) get c) will get

b) gets d) is getting

2. When he lived in London, he ... a lot of time in the muse ums.

a) spend c)spent

b) had spent d) was spending

3. I ... by the door for a long time until someone opened it.

a) wait c) waited

b) am waiting d) had been waiting

4. It's raining. I hope you ... your car outside.

a) won't repair c) didn't repair

b) don't repair d) were not repaired

5. In two years' time my parents ... for twenty-five years.

a) will be married c) are married

b) will have been married d) have been married

6. They said they would not work after 6 p.m. if you ... them overtime.

a) won't pay c) didn't pay

b) don't pay d) not pay

7. When I ... her, I waved her, but she didn't noticed me.

a) had seen c) see

b) saw d) have seen

8. Where were you at about three yesterday afternoon? -Oh, I ... my car at that time.

a) was repairing c) had been repairing

b) repaired d) had repaired

9. My sister will not finish medical training until she ... twenty-tree.

a) will be c) have been

b) is d) are

10. Do you know what you ... in your life by the year 2020?

a) will achieve c) will have achieved

b) achieve d) will be achieved

11 What a surprise! There ... a fall in the cost of living lately-

a) has been c) will be

b) had been d) was

12.1 decided to have some English lessons so that I ... practise when I come to the US.

a) can c) may

b) must d) should

13. If you telephone early next week, the secretary ... give you your exam results.

a) must c) may ,

b) can d) will be able to

14. The man said to me, "Just don't park your car ... my gate again. O.K.?"

a) far c) behind

b) nearly d) in front of

15. ... young nowadays have a very cynical attitude to the police.

a) the c) an

b)a d) -

16. ... old people sometimes feel lonely.

a) - c) an

b) the d) this

17. The government is going to provide ... houses for homeless people.

a) most c) few

b) much d) more

18. ... is wrong with the car, and it won't start.

a) anything c) nothing

b) something d) everything

19. Prices go up and up. Everything gets ... expensive.

a) most c) more

b)least d) less

20.1 won't do the job ... being paid for it.

a) with c) without

b) out d) by

Test 16

1. The passengers were tired because they ... all night.

a) didn't sleep c) don't sleep

b) hadn't slept d) won't sleep

2. Where is your umbrella? - Oh, it seems to me I ... it on the bus.

a) left c) had left

b) have left d) will leave

3. Bill said that he ... the tickets for the performance the day before.

a) had bought c) was buying

b) bought d) would buy

4. She said she didn't know where her friend ... .

a) is c) has been

b) was d) will be

5. When we reached the theatre, there ... any tickets left.

a) wasn't c) hadn't been

b) were not d) aren't

6. When I finally found the house and knocked at the door, I ... no answer.

a) heard c) didn't hear

b) have heard d) won't hear

7.1 don't know where Susan is. Maybe she ... in the garden reading a book.

a) sits c) was sitting

b) is sitting d) will be sitting

8. My brother ... when I use his computer without asking.

a) doesn't like c) don't like

b) didn't like d) like

9. You can have the book on Monday. I ... it by that time.

a) read c) will be reading

b) will read d) will have read

10. Unless we leave now, the film will have started when we ... there.

a) get c) would get

b) will get d) got

11. When we ... home last night we saw a lot of stars twinkling in the sky.

a) drove c) are driving

b) drive d) were driving

12. Many species of animals are threatened, and ... easily become extinct if people do not make an effort to protect them.

a) can c) might

b) must d) have to

13. Last week we ... write an essay about the causes of the French Revolution.

a) must c) may

b) could d) had to

14.1 think the film was terrible! It was ... film I have ever seen.

a) terrible c) most terrible

b) more terrible d) the most terrible

15. Nobody in our group knows ... about England than Peter does.

a) much c) most

b) more d) the most

16. My mother wants me to play ... piano, but I want to buy a guitar.

a) the c) -

b) a d) mine

17. I had ... wonderful dream last night. I wish it would come true.

a) a c) -

b) the d) such

18. They say that in future the officials will demand a fine if ... breaks the law.

a) everyone c) someone

b) everybody d) all

19. When we arrived ... the station, we ate a sandwich, drank a cup of coffee and waited for the train.

a)to c)in

b) at d) for

20. If the weather is fine tomorrow, I'll go ... a cycle ride.

a) at c) by

b) on d) for

Test 17

I'm sure I ... the door of my house.

a) lock c) have locked

b) locked d) had locked

The inspector suspects that the thief ... a special key for opening this safe.

a) will use c) had used

b) has used d) use

3. When are you going to finish this translation? - I... it by tomorrow.

a) will finish c) will have finished

b) will be finishing d) would finish

4. Have you heard the news? I ... my last exam yesterday.

a) passed c) had passed

b) have passed d) was passing

5. He says that he doesn't know where he ... after graduating from university.

a) work c) had worked

b) will work d) would work

6. When you ... older, you will understand everything.

a) grow c) will grow

b) grows d) have grown

7. As a rule the most important news ... broadcast on this channel.

a) are c) is

b) were d) had been

8. There ... hardly any furniture in his room. He hasn't even a chair to sit on.

a) is c) were '

b) are d) have been

9. The rich collection of Hermitage regularly ... millions of people.

a) attract c) have attracted

b) attracts d) would attract

10. When my mother returns home she ... at once that we have redecorated our flat.

a) will see c) has seen

b)sees d)saw

11. He ... the car for many hours before he came to the crossroads.

a) drives c) had been driving

b) was driving d) has driven

12. We ... along the forest road when it started raining.

a) were walking c) walked

b) had been walking d) had walked

13. Sorry, I ... stay any longer, but I really must go home.

a) mustn't c) cannot

b) couldn't d) may not

14. This is ... problem I've ever had in my life.

a) difficult c) most difficult

b) more difficult d) the most difficult

15. When ... "Titanic" was crossing the Atlantic she struck an iceberg.

a) - c) the

b) a d) an

16. The weather is fine today, but I don't like ... hot weather.

a) - с) а

b)the d) an

17. Some women tint their hair when ... goes grey.

a) they c) its

b) it d) them

18. Your news ... very important to us.

a) are c) aren't

b) is d) were

19.1 think it's important ... young people to get a good education.

a) for c) about

b) by d) among

20. They left ... Moscow some years ago and live there now.

a) to c) for

b) in d) at

Test 18

1. Before I came to the office the manager already ... the documents.

a) signed c) was signing

b) had signed d) will sign

2. Peter ... his TV-set when I came to see him yesterday.

a) repaired c) was repairing

b) had been repairing d) has repaired

3.1 hoped that my article ... in this magazine soon.

a) will be published c) would have been published

b) would be published d) would publish

4. If you ... hard, you will enter the university.

a) work c) are working

b) will work d) have worked

5.1 ... him for three years. I wonder where he is.

a) didn't see c) don't

b) haven't seen d) hadn't

6. My mother ... in this school for twenty-five years.

a) is teaching c) has been teaching

b)taught d) teaches

7.1 want to post this letter, but I ... to go out in the rain.

a) don't want c) hadn't wanted

b) didn't want d) not want

8.1 need the car to get to the match. I ... on Sunday.

a) played c) have played

b) am playing d) have been playing

9. My neighbour used to be such a hard worker, but now he ... interest in everything.

a) lose c) has lost

b)loses d) lost

10. I'm so sorry. The camera which you lend me ... .

a) break c) had been broken

b) broken d) has been broken

11. Yesterday l ... finish the work because I was very tired.

a) could c) can't

b) couldn't d) mustn't

12. Last week he said I ... use the car at the weekend but now he won't let me after all.

a) can c) was able to

b) could d) must

13. I'm afraid I can't do it ... than you.

a) good c) best

b) better d) the best

14. Be quiet! I don't want to discuss the matter any ... .

a) more c) the most

b) most d) much more

15. ... people cannot live without water and air.

a) the с) а

b) - d) this

16. Before her marriage she lived in London, where she worked for ... National Gallery.

a) - с) а

b)the d)that

17. Haven't you read ... by Shakespeare?

a) something c) nothing

b) anything d) none

18. Something is wrong with my umbrella. May I take ...?

a) yours c) her

b) your d) their

19. Have you ever been ... England?

a) in c) into

b) for d)to

20. Tom has had to give ... playing football since he broke his leg.

a) in c) at

b) on d) up

Test 19

1. The Statue of Liberty ... by Gustave Eiffel.

a) design c) was designed

b) designed d) have been designed

2. Where are your brothers? - They ... a swimming-pool in our garden.

a) are digging c) were digging

b) dig d) have been digging

3. How do your parents like their new house? - My mother likes it, but my father ... our old one.

a) miss c) missed

b) misses d) doesn't miss 4.1 didn't believe that you ... short of money.

a) are c) were

b) is d) have been

5. Actually it's a very friendly dog. If you ... it, it won't bite you.

a) won't touch c) didn't touch

b) haven't touched d) don't touch

6. The town of Kestwick, which ... at the heart of the Lake District, is the perfect place for a holiday.

a) laid c) is lying

b) lies d) lay

7. We ... forward to a concert in our town. It is next Sunday.

a) looks c)are looking

b) looked d) were looking

8. The picture, which ... lately, is worth thousands of pounds.

a) damage c) has been damaged

b) damaged d) was damaged

9. The scientist who ... a new planet has won the Nobel Prize.

a) had discovered c) has been discovered

b) discovered d) was discovering

10. ... we have something to eat? - Yes, but not here.

a) will c) do

b) would d) shall

11. My mother always moves my books around so I ... find them.

a) can't c) wasn't able

b) couldn't d) may not

12.1 don't like the cafes that don't have chairs and people ... eat standing up.

a) can c) may

b) could d) have to

13. There is a big hotel in the middle of ... park.

a) a c) -

b) the d) these

14. ... towns which attract tourists are usually crowded in summer.

a) - с) а

b) the d) this

15. Be sure to pick ... tomatoes before they get too ripe.

a) this c) much

b)that d)these

16. I suppose people are spending now ... money than they used to.

a) much c) fewer

b) many d) more

17. Was it exciting buying a car? - Well, it was a bit of a problem because I didn't have ... money to spend.

a) many c) most

b) much d) few

18. Once I hated flying, but now I feel ... nervous about it.

a) most c) less

b) least d) little

19. The trouble ... my father is that he never relaxes.

a) of c) about

b) with d) out

20. What did you buy this computer magazine ...? - To read about business software.

a) at c) on

b) in d) for

Test 20

1. All my money ... on the way to the airport yesterday and I couldn't fly anywhere.

a) were stolen c) has been stolen

b) have been stolen d) was stolen

2. This company ... millions on computers but it doesn't seem to become more efficient.

a) spent c) will spent

b) had spent d) has spent

3. We had to wait until the light ... to green.

a)change c)changes

b) will change d) changed

4. I head the news on the radio while I ... home yesterday evening.

a) drive c) had driven

b) was driving d) drove

5. Before I left the house it ... to rain and I had to take my umbrella.

a) started c) had started

b) would start d) start

6. I was surprised that you ... the football match on television.

a) hadn't watched c) don't watch

b) haven't watched d) aren't watching

7. When Columbus landed on San Salvador, he ... where he was.

a) knew c) doesn't know

b) didn't know d) hadn't known

8. At one time people believed that Columbus ... America.

a) discovers c) had been discovered

b) discovered d) had discovered

9. The talks ... in London next week to discuss some problems of terrorist activity.

a) is held c) would be held

b) will be held d) hold

10. Didn't you ... this horror film last night? - No, I hate such films.

a) saw c) see

b) seen d)seeing

11. Who ... this ice-cream? - Oh, it's mine. I'm just going to eat it.

a) didn't eat c) doesn't eat

b) don't eat d) hasn't eaten

12. The new building looks awful. - I agree. It ... very nice.

a) didn't look c) hasn't looked

b) doesn't look d) won't look

13. "You ... spend your free time on playing football", my mother used to say when I was a schoolboy.

a) needn't c) couldn't

b) mustn't d) can't

14. You needn't wear your best clothes. You ... what you like.

a) can wear c) might wear

b) must wear d) need wear

15. I think ... people look after their cars better than young people.

a) elderly c) elder

b) older d) oldest

16. What are you going to do after you finish ... college, Rachel? — I want to travel.

a) - с) а

b)the d) an

17. There's been a lot of talk about ... 'spaceship' seen over our town on Sunday night.

a) - с)а

b)the d) an

18. ... is a new one-way traffic system in the city center. It's very confusing.

a) this c) it

b)that d)there

19. ... of these magazines would you like? - This one, please.

a) what c) why

b) how much d) which

20. They will come ... the three o'clock train.

a) on c) with

b) at d) by

Test 21

1. Nick said that he ... up smoking the week before.

a) gave c) was giving

b) had given d) would give

2. Thanks for your letter. Your news ... very interesting.

a) was c) will be

b) were d) have been

3. I wanted to buy a new ring but I ... my credit card at home.

a) left c) had left

b) leave d) have left

4. My father ... more than my mother for the same work.

a) pays c) is paid

b) paid d) is being paid

5. The company ... some land, but it's going to sell it.

a) has bought c) will buy

b) had bought d) buys

6. I rang my friend in London yesterday and he said it ... heavily there.

a) is raining c) has been raining

b) was raining d) had been raining

7. No one told me that the goods ... the week before.

a) would arrive c) had arrived

b) arrived d) was arriving

8. A number of attempts ... to find the Loch Ness monster lately.

a) have been made c) made

b) were made d) will make

9. He ... this trip for months. He is leaving on Sunday.

a) plans c) has planned

b) is planning d) has been planned

10. If you ... the music too loud, you'll wake up the neighbours.

a) will play c) have played

b) play d) played

11. You ... spend all your money as soon as you've earned it.

a) can't c) couldn't

b) mustn't d) shouldn't

12. This cheque ... be signed only by the manager of your company.

a) can c) have to

b) may d) must

13. Your new car looks very ... , I must say.

a) nicely c) beautifully

b) nice d) strangely

14. The book was ... than the film I saw last week.

a) exciting c) the most exciting

b) most exciting d) more exciting

15. How ... does this dress cost? — I don't know. It's a present.

a) many c) money

b) much d) a lof

16. You can apply for a ... job when you've had more experience.

a) best c) worse

b) better d) worst

17. People don't know what ... future will be.

a) the с) а

b) - d) these

18.1 went to ... British Museum several times when I was in London.

a) the с) а

b) - d) that

19. There is a problem ... our TV-set, it breaks very quickly.

a) at c) over

b) on d) with

20. Don't worry ... your job prospects. Everything will be all


a) with c) about

b) for d) over

Test 22

1. My sister ... interested in medicine ever since she was a


a) is c) has been

b) was d) will be

2. When I started working for this company, I ... an architect for six years already.

a) has been c) was

b) had been d) have been

3. I'll take the decision after I ... to the manager.

a)speak c) has spoken

b) will speak d) spoke

4. Look! That window just ... again!

a) has broken c) has been broken

b) broke d) break

5. This cafe used to be much ... before they opened the new one next door.

a) popular c) most popular

b) more popular d) the most popular

6. My company has treated me well, and given me ... chance to succeed.

a) every c)each

b) all d) either

7. There may be no need to go to school in the future, since everyone will have a computer ... home.

a) - c)in

b) at d) for

8. The pilot ... land the plane on only one engine.

a) could c) must

b) was able to d) need

9. ... marriages end in divorce these days.

a) many c) few

b) much d) a few

10. You have to learn to accept ... ups and downs of life.

a) the с) а

b) - d) this

11. Belarus has always been rich in ... talented and gifted people.

a) an c) the

b) a d) -

12. Where ... my scissors? I can't find them.

a) is c) was

b) are d) has been

13. I don't believe in ghosts, so I'm not afraid ... them of course.

a) of c) in

b) at d) -

14. The two Prime Ministers ... discuss the current economic crisis tomorrow.

a) can c) has to

b) may d) are to

15.1 think he was lonely because he had ... friends and none of his neighbours ever spoke to him.

a) few c) many

b) a few d) much

16. The journey to Paris had taken much ... before they built the Channel Tunnel.

a) longer c) long

b) the longest d) longest

17. A small sum of money ... from the cash some days ago and nobody knows who did it.

a) steal c) is stolen

b) stole d) was stolen

18. Man ... first in East Africa.

a) is discovered c) discover

b) discovered d) was discovered

19. Why are you so dirty? - I ... in the garden.

a) dig c) was digging

b) dug d) have been digging

20. Next summer we ... here for 20 years.

a) will live c) will be living

b) will have been living d) are living

Test 23

1. What are you looking for? - I'm afraid I ... my key.

a) lose c) losing

b) lost d) have lost

2. She took this decision after she ... to the manager.

a) spoke c) had spoken

b) was speaking d) would speak

3. I ... nervous since morning, but this feeling vanished as soon as I saw her.

a) was feeling c) feel

b) have been feeling d) had been feeling

4. The second prize ... to an unknown author from India at yesterday's celebration.

a) awarded c) will be awarded

b) was awarded d) is awarded

5. I'm going to see ... of this city.

a) the sight c) a sight

b) the sights d) sight

6. ... teachers have complained about his behaviour at school.

a) much c) some

b) the most d) any

7. It would be difficult to imagine life without ... telephone.

a) - c) an

b) a d) the

8. Nobody nowadays thinks that women ... just stay at home and look after the children.

a) are to c) might

b) has to d) should

9. When I was a teenager, I argued ... my brother and sister all the time.

a) at c) on

b) with d) by

10. I think that we are not making as ... profit as we should do.

a) much c) little

b) many d) few

11. "I ... a convincing explanation of your absence yet", the teacher said.

a) not hear c) haven't heard

b) don't hear d) hasn't heard

12. She thinks she ... more forgetful as she grows older.

a) get c) would get

b) gets d) is getting

13. This is the first time I ... late for my English lesson.

a) am c) has been

b) was d) have been

14. It seems that they already ... everything without consulting us.

a) have decided c) decided

b) had decided d) decide

15.1 don't think you ... to show your passport there.

a) ask c) will be asked

b) will ask d) asking

16. Happiness is not ... inevitable result of having money.

a) - c) the

b)a d) an

17.1 am afraid there are ... vacancies in the company at present.

a) not c) neither

b) none d) no

18.1 ... give you permission for going there, I'm afraid.

a) doesn't have to c) might

b) can't d) am not to

19. The tourists were not aware ... the danger of bandits in the hills.

a) in c) under

b) of d) during

20. She has ... smile I have ever seen. That's what attracts people to her.

a) beautiful c) the most beautiful

b) more beautiful d) less beautiful

Test 24

1. Не ... for several hours and needed a rest.

a) was driving c) had been driving

b) drove d) had driven

2. Somebody is at the door. - I ... to see who it is.

a) go c) will be going

b) will go d) will have gone

3. The boy is going to be a scientist when he ... up.

a) grow c) will grow

b) grows d) will have grown

4. By the time she qualifies, she ... law for 5 years.

a) will study c) will have been studying

b) will be studying d) study

5. This old house on the corner ... down in two weeks.

a) will knock c) will have been knocked

b) will be knocked d) knocked

6. It was a film about ... life of a polar explorer.

a) - c) an

b)a d) the

7. They met in May and it was then ... he fell in love with her.

a)that c)there

b) than d)this

8. I don't agree that the unemployed ... receive more help from the state.

a)can c)should

b) may d) has to

9. Being a nurse is not as ... as being a doctor.

a) more interesting c) less interesting

b) interesting d) most interesting 10. We arrived ... England at Gatwick Airport.

a) to c) in

b) for d) at

11. Don't worry, the sun ... our clothes by the time we get home.

a) will dry c) will be drying

b) will have dried d) dry

12. Traditional English afternoon tea ... rare nowadays, although the English are ready for a cup of tea at any time of the day.

a) is c) has been

b) was d) will be

13. My father who ... recently spends all day reading the newspapers.

a) retired c) retires

b) has retired d) will retire

14. Much that has just been said ... soon.

a) forget c) will have been forgotten

b) will forget d) will be forgotten

15. There ... interesting news in today's newspaper.

a) are c) have been

b) is d) were

16.1 saw two films yesterday, but I didn't like ... of them.

a) neither c) none

b) no d) either

17. The judge sent him to ... prison for ten years.

a) - c) the

b) a d) an

18. ... you tell me if this bus goes to Heathrow Airport?

a) must c) may

b) should d)could

19. Last year I stayed for a few days in an old house in Scotland which was famous ... its ghosts.

a) by c)about

b) at d) for

20. Your car costs ... than mine but it is more beautiful.

a) little c) the least

b) less d) fewer

Test 25

1. ... you still ... or have you found a job already?

a) are studied c) have studied

b) are studying d) have been studying

2. Any advice that the Queen may offer the Prime Minister ... secret.

a) keep c) is kept

b) are kept d) was kept

3. Members of British Parliament ... salaries since 1911.

a) paid c) are paid

b) have been paid d) were paid

4. I decided to change from central London to the suburbs because it ... so expensive to live there.

a) become c) will become

b) have become d) has become

5. The teacher asked her pupils where they ... to spend their holidays.

a) are going c) will be going

b) were going d) have been going

6. As you can see from the letter I ... my address and live in Oxford now.

a)change c) have changed

b) changed d) had changed

7. This time next week I ... on the beach in Spain.

a) lie c) will be lying

b) will lie d) will have been lying

8. Living in the country is ... than in a big city.

a) less expensive c) the least expensive

b) most expensive d) expensive

9.1 would like to meet ... you and thank you for your help.

a) with c) by

b) at d) -

10. Every time I go to the supermarket I ask ... why I go shopping so often.

a) my c) mine

b) myself d) they

11. It rains every day. If you ... the television with you, you will have nothing to do there.

a) not to take c) won't take

b) don't take d) aren't taken

12. The British Queen is certainly one of ... women in the world.

a) rich c) the richest

b) richer d) not rich

13. In 1979 Margaret Thatcher became ... first woman Prime Minister, yet she never appointed a woman in her Cabinet.

a) - с) а

b) the d) an

14. A passer-by asked if it ... the right road for Hastings.

a) is c) has been

b) was d) will be

15. Excuse me, ... I borrow your newspaper, if you are not reading it?

a) must c) might

b)can d)should

16. Bill said that he ... for me outside when I got to the station.

a) will be waiting c) is waiting

b) would be waiting d) waits

17.1 need some time to think about ... offer you made me.

a) - с) а

b) the d) an

18. We can't go by train. The train-drivers are ... strike.

a)on c)for

b) in d) at

19.1 think that he was lonely because he had few friends and ... of his neighbours ever spoke to him.

a) neither c) none

b) either d) no

20. After oil ... under the sea near the Welsh Coast, Britain has become self-sufficient in this energy source.

a) discovered c) will be discovered

b) was discovered d) is discovered

Progress Test 26 (1-25)

1. There is a problem when you forget where dreams end and ... real world begins.

a) - c) the

b) a d) an

2. Do you often put ... until tomorrow what you could do today?

a) of c) down

b) on d) off

3. Is it important to you to succeed ... your career?

a) at c) for

b) in d) because of

4. My mother passed her driving test yesterday. She ... to drive for two years.

a) learn c) has been learning

b) was learning d) had been learning

5. Pubs are often ... places to eat well and cheaply in Britain, and they also try to serve tasty British food.

a) well c) the best

b) better d) most

6. ... we recommend you our favourite places to eat in Minsk? - It's very kind of you.

a) Must c) Ought

b) Can d) May

7. They say that ... British eat only traditional British food in their homes.

a) - c) the

b) a d) an

8. Surely food is as ... a part of our culture as our landscape, our language, and our literature.

a) many c) the most

b) more d) much

9. From the time of ... Roman invasion foreign trade was a major influence on British cooking.

a) - с) а

b)the d) an

10. English kitchens, like the English language, absorbed ... ingredients from all over the world - chickens, rabbits, apples, and tea.

a) the с) а

b) - d) an

11. The British always ... food from abroad.

a) import c) have imported

b) has imported d) imported

12. We live in a global village, but how ... do we know and understand each other?

a) good c) best

b) better d) well

13. In the Middle East you ... take care not to admire anything in your hosts' home. They will feel that they have to give it to you.

a) must c) should

b) can d)could

14. You should not expect the Japanese to shake ... . Bowing the head is a mark of respect in Japan.

a) hand c) a hand

b) hands d) the hands

15. In Japan the first bow of the day should be ... than when you meet thereafter.

a) low c) lowest

b) the lowest d) much lower

16. We ... for three hours when we saw the house in the distance.

a) drive c) drove

b) were driving d) had been driving

17. When they got outside, the rain ... already to snow.

a) turn c) has turned

b) had turned d) would turn

18. Agatha Christie ... at home. She didn't go to school.

a) has educated c) had educated

b) had been educated d) was educated

19. Agatha Christie is possibly the world's most famous ... writer.

a) historical c) detective story

b) short story d) criminal story

20. Pablo Picasso didn't like going to school unless he was allowed to take one of his ... pigeons with him.

a) father's c) fathers

b) fathers' d) father

21. What is the world's biggest office? - I think ... Pentagon is the largest office in the world.

a) - с) а

b) the d) an

22. They ... across a field when they were attacked by a bull.

a) walked c) had been walking

b) have been walking d) were walking

23. He ... for a job for months, but he could find nothing.

a) looked c) had been looking

b) was looking d) has been looking

24. John felt tired. He ... all day to prepare for the party.

a) worked c) was working

b) had been working d) has been working

25. ... of the guests have arrived yet.

a) None c) Either

b) Neither d) Somebody

26. ... people go to the cinema these days. They prefer to see films at home.

a) Fewer c) Little

b) Less d) The least

27. ... policeman in the country is looking for the killer.

a) Each . c) Everybody

b) Every d) All

28. What I like about London is the fact ... it never sleeps.

a) that c)then

b) than d)because

29. I found it difficult to get around London when I first came, but I ... to it now.

a) used c) use

b) am used d) have used

30. Born in Holland in 1853, Vincent Van Gogh is one of the world's most famous ... .

a) writers c) painters

b) poets d) musicians

31. There aren't many people at the stadium now, ... ?

a) are they c) are there

b) aren't there d) aren't they

32. She works harder than I ... to work at her age.

a) used c) was used

b) am used d) had used

33. ... , whose real name was William Sydney Porter, was an American short story writer.

a) J. London c) 0. Henry

b) E. Hemingway d) G. B. Shaw

34. The greatest English playwright and poet William Shakespeare was buried in ... .

a) Stratford-on-Avon c) Westminster Abbey

b) London d) Poet's Corner

35. If you ... in a warmer climate, you won't get so many


a) live c) have lived

b) will live d) will be living

36. He told her not to eat it, explaining that there ... a risk of food poisoning.

a) is c) will be

b) was d) has been

37. What is the antonym to the word "small"?

a) tiny c) large

b) poor d) little

38. She said to me, "I saw this film yesterday".

a) She said that I had seen that film the day before.

b) She said that she saw this film the day before.

c) She said that she had seen this film yesterday.

d) She told me she had seen the film the day before.

39. I'm sorry, I'm late.

a) Don't mention it. c) That's OK.

b) Not at all. d) Here it is.

40. Where have you been? Your clothes ... wet and dirty.

a) are c) has been

b) is d) will be

41. The first person who ... chocolate to Europe was Cortes, who was an explorer.

a) brings c) brought

b) has brought d) had brought

42. It isn't clear how far the ozone layer ... by aerosol sprays.

a) is damaged c) was damaged

b) has been damaged d) damaged

43. The rich should pay ... tax than the poor.

a) more c) least

b) less d) most

44. My brother ... interested in medicine since he was a child.

a) is c) has been

b) was d) had been

45. We arrived ... England at Gatwick Airport at 9 o'clock yesterday.

a) to c) at

b)in d)for

46. This cafe used to be much ... before they opened the new one next door.

a) popular c) most popular

b) more popular d) the most popular

47. Next May they ... with this team for ten years.

a) will play c) will be playing

b) will have played d) will have been playing

48. Don't start reading the other books until you ... this one.

a) have finished c) will finish

b) finishes d) will have finished

49. Belarus has always been rich in ... talented and gifted people.

a) the c) -

b) a d) an

50. A small sum of money ... from the cash today, and nobody knows who has done it.

a) steal c) was stolen

b) has stolen d) has been stolen

51. Read the text and do the exercises given below.

Science against Pain

Many doctors and scientists in various countries in the past tried to discover ways and means of killing pain. Anaesthesia, which is an ordinary thing now, is the result of the long and hard work of many. It is difficult to say now who was the first, but some of the names must not be forgotten. In 1776 Joseph Priestley, a prominent English chemist, found a gas which is now called "laughing-gas" because it makes people feel a little drunk after inhaling it. For about thirty years no one was seriously interested in it, but in 1800 Humphry Davy, the famous English chemist, noticed its effects. He also said that it would probably be useful in operations because it could take away pain.

About 1824 an English doctor called Hickman read Davy's books and tried laughing-gas on dogs and other animals. He got some good results, but still no interest was shown. Hickman died young, before he could make people believe in laughing-gas as an anaesthetic.

Laughing-gas became known in America, where young men and women went to parties to try it. Most of them spent their time laughing, but one man at a party, Horace Wells, who was a dentist, noticed that people did not seem to feel pain when they were under the effects of this gas. He decided to try an experiment on himself. He asked a friend to help him.

Wells inhaled some of the gas, and his friend pulled out one of Wells' teeth. Wells felt no pain at all. He had lost a perfectly good tooth, but he was delighted. Teeth could now be pulled out without pain.

a) Mark the statements which are True.

1. Nobody knows who was the first to use anaesthesia for killing pain. □

2. It was in America where "laughing-gas" was found by Joseph Priestley, a prominent chemist. □

3. For a long time no one was seriously interested in "laughing-gas". □

4. A French doctor called Hickman was the first to try "laughing-gas" on dogs and other animals. □

5. Horace Wells, an American dentist, decided to try an experiment on himself, but his friend refused to help him. D

b) Write down your answers to the following questions.

1. Did many doctors and scientists in the past try to discover means of killing pain?

2. Is it difficult to say who was the first to find out anaesthesia?

3. Who found the gas which is now called "laughing-gas"?

4. How does the gas effect people and animals?

5. For what purpose was it first used by the young people of America?

6. Who made experiments with the gas on himself?

c) Ask five questions on the text.

52. Make up your sentences using the following words and word combinations on the topic Great Britain.

1. parliamentary monarchy 6. ruling party

2. consist of 7. educational centres

3. produce and export 8. found

4. the Queen 9. customs and traditions

5. Parliament

Tests: Level 1-B

Test 27

1. I (see) a very good film last week. You (see) it yet?

2. What films (be) on now? - I (not, know).

3. Are you going to the post-office? - I already (be) there.

4. What is she doing? - She (make) a cake.

5.1 (phone) you as soon as I get home after work. 6.1 saw Tom only (a few, a little) days ago.

7. Take (off, of, on) your coat. It's warm here.

8. I (prefer) food which is not hot.

9. I'm very tired. I (not, sleep) for 2 days.

10. Quick! Take the kettle off the cooker. The water (boil).

11. Jane (recover) yet? No, she still (be) in hospital.

12. If he goes (on, by) car, I'll join him.

13. How (much, many) does this coat cost?

14. Would you like (a, the, —) glass of milk?

15. He (live) in Spain when he was a child.

16. Alice (not, go) to work by bus, she lives near her office.

17. What you (do) when Ben phoned?

18. They (move) into their new flat yet?

19. Do you know what they (discuss) now?

20. The problem was (serious) than we expected.

Test 28

1. My friend didn't make (some, any) mistakes in his test.

2. What (a, the, -) boring film! It's the most boring film I ever (see).

3. I'll be surprised if you (pass) your exams successfully.

4. Look! The bus (be) completely empty. There (be) nobody on it.

5. Nancy (look) like her father.

6. If you take the medicine, you (feel) better.

7. Linda (wait) for the bus when I saw her.

8. This car is expensive to run. It uses (much, many) petrol.

9. How long you (know) him?

10. Excuse me, I (look) for a phone box. Is there any around here?

11. When you (return) home, you will see a lot of changes.

12. What you (do) when your mother called you?

13. They (speak) only English in class.

14. There are (many, a lot, few) of tourists visiting our town in summer.

15. We need money for the bus. How (many, much) have we got?

16. A big car (use) a lot of petrol.

17. I was very surprised when I (meet) him there.

18. What time do you come (to, at, in, -) home from school?

19. I closed the door quietly because he (try) to sleep.

20. I thought the film (be) a big success

Test 29

1. We've been invited (for, from, to) a wedding.

2. He often visits his parents on (-, a, the) Sundays.

3. Students often (think) that exams are a nuisance.

4. When the water (boil), turn off the gas, will you?

5. Ann (not, recover) yet. She is still in hospital.

6. When they (get married)? - Last year.

7. It still (rain).

8. - Who told you about it? - A friend of (mine, my).

9. She is (good) secretary that has ever worked here.

10. We (arrive) ten minutes ago.

11. You (read) any of Shakespeare's plays?

12. Somebody (use) my computer at the moment.

13. They (ask) me some questions at the yesterday's interview.

14. She told me that you (be) ill.

15. It costs (many, much) to repair a car.

16. I know (nothing, anything) about Economics.

17. As soon as I (hear) the results, I'll let you know.

18. Where is Stella? - She (play) tennis in the park.

19. Cats (not, like) water.

20. I didn't understand what she (mean) at first.

Test 30

1. When I arrived, the party (finish).

2. Excuse me, where is (near) cafe?

3. He left the house without (some, any) money.

4. I will have to go to the shop if my sister (not, buy) anything for dinner.

5. A cook is someone who (prepare) meals.

6. It's raining. It (start) raining an hour ago.

7. Where's your key? - I'm afraid I (lose) it.

8. I (walk) along (a, the, —) road yesterday when I met my friend.

9. English people are proud (of, for) their literature.

10. That car isn't (our, ours).

11. Helen (be) 17 years old next Sunday.

12. She told me she (invite) all her friends to her next birthday party.

13. Tom (arrive)? - Not yet.

14. When Sarah came to the party, Paul already (go) home.

15. You (see) news on television yesterday, didn't you?

16. She didn't tell (somebody, anybody) about her plans.

17. Do you read (many, much)?

18. She paid for her ticket and (leave).

19. I couldn't open the office door because someone (lock) it.

20. When I phoned her, she (do) her homework.

Test 31

1. They (watch) television - their favourite programme is on at the moment.

2. I'll call you as soon as we (sign) the contract.

3. They went on holidays with a friend of (their, theirs).

4. He didn't even apologize (for, at) being late.

5. This house (build) by my grandfather many years ago.

6. Are you going (somewhere, anywhere) today?

7. Be careful, you've made (a, the, -) mistake.

8. We (travel) for about two hours when I realized that something was wrong with one of the tires.

9. Mary will be ready soon. She (have) a bath at the moment.

10. They (send) you the money before they (leave).You (receive) it soon.

11. She is (a, the, -) friend of mine. In fact, she is (a, the, -) best friend I have ever had.

12. He'll wait (at, for, to) you in front of the library.

13. I saw him (a few, a little, a lot) weeks ago.

14. She is a really nice person - one of (nice) people I know.

15. I'll tell him the truth of course. But it (not, be) any good. He (not, believe) me.

16. I thought that my train (leave) in an hour and was very disappointed when I (arrive) and (learn) that it just (leave).

17. He kept looking at her, wondering where he (see) her before.

18. The sooner we (start), the sooner we (get) there.

19. When it (get) dark, we'll have to stop. We (may, can't, aren't) work in the dark.

20. Tell me (what, which) you want (me, I) to do.

Test 32

1. (Most, more) of the stories that (a, the, -) people tell about (a, the, -) Irish aren't true.

2. The telephone and the doorbell rang (in, at, by) the same time.

3. We had a lot of problems with our house. (At, in, by) the end we sold it and bought a flat.

4. She (must, could, may) not understand the language when she first came to England.

5. I'm sure I (can, shall be able to, may) drive by next summer so we (can, shall be able to, may) hire a car now.

6. Your English is much (good) than mine.

7. The place that gets the (much) rain in the world is the mountain in Hawaii.

8. Which month of the year has (few) days?

9. It (be) a cold winter night. It (snow) hard and I wanted to get home quickly.

10. She (use) to play the piano beautifully but she (not, play) so well now. She told me she (study) at a music school when a child.

11. Write to me when you (get) back.

12. Don't disturb him. He (work).

13. I've told him (a, the, -) lot of times that I don't know who's broken (a, the, -) window but he doesn't believe me.

14. The boy didn't want to tell us {something, nothing, anything).

15.1 wanted to help you yesterday but I {couldn't, mightn't, shouldn't).

16. They {can, be, need) to meet in the morning tomorrow to sign a new contract.

17. Nobody {must, can, may) take anything out of a shop without paying for it.

18. The {much) snow you have in winter, the {good) crop you have in summer.

19. I'm sorry I'm late. I got here as {fast) as I could.

20. {By, at, to, for) the end of the street there is a path leading {by, at, to, for) the river.


Entry Test

1) brothers-in-law, outskirts; 2) aircraft; 3) grandmother's, is (was); 4) is, it, is; 5) is; 6) are; 7) is; 8) sister-in-law's; 9) men, women's; 10) -, the; 11) -, the; 12) the, the, the; 13) the, the, -; 14) the, -, the; 15) -, the, -, the; 16) the, the, the, the, the, -; 17) the, -; 18) the, a, -, the; 19) had read, interested, read; 20) went, were playing, said, had been playing; 21) will go, are; 22) had finished, rang; 23) didn't make, would make; 24) were, would think; 25) would discuss, seriously; 26) had been locked, was broken into, had returned; 27) is surrounded, was planted; 28) is organized, any, be caused; 29) was founded, was opened; 30) was discovered, will you? (won't you?); 31) would call, the next day, calls, will be, would call; 32) would be delivered, has not come; 33) has been rearranged, looks; 34) shall we?, can, later; 35) must, can be found; should, needn't, has been; 36) should; 37) some, were given, to, by, on, her; 38) were, many; 39) What? 40) has ... signed, these, on, of; 41) the older, the more forgetful, the elderly, the old; 42) less, ours; 43) further; 44) are, happily; 45) older, the happiest, have met; 46) a; 47) c; 48) a; 49) c; 50) c; 51) a-3.


(Level 1-A)

Test 1

1) b; 2) a; 3) c; 4) c; 5) a; 6) c; 7) a; 8) b; 9) c; 10) a; 11) d; 12) d; 13) b; 14) b; 15) d; 16) b; 17) a; 18) a; 19) d; 20) b.

Test 2

1) b; 2) c; 3) d; 4) b; 5) c; 6) a; 7) c; 8) b; 9) c; 10) d; 11) c; 12) d; 13) c; 14) a; 15) b; 16) b; 17) c; 18) b; 19) b; 20) b.

Test 3

1) b; 2) d; 3) b; 4) d; 5) c; 6) b; 7) c; 8) d; 9) c; 10) c; 11) b; 12) b; 13) b; 14) b; 15) c; 16) b; 17) b; 18) b; 19) c; 20) a.

Test 4

1) b; 2) c; 3) b; 4) c; 5) d; 6) c; 7) d; 8) b; 9) c; 10) b; 11) a; 12) c; 13) c; 14) b; 15) c; 16) c; 17) a; 18) b; 19) a; 20) d.

Test 5

1) b; 2) c; 3) d; 4) b; 5) b; 6) c; 7) b; 8) c; 9) d; 10) a; 11) d; 12) d; 13) d; 14) b; 15) b; 16) c; 17) a; 18) b; 19) b; 20) d.

Test 6

1) d; 2) с; 3) с; 4) с; 5) с; 6) с; 7) а; 8) Ь; 9) с; 10) d; 11) с; 12) с; 13) Ь; 14) Ь; 15) а; 16) Ь; 17) d; 18) b; 19) d; 20) с.

Test 7

1) с; 2) b; 3) d; 4) с; 5) с; 6) с; 7) b; 8) b; 9) с; 10) b; 11) d; 12) d; 13) a; 14) b; 15) a; 16) b; 17) a; 18) b; 19) c; 20) с

Test 8

1) c; 2) b; 3) b; 4) b; 5) b; 6) c; 7) b; 8) d; 9) c; 10) d; 11) b; 12) b; 13) d; 14) a; 15) c; 16) a; 17) d; 18) b; 19) b; 20) b.

Test 9

1) b; 2) c; 3) b; 4) c; 5) b; 6) a; 7) c; 8) c; 9) b; 10) c; 11) c; 12) d; 13) a; 14) a; 15) a; 16) b; 17) c; 18) d; 19) b; 20) с

Test 10

1) b; 2) c; 3) a; 4)b; 5) d; 6) b; 7) c; 8) b; 9) b; 10) d; 11) d; 12) a; 13) b; 14) b; 15) a; 16) a; 17) a; 18) a; 19) b; 20) a;

Test 11

1) c; 2) d; 3) c; 4) a; 5) b; 6) c; 7) b; 8) a; 9) b; 10) a; 11) b; 12) a; 13) b; 14) d; 15) b; 16) b; 17) d; 18) d; 19) c; 20) b.

Test 12

l)b;2)a; 3) d; 4) a; 5) c; 6) a; 7)b;8)c;9)a; 10) d; 11) b; 12) c; 13) c; 14) b; 15) b; 16) c; 17) a; 18) a; 19) b; 20) a.

Test 13

1) b; 2) c; 3) a; 4) a; 5) b; 6) c; 7) d; 8) c; 9) d; 10) b; 11) c; 12) d; 13) a; 14) b; 15) b; 16) a; 17) a; 18) b; 19) c; 20) a.

Test 14

1) b; 2) d; 3) c; 4) a; 5) b; 6) d; 7) b; 8) d; 9) a; 10) c; 11) d; 12) c; 13) b; 14) b; 15) b; 16) b; 17) a; 18) b; 19) d; 20) d.

Test 15

1) d; 2) c; 3) d; 4) a; 5) b; 6) c; 7) b; 8) a; 9) b; 10) c; 11) a; 12) a; 13) d; 14) d; 15) a; 16) a; 17) d; 18) b; 19) c; 20) с

Test 16

1) b; 2) b; 3) a; 4) b; 5) c; 6) a; 7) b; 8) a; 9) d; 10) a; 11) d; 12) a; 13) d; 14) d; 15) b; 16) a; 17) a; 18) c; 19) b; 20) d.

Test 17

1) c; 2) b; 3) c; 4) a; 5) b; 6) a; 7) c; 8) a; 9) b; 10) a; 11) c; 12) a; 13) c; 14) d; 15) c; 16) a; 17) b; 18) b; 19) a; 20) с

Test 18

1) b; 2) c; 3) b; 4) a; 5) b; 6) c; 7) a; 8) b; 9) c; 10) d; 11) b; 12) b; 13) b; 14) a; 15) b; 16) b; 17) b; 18) a; 19) d; 20) d.

Test 19

1) c; 2) a; 3) b; 4) c; 5) d; 6) b; 7) c; 8) c; 9) b; 10) d; 11) a; 12) d; 13) b; 14) a; 15) d; 16) d; 17) b; 18) c; 19) b; 20) d.

Test 20

1) d; 2) d; 3) d; 4) b; 5) c; 6) a; 7) b; 8) d; 9) b; 10) c; 11) d; 12) b; 13) b; 14) a; 15) a; 16) a; 17) c; 18) d; 19) d; 20) d.

Test 21

1) b; 2) a; 3) c; 4) c; 5) a; 6) b; 7) c; 8) a; 9) c; 10) b; 11) d; 12) d; I 13) b; 14) d; 15) b; 16) b; 17) a; 18) a; 19) d; 20) c,

Test 22

1) c; 2) b; 3) a; 4) c; 5) b; 6) a; 7) b; 8) b; 9) a; 10) b; 11) d; 12) b; 13) a; 14) d; 15) a; 16) a; 17) d; 18) d; 19) d; 20) b.

Test 23

1) d; 2) c; 3) d; 4) b; 5) b; 6) c; 7) d; 8) d; 9) b; 10) a; 11) c; 12) d; 13) d; 14) a; 15) c; 16) d; 17) d; 18) b; 19) b; 20) с

Test 24

1) c; 2) b; 3) b; 4) c; 5) b; 6) d; 7) a; 8) c; 9) b; 10) c; 11) b; 12) a; 13) b; 14) d; 15) b; 16) d; 17) a; 18) d; 19) d; 20) b.

Test 25

1) b; 2) c; 3) b; 4) d; 5) b; 6) c; 7) c; 8) a; 9) d; 10) b; 11) b; 12) c; 13) b; 14) b; 15) b; 16) b; 17) b; 18) a; 19) c; 20) b.

Progress Test 26 (1-25)

1) c; 2) d; 3) b; 4) d; 5) c; 6) b; 7) c; 8) d; 9) b; 10) b; 11) c; 12) d; 13) c; 14) b; 15) b; 16) d; 17) b; 18)d; 19)c; 20) a; 21) b; 22) d; 23) c; 24) b; 25) a; 26) a; 27) b; 28) a; 29) b; 30) c; 31)c; 32) a; 33) c; 34) a; 35) a; 36) b; 37) c; 38) d; 39) c; 40) a; 41) c; 42) b; 43) a; 44) c; 45) b; 46) b; 47) d; 48) a; 49) c; 50) d; 51) a-3.

Level IB

Test 27

1) saw, have seen; 2) is, don't know; 3) have been; 4) is making; 5) will phone; 6) a few; 7) off; 8) prefer; 9) haven't slept; 10) is boiling; 11) has recovered; is; 12) by; 13) much; 14) a; 15) lived; 16) doesn't go; 17) were you doing; 18) have they moved; 19) are discussing; 20) more serious.

Test 28

I) any; 2) a, have ever seen; 3) pass; 4) is, is; 5) looks; 6) will feel; 7) was waiting; 8) much, 9) have you known; 10) am looking; II) return; 12) were you doing; 13) speak; 14) a lot; 15) much; 16) uses; 17) met; 18) -; 19) was trying; 20) was.

Test 29

I) to ; 2) -; 3) think; 4) boils; 5) has not recovered; 6) did they get married; 7) is raining; 8) mine; 9) the best; 10) arrived; II) Have you read; 12) is using; 13) asked; 14) were; 15) much; 16) nothing; 17) hear; 18) is playing; 19) don't like; 20) meant.

Test 30

I) had finished; 2) the nearest; 3) any; 4) doesn't buy; 5) prepares; 6) started; 7) have lost; 8) was walking, the; 9) of; 10) ours; II) will be; 12) would invite ; 13) Has ... arrived; 14) had gone ; 15) saw; 16) anybody; 17) much; 18) left; 19) had locked; 20) was doing.

Test 31

1) are watching ; 2) sign/have signed ; 3) theirs ; 4) for; 5) was built; 6) anywhere; 7) a; 8) had been travelling; 9) is having; 10) had sent, left, will receive; 11) a, the; 12) for; 13) a few; 14) the nicest; 15) won't be, won't believe; 16) left (would leave), arrived, learnt, had left; 17) had seen; 18) start, will get; 19) gets, can't; 20) what, me.

Test 32

1) most, - , the; 2) at; 3) in; 4) could; 5) shall be able to, can; 6) better; 7) most; 8) (the) fewest; 9) was, was snowing; 10) used, doesn't play, had studied; 11) get; 12) is working; 13) a, the; 14) anything; 15) couldn't; 16) are; 17) must; 18) more, better; 19) fast; 20) at, to.

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