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Конкурс "Законы экологии"

Тестовые задания по грамматике английского языка на тему "Герундий"



Fill in each space with either the Gerund or the Infinitive:

1. When I mentioned … married, she didn't say anything.

a) getting b) to get

2. If he keeps … things from work, he's going to get fired.

a) to steal b) stealing

3. I plan …to college in the fall.

a) to go b) going

4. Bill enjoys … mystery novels.

a) to read b) reading

5. I suggested … to a restaurant after the movie.

a) to go b) going

6. The doctor wants … with you.

a) to speak b) speaking

7. I really miss … as a flight attendant.

a) to work b) working

8. The little boy's teacher asked … with his mother.

a) to talk b) talking

9. I don't mind … with your cat. I love cats.

a) playing b) to play

10. You need … your hair. It's getting very long.

a) to cut b) cutting


Fill in each space with either the Gerund or the Infinitive:

1. We are looking forward to … at the weekend.

a) go out b) going out

2. What do you want … tonight?

a) to do b) doing

3. I have decided on … a veterinarian.

a) to become b) becoming

4. I can't imagine Peter … by bike.

a) to go b) going

5. I hope … to Brazil this summer.

a) to travel b) traveling

6. I remember … her at the beach last week.

a) to see b) seeing

7. Don't forget … your mother!

a) to call b) calling

8. She promised … to the theatre with me.

a) to go b) going

9. I don't feel like …. Let's go out to a restaurant.

a) to cook b) cooking

10. Please stop … I can hear you fine!

a) to shout b) shouting


Fill in each space with either the Gerund or the Infinitive:

1. Don’t switch off the light. The child is afraid … in the dark.   

а) to sleep b) of sleeping

2. I am sorry I have forgotten … you my textbook. Can I have it back?  

a) to lend b) lending

3. Peter, did you remember … the door? You are so absent-minded.  

a) to lock b) locking

4. I learned … French while I was living in Switzerland.

a) to speak b) speaking

5. As an English proverb says “It’s no use … over spilt milk”.  

a) to cry b) crying

6. He couldn’t imagine her … for him.

a) to wait b) waiting

7. He didn’t hesitate … such methods.

a) to employ b) employing

8. He is considering … a book about his war experience.

a) to write b) writing

9. I wondered if you felt like … out for a dance ?

a) to come b) coming

10. Why didn’t you try … yourself a job?

a) to find b) finding


Fill in each space with either the Gerund or the Infinitive:

1. Kate avoided … John alone.

a) to see b) seeing

2. Her eyes were full and bright. She did not pretend … her nervousness.

a) to hide b) hiding

3. The travel agent advised us … until August.

a) not to wait b) not waiting

4. Her sister-in-law certainly needed … after.

a) to look b) looking

5. He denied … anything about the missing document.

a) to know b) knowing

6. She tried … an interest in my work.

a) to take b) taking

7. I couldn’t go on … alone in that great house.

a) to live b) living

8. He was busy … on the new play.

a) to work b) working

9. I hate …, but I think I can understand her Daddy.

a) to admit b) admitting

10. This picture is definitely worth ….

a) to buy b) buying


Fill in each space with either the Gerund or the Infinitive:

1. Outside, the church bells started ….

a) to ring b) ringing

2. But they are used to … with real men.

a) deal b) dealing

3. We can’t afford … time.

a) to waste b) wasting

4. I regret … to my father’s advice. He was right.

a) not to listen b) not listening

5. Mrs. Freeman can’t help … about her children.

a) to worry b) worrying

6. Linda offered … my cat while I was out of town.

a) to look after b) looking after

7. Julie finally admitted … responsible for the problem.

a) to be b) being

8. After driving for three hours, we stopped … something to eat.

a) to get b) getting

9. He risks … all his money.

a) to lose b) losing

10. Most people prefer … money to … it.

a) to spend, to earn b) spending, earning


Test 1.

1. getting

2. stealing

3. to go

4. reading

5. going

6. to speak

7. working

8. to talk

9. playing

10. to cut

Test 2.

1. going out

2. to do

3. becoming

4. going

5. to travel

6. seeing

7. to call

8. to go

9. cooking

10. shouting

Test 3.

1. to sleep

2. lending

3. to lock

4. to speak

5. crying

6. waiting

7. to employ

8. writing

9. coming

10. to find

Test 4.

1. seeing

2. to hide

3. not to wait

4. looking

5. knowing

6. to take

7. living

8. working

9. to admit

10. buying

Test 5.

1. ringing

2. dealing

3. to waste

4. not listening

5. worrying

6. to look after

7. being

8. to get

9. losing

10. spending, earning

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