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Дистанционные курсы профессиональной переподготовки и повышения квалификации для педагогов

Дистанционные курсы для педагогов - курсы профессиональной переподготовки от 5.520 руб.;
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Тестовые задания для подготовки к ГИА

Напоминаем, что в соответствии с профстандартом педагога (утверждён Приказом Минтруда России), если у Вас нет соответствующего преподаваемому предмету образования, то Вам необходимо пройти профессиональную переподготовку по профилю педагогической деятельности. Сделать это Вы можете дистанционно на сайте проекта "Инфоурок" и получить диплом с присвоением квалификации уже через 2 месяца!

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Множественное число существительных.

Задание № 1.

Поставьте существительные в скобках во множественное число.

    1. There are ten ….............(flower) in the vase.

    2. My sister has got two …............(baby).

    3. There are two …............. (man) in the car.

    4. How many …............. (tooth) has the baby got?

    5. She's got four ….......... (duck) in her garden.

    6. Have you got any ….......... (child)?

    7. I bought two …......... (scarf} yesterday.

    8. These shoes are too large for my …...........(foot).

    9. These ….........(story) are very interesting.

    10. The cat has caught a lot of ….........(mouse).

Степени сравнения прилагательных.

Задание №2.

Выберите правильный ответ.

1. This is …............ in Moscow.

A an older B the oldest C the most old

2. Our new house is four storeys …...........than the one we lived before.

A more higher B higher C high

3. Is Lomonosov …........... than Pavlovsk?

A famouser B more famous C the most famous.

4. That was …............man I have ever met.

A the worst В the most bad C worse

5. To my mind thrillers are …........interesting than adventure books.

A more В better C least

6. Mary is ….......... student in class.

A better В the best C gooder

7. It's …................ book I have ever read.

A exciting В more exciting C the most exciting

      1. My brother knows English much better than I do. I'd like to know this language …............my brother.

A as bad as В as well as С more than

      1. There's plenty of food, so eat............... you like.

A as much as В as many as C more than

        1. This lunch was …......... as it was yesterday.

A not tasty В not so tasty C more tasty



Задание №3

Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в правильной форме.

        1. Henry usually (wear) glasses and now he (wear) sunglasses.

        2. On Sunday we sometimes (go) to the cinema or to a disco club.

        3. I (not see) my cousin since last year.

        4. A world-famous violinist (play)on tonight's concert

        5. Where (be) your brother? -He just (come) home.

        6. I (wait) for permission to go abroad for three weeks, but I (not receive) the visa yet.

        7. She is very happy: her son (finish) school.

        8. My parents (not listen) to rock music.

        9. He (take) a shower in the bathroom now?

        10. The lecture (not begin) yet and the students (talk) in the classroom.


Задание №4

Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в правильной форме.

1. Five people (loose) their lives in that terrible hurricane some months ago.

2. They (do) the task by two o'clock.

3. It was getting hotter and hotter and the animals (lay) in the shade of the


        1. Robin Hood and his merry men (take) money from the rich and

(give) to the poor.

5. All my friends (be) glad to hear that I (pass) all the exams successfully



Задание № 5

Выберите правильный ответ.

        1. I booked my holiday ages ago/ I am going/ will go to Spain.

        2. May be I'll go/am going to bed early tonight.

        3. Look at those black clouds! It’s probably going to/will rain.

        4. I promise I am going to/will feed the cat.

        5. I will/am going to order a pizza if you like.

        6. I want to buy a new video game so I'll/am going to save my pocket money.


Задание №6

Выберите правильный ответ.

1.Yesterday he............Shown the information obtained de them.

A was В will be C were

2. Ice hockey sticks …............made out of good quality wood.

A is В are C was

3. The new stadium …........built three years ago.

A was В were C will

4. Swimming …........ enjoyed by many people as a good form of exercise.

A are В be C is

5. An important contract …........signed tomorrow.

A will В was C will be

Задание № 7

Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в правильной форме.

1. The letter (post) in half an hour.

2. The young man (introduce) to me only two hours ago.

3. The interesting information can (find) in this

interesting book.

4. At the last competition the first prize (win) by our team. 5. Three foreign language (teach) in this school.

6. A lot of letters and cables (type) and (send) every day.

7. I hope the invitation (accept) by everybody. 8. The composition must (hand) in on Wednesday.

9. The hostess said that one more guest (expect).

10. Which article (translate) by your brother?


Задание №8

Выберите правильный ответ.

        1. I …..........show you round Moscow if you want.

A Would В саn C could

2. Bob …......... learn French next year, because he has customers in French-speaking countries.

A must В needn't C will be allowed to

        1. ..........I leave the office earlier today? My baby is ill, I ….....look after him.

A will, need В should, have to C may,must

4. My husband often goes to Sochi on business. Last month he …........

go there twice.

A had to В must C may

5. Did you …......... discuss the delivery dates in details?

A had to В have to C dare

6. I'll ….........speak English fluently when I finish my school

A have to В be able to C be to

7. I ….......... see him as soon as possible. The matter is urgent.

A can В must C might

8. My shoes and trousers are all wet. I …........change my clothes.

A should В could C need not

9. Many cars had radios, so people ….........listen while travelling

from place to place.

A had to В could C can

10. I …........ like to know so many things about your country.

I am really excited about it.

A might В might C would



Задание №9.

Раскрыть скобки и поставить глаголы в правильную форму.

          1. I live in Scotland. If I............. (live) in France I …....... (learn)

French .

          1. If I ….......(be) you, I ….......(not go) to the party. I really don't think it's a good idea.

          2. I usually see John in the afternoon. I …...........(give) him your

message if I ….......see him later.

          1. Don't worry. I ….......(help) you with your chemistry homework

if you ….......... (not understand ) it.

5. I ….......(buy) а new computer if I …..........(have)enough money.

Unfortunately I've only got $50!

          1. The weather's been very good recently. If it ….......(be)good

at the weekend, we ….......(go) to the mountains.

          1. I ….........(do) more sport if I …......(have) more free time, but

I'm extremely busy at the moment.

8. If you ….......(do) your homework on the computer, it …......

(be) quicker.


Задание №10

Выбрать правильный ответ.

            1. We like to hang ….... ft the cafe in the afternoon.

A in В over C out

2. That hat really goes …....your gloves.

A on В with C in

3. They gave ….... kick-boxing because they got bored.

A up В away C back

4. Mr Thomson looked at me and asked me to go …...

my story.

A off В on C with

5. Why don't you use your dictionary to look ….....

the words.

A up В after C in

6. He ran ….... milk, so he went to buy some.

A into В out of C to

7. They gave ….... their old toys to the poor children.

A up В on C away

8. We're really looking ….... our summer holidays this year.

A forward to В to C for

9. He came ….. this chessboard in an antique shop.

A васк В across C into

10. Turn …...... the lights when you leave,please.

A off В on C after


Задание №11

Поставьте слова, данные в скобках в нужную форму.

        1. Теlevision is a very …......... (effect) advertising medium.

        2. We must …......(careful) examine this figures.

        3. The ….......(major) of wealthy people live in suburbs.

        4. Parachuting is an incredibly exciting form of ….....(entertain).

        5. The famous singer has ….....( recent) started to lead a lonely life.

        6. According to the …...(late) news reports, police investigation is

being continued.

7. We were all surprised by his unexpected …......(appear) at the party.

8. Healthy eating is of great ….....( import) to professional athletes.

9. A mobile phone is a …......( use) gadget when you are lost.

10. The discovery of antibiotics cured many …...(harm) diseases.



Задание №12

Прочитайте текст и вставьте подходящие слова, выбрав один из предложенных вариантов.

A burglar wanted to steal a valuable picture. One night he ___ (1) into

the house and went into the hall. Suddenly a ghost entered the hall. The

robber was so much shocked he could hardly ____(2). ''Hi!- said the ghost.

What a pretty costume. Very life-like!'' At that moment a smiling vampire

came in. In his hand he was holding a glass with some red liquid. The

vampire shouted, ''How nice you ___(3), we are running ___(4) of the drink.

The burglar rushed ___(5) the house. On the gate he saw the following words:

''Like ___(6) up? Our party is just for you!'' It was only a Halloween party. If he only had known about it! The burglar thought that after ___(7) time

he ___(8) no more.

      1. A broke В broken C had broken

      2. A Stay В stand C stop

      3. A came В have come C are coming

      4. A away В off C out

      5. A out of В away from C through

      6. A clothing В dressing C putting

      7. A it В then C this

      8. A steal В will steal C would steal

Задание №13

Прочитайте текст. Преобразуйте слова, напечатанные заглавными

буквами в конце строк, чтобы они соответствовали содержанию



Mangoes are a 1)______ fruit that are thousands of TROPIC

years old. They 2)______ in India and southeast Asia ORIGIN

in the 4th and 5th centuries. Their name comes from the

Malayan word for the fruit manga. This word was then

translated into 3) _______ and then into English. PORTUGAL

Mangoes are distributed 4)______ around the world WIDE

and they are a very popular fruit.They can be yellow,

green, orange, red and although they are oval 5) ____ , SHAPE

they come in a 6) ______ of sizes. They are eaten as VARY

they are or used for flavour, 7) _______ or colour. FRAGRANT

It is a very 8) _______ fruit with a unique taste. The JUICE

flesh is 9) ______sweet and it has a high water content.


Задание №1

      1. flowers 2. babies 3. men 4. teeth 5. ducks

6. children 7. scarves 8. feet 9. stories 10. mice

Задание №2

1 С ; 2 B; 3 B; 4 A; 5 A; 6 B; 7 C; 8 B; 9 A; 10 B;

Задание №3

      1. wears, is wearing

      2. go

      3. haven't seen

      4. is playing

      5. is, has just come

      6. have been waiting, haven't received

      7. has finished

      8. don't listen

      9. is he taking

      10. hasn't begun. are talking

Задание №4

1. lost 2. had done 3. were lying

4.took, gave 5. were, had passed 6. did you receive

7. was standing, cutting 8. did they rescue

9. saw, was driving 10. gave, had bought

Задание №5

1. am going 2. I'll go 3.going to rain

4. will feed 5. will 6. am going

7. will 8. will 9. is going 10. will


1 A; 2 B; 3 A; 4 C; 5 C

Задание №7

1. will be posted 2. was introduced 3.be found

4. was won 5. are taught 6. are typed sent

7. will be accepted 8. be handed

9. was expected 10. is translated

Задание №8

1 B; 2A; 3C; 4A; 5 B; 6 B; 7 B; 8 A; 9 B; 10 C

Задание №9

1. lived , would learn 2. were , wouldn't

3. will give, see 4. will help, don't understand

5. would buy, had 6. is , will go

7. would do, had 8. did, would be

Задание №10

1 C 2A 3 A 4 B 5 A 6 В 7 C 8A 9В 10 A

Задание №11

1. effective 2. carefully 3. majority 4. entertainment

5. recently 6. latest 7.appearance 8. importance

9. useful 10. harmful

Задание №12

1 A; 2 B; 3 B; 4 C; 5 B; 6 B; 7 C; 8 C

Задание №13

  1. tropical 2. originate 3. Portuguese 4. widely

  1. shaped 6. variety 7. fragrance 8.especially 9.especially

Источники информации.

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Краткое описание документа:

Подготовка учащихся к сдаче ЕГЭ и ГИА по английскому языку является одной из самых важных в средней школе. Как ученику справиться с заданиями на экзамене и является самой важной задачей для учителя. Перед началом экзамена должна идти интенсивная подготовка по всем направлениям проверки знаний по иностранному языку на экзамене. В работе представлена практическая часть подготовки учащихся к выполнению грамматической части задания в ГИА. В разработке представлены задания на следующие грамматические темы: модальные глаголы, условные предложения всех типов, страдательный залог, степени сравнения прилагательных и наречий и др.

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