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Tests for 9 th form

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Test 9 th form

1 How many main airports in London?

a)three b)five c)seven

2 Who is the Marco Polo?

a)famous poet b)famous traveler c)famous doctor

3 Columbus ……. America in 1492

a)discovered b)found c) uncovered

4 This is the ………interesting book of London

a)more b)most c)much

5 The students…in the reading hall before the lessons

a)were b)was c)will be

6 How…time does it take you to get there?

  1. many b) much c)old

7 When I was at school, mathematics…my favourite subjects.

  1. is b) are c) was

8 There…a table in the room.

  1. are b) was c) is

9 We…learn that lesson

  1. mustn t b) can c) must

10 There…2 million people in this town.

  1. were b) was c) is

11 Jack London…many books.

  1. Write b) wrote c) written

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