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Тесты по английскому языку


Тест №1

1. Прочитай внимательно текс. Ответь на вопросы.

Hobby is something a person likes to do. Dif­ferent people have different hobbies. Some peo­ple collect things like stamps, bages, books. Others have sports as their hobbies. Many peo­ple say that reading or travelling are their hob­bies.

It's nice to have a hobby. Hobby teaches peo­ple to plan the life and time. Some hobbies teach us to make useful things, develop their mind and body.

  1. What is hobby?

  1. Do different, people have different hobbies?

  1. What things do people collect?

  1. Can travelling be an interesting hobby? Is travelling an interesting hobby?

  1. Do hobbies- help you to plan life and time?

  2. What can hobbies help to develop?

2.Прочитай текст. Вставь в пропуски слова, подходящие по смыслу.

I have got a friend. His name is Bob. Bob has got an interesting ... (1). He likes ... (2) car models.

It is a ... (3) hobby, because it ... (4) Bob to ... (5) his time. It ... (6) his mind. Bob has got a ... (7) collection of models. Very often he (8) ... this collection to his friend. It's fun to watch the cars and sometimes to play with.

Слова для вставки:









3. Fill in "Say, tell", "speak".

1) She wants to something.

2) She wants to you about it.

3) What did you him?

  1. The students in fifth from English.

  2. He didn't a word.

Write what they are going to do.

I ~1-

1) He (visit) London.

2)They (meet) the group.

3) I (drive) a car.

  1. She ... (stay) at that hotel.

  2. We (have) a picnic on Sunday.

Write a tag for each sentence.

1)He is at home, ….?

  1. You are not cold, …..?

  2. He was in London last autumn, ….?

  3. There is a cake on the table, …….?

  4. We can't go there, ?

  5. They have got a computer, …..?

  6. Kate hasn't got a dog, ……?

  7. They work in the garden,…….. ?

  8. He goes to school,………?

10) Mike liked the book, ………?

Тест №2

1. Прочитай текст.

The Earth is a planet. There are nine planets and they all go around the Sun. We call the planets and the Sun the Solar System.

The first planet next to the Sun is Mercury, Venus is the second and our planet, the Earth is the third.

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranous and Neptune are bigger then the Earth. Venus, Mars, Mercury and Pluto are smaller than our planet.

On Earth we have air and water for animals and plants. The other planets of our Solar Sys¬tem do not have air and water. But out in the space there are other planets with air and water.

2) Согласись или опровергни утверждения.

1. The Earth is a planet.

2. There are ten planets in our Solar System.

3. Ail the planets of our Solar System go around the Sun.

4. The first planet next to the Sun is Jupiter.

5. Our planet the Earth is the fifth planet.

6. The Earth has air and water for animals and plants.


7. All the planets of the Solar System have air

and water.

II. Прочитай текст. Вставь в пропуски слова, подходящие по смыслу.

We live on the … (1). It is a …(2) planet. There are … (3) planets in our … (4). They all go around … (5). Some planets are … (6) than Earth, some of them are ... (7). The first planet next to the Sun is ... (8). Our Earth is the third. There is … (9) and ... (10) on the Earth. So ani¬mals and plants can live on our planet. Other planets of our Solar System haven't got air or water. But there are other planets in ... (11), wick may have it.






The sun








III Задание. Выберите и вставьте в предложение правильную форму глагола.

1. I ... early in the morning every day.

a)set up; b) got up; c) will get up.

2 He ... a book now.

a) reads; b) is reading; c) will read.

3. She ... me this book tomorrow.

a) gives; b) will give; c) gave.


4 Where ... you yesterday?

a) are; b) been; c) were,

5. I ... there for a long time.

a) was; b) have been; c) am.

6. We ... to school every day.

a) went; b) have gone; c) go.

7. They ... chess now.

a) play; b) are playing; c) played.

8. You ... there at 7 a.m. tomorrow.

a) are; b) will be; c) were.

9. What ... you ... yesterday?

a) are... doing; b) have ... done; c) did ... do.

10. They ... to see me tomorrow.

a) will come; b) shall come; c) came.

11. I ... just ... my bag.

a) loose; b) have lost; c) lost.

12. Sometimes I ... for a walk with my dog.

a) have done; b) will go; c) go.

13. My sister ... a bath now.

a) has; b) is having; c) have.

14. Where ... we ... dinner tomorrow?

a) do ... have; b) have ... had; c) shall ... have.

15. We ... our work already.

a) did; b) have done; c) will do.

16. We ... 5 o'clock tea every day.

a) will have; b) had; c) have.

17. My mother ... now.

a) watches TV; b) will watch TV; c) is watching TV.

Тест №3

I.Прочитайте тексты 1-5. Установите соответствие между заголовками A-F и текстами 1-5.

Используйте каждую букву только один раз. В задании один заголовка лишний. Занести свои ответы в таблицу.

A Cosmetics D Architecture

B Transportation 1 Literature

C Sports F Cinematography

I There are several types of plots. An episodic plot features distinct episodes that are related to one another but that can also be read individually, almost as stories by themselves. Most novels involve more complex plots, in which the story builds on itself* so that each episode evolves out of a previous one and produces another one.

2 The most prominent roles behind the scenes are the producer, screenwriter, director, unit production manager, casting director. designers, film and sound editors, assistant directors, and music composer.

3 Cold cream is an emulsion of various oils and waxes and water, it is employed to cleanse and soften the skin. Face powder are based on talcum and zinc oxide and are used to dry and give a satiny texture to the skin. Lipsticks, either applied directly or brushed on the lips, are made of cocoa butter or lanolin and are manufactured in an endless variety of shades. Nail polishers are lacquers or plastics available in many colors. Hair lotions and hair sprays are used to condition the half, keep it in place, or make it glossy.

4 The availability of suitable materials fostered the, crafts to exploit them and influenced the shapes of buildings. Large areas of the world were once forested, and their inhabitants developed carpentry. Although it has become relatively scarce, timber remains an important building material.

5 Special equipment, such as skis and snowshoes, has long been used to help people move over difficult terrain, such as snow0covered ground. Other inventions, such as bicycle, make travel over flat terrain faster and more efficient. Today, in Beijing residents own over, 7 million bicycles. In cities in Denmark, between 20 and 30 percent of daily trips are made on bicycles.

Прочитайте текст и выполните задания A-J, обводя цифру 1,2,3, или 4, соответствующую номеру выбранного вами варианта ответа.

What do you do at weekends? Some .. A .. like to stay at home, but .. B .. like to go for a walk or to play football. My friend Jack works .. C .. a factory during a week. At the weekend he

D .. the s.-tine thing. On Saturday he .. E .. his car and on Sunday he goes with his family to a village .. F .. the country. His uncle and aunt have a farm there. It G .. but .. H .. so much to do on a farm. The children help with the animals and give .. L. food. Jack and his wife help in the fields. At the end of the day, they .. J hungry and Jack's aunt gives them a big meal.

A 1) one 2) ones 3) people 4) peoples

B 1) another 2) other 3) others 4) other ones

C 1) hard in 2) hardly in 3) hard on 4) hardly on

D 1) makes 2) does 3) always 4) always

always always makes does

E 1)wash 2) watch 3) washes 4) watches

G 1)into

1)a big 2) on

2) one big 3) if-,

3) big one 4) at

4) a big one

H 1)it's 2) there's 3) always it's 4) always

always always there's

I 1) it his 2) its there 3) they its 4) them their

J I) all have 2) have all 3) all are 4) are all

II.Complete the sentences with the verbs. The Passive Voice.

The Tower of London.

The Tower of London 1 by William the Conqueror

in 1078 as a castle and palace. Since that time it 2 to

its present size, and 3 as an armoury, a zoo,

a royal mint, a prison, and a museum. At the time when it was a prison a lot of people 4 in the Tower for their religious beliefs or suspected treason. Anne Boleyn, Sir Walter Raleigh and Elizabeth the First 5 there, too.

Spies 6 in the Tower during both World Wars.

Some of the prisoners 7 to walk in the grounds, live in comfortable rooms and receive visitors. Many convicted

8 on Tower Hill.

They 9 with the block and axe,

which 10 and in the Tower Armoury now.

The Jewel House I1 at the Tower.

The collection of the Crown Jewels 12 in it.

Saint Edward's Crown, the Imperial State Crown, and the Royal scepter

13 there.

Saint Edward's Crown 14 for the coronation ceremonies.

3000 precious jewels 15 in the Imperial State Crown.

In 1671 a daring attempt 16 to steal the Crown Jewels

by a man named Captain Blood.


Тест №4

I Прочитайте описание фильмов A, B и C. Установите соответствие утверждений 1-6 каждому из текстов и впишите соответствующую букву A, B, C рядом с номером каждого из утверждений.

A Billy Elliot

Stephen Daldry's first feature film is set in the north-east of England during the miner's strike of 1984. A motherless boy, Billy Elliot, from a mining village, takes up dancing against the wishes of his father and older brother. Regrettably, the depiction of the working classes of that time is rather stereotypical.

The heart of the film, however, is in the relationship that Billy strikes up with his dance teacher. Mrs Wilkinson is a soul who finds as much genuine pleasure in the talent and hope of this I 1-year-oh-111 as she does in the discipline and support that she provides for him...

B Bend it like Beckham

Football's uncommon ability to bring a nation together is celebrated in this sweet, positive youth movie. Set in modern-day London, the film tells the story of Jess, whose two greatest loves in life are David Beckham and kicking a ball about.

Unfortunately her family cling to traditional Asian values, and while they're willing to tolerate her fanaticism the very idea of their daughter joining a local girls' team makes them jol 1


Actresses Paraininder Nagra and Keira Knightly both have personalities, but credit should I - -nd director for getting the balance right between humor Gild pathos, :Ilya go to the write,, directo

and romantic action.

C Cinema Paradiso

A successful movie director in his 40s, Salvatore returns home to Sicily after hearing of the Death of Alfredo, the ex-projection at the village cinema. Most of the film is a flashback to Salvatores World War 2 childhood and adolescence when, obsessed by movies, he is befriended by the wise Alfredo. Their bond is one that contains many highlights and tragedies and shapes the way for Salatore to move out of his run-down village to pursue a dream.

Which Him or films ...

1. ___________ is not set in the UK?

2. _________ was difficult to film?

3. ___________ Is set in the 21st centary?

4. ___________ is about young people who have ambitious that their parents don't support?

5. ______________ is tile first film by the director?

6. __________ takes place over two different periods of time?

Прочитайте текст и выполните задания A-J, обводя цифру 1, 2, 3 или 4, соответствующую номеру выбранного вами варианта ответа.

Why do people drink? Often because they .. A .., but this can't be the only reason: there .. B .. be other reasons, too. In many countries, when friends see .. C .., they often have a drink while they sit and talk. Many English people don't need .. D .. they drink tea several times .. E .. day even if they are alone! In most countries people say .. F .. when they drink together. The English .. G .. "Cheers". In all countries there are many places .. H., main purpose is to sell drinks. Since there are so many of these places, it seems, that many people drink more often than they really .. I .. .

A I) have thirsty 2) have thirst 3) are thirsty 4) are thirst

B 1) shall 2) must 3) should 4) Ought

C I ) each other 2) themselves 3) them 4) another

D 1) another 2) any other 3) anyone else 4) other persons

E 1) a 2) during 3) the 4) by

F 1) something 2) something 3) anything 4) anything

specially special specially special

G 1) often sa\, 2) often says 3) say often 4) says often

H 1) of which 2) where the 3) what's 4) that the

I 1) need to 2) need it 3) must 4) must it


Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the word in brackets.

1)My mother was such an person, always, busy always in a hurry.

2) I made a stupid ________ and so things didn't turn out as planned.

3) I'd like to do it _____________ this time. I hope you don't mind.

4) lf you ate more ___________ food, you wouldn't have all these problems with your skin.

5) I want to be an important _______ when I grow up.

6) He,s ______ at mending things. I,ll just have to do it myself.

7) It is almost impossible to actually measure _____________


Complete the sentences making second conditional

1) if I ……………… (be) rich, I……….. (help) poor people.

2) If i…………… ( know ) English, I …….. ( enter) the University.

3) I ……… ( go) to France if I ………( speak) French.

4) If I ……….. (be)) a princess, I ………… ( live) in a palace.

5) I ……….. (be) happy if I …………. (find) a good job.

Тест №5


1 We are in Oxford Circus. One of the busiest streets in the West End of London and that street there is Regentv Street famous.

2 all over the world for it's splendid shops.

3 On both sides of the street there are shops, banks and restaurants In roadway there is a constant stream of ears, taxis, buses and lorries

4 Most of London buses are the famous red double-deckers which have two platforms (or decks) for passengers.

5 The noise is deafening, but one soon gets used to it The pavements are crowded with peoples and it's

6 dangerous to cross the road until the traffic is stopped either by a policeman or by the red traffic light. In any cage before

7 crossing the road, take care to look to your right and when you reach the middle of the road, look to you left. You must not

8 do the reverse, because the cars in Britain keep to the left and not to the right as in most cou tries of world.

9At night the streets are lit by electricity. The main streets are flooded with light from brilliant shop windows and the 10 illuminated signs, so that after dark everything looks as bright as in broad daylight.




В какой строке текста содержится информация о самом известном виде лондонского городского транспорта:

1)3. 2)6. 3)9. 4)10.

4 Найдите продолжение фразы:

The text is devoted to the description of….

1) the traffic in London

2) some streets in the West End

3) London sights

4) Peculiarities of the British treffic

Какое из утверждений не может быть логическим продолжением фразы:

The noise if defening

1)Because of a constant stream of ears

2) So it,s dangerous to cross the road

3) But one soon gets used to it

4) Because of heavy treffic

5 Найдите слово наиболее близкое по смыслу к выделенному:

The is a CONSTANT stream of cars, taxis, and buses.

1) endless 2) firm 3) straight 4) immense

Выберите предложение соответсвующие тексту.

1) Oxford Circus is one of the busiest streets in the East End.

2) In Regent Streets there are many splendid shops.

3) Most of London buses are the famous green double-deckers.

4) Regent Street if famous as a business center of London.

6 Найдите продолжение в соответствии со смыслом отрывка:

The cars in Britain keep to the left and not to the right as in most ciuntries. The thing strikes the tourists from Europe. They cannot.

1) Get used to it.

2) Enjoy walks in the streets of London.

3) Cross the road.

4) Get in double-decker.

Прочитайте текст и выполните задания A-J, обводя цифру 1, 2, 3 или 4, соответствующую номеру выбранного вами варианта ответа.

Mrs. Jackson is an old woman who has a small room .. A .. an old house. She .. B .. there since 1984. That was the year when her husband . C ... He had been ill .. D .. many years. After his death Mrs. Jackson had .. E.. money at all. She found work in a factory. Her job was to clean the offices. She .. F .. get up at 5 o'clock .. G .. the morning. Last year she was ill and her doctor said: ".. H .. work so hard". Now Mrs. Jackson sells newspapers .. I .. a big shop in the middle of the town. She .. J .. doesn't have much money but she is happier now.

A 1) in 2) on 3) from 4) of

B 1) is living 2) lives 3) lived 4) has lived

C 1) died 2) has died 3) dead 4) was dead

D 1) since 2) for 3) in 4) during

E 1) none 2) any 3) no 4) not

F 1) of 2) at 3) in 4) on

H 1) You haven't 2) Not 3) Don't 4) Better no

I 1) always 2) still 3) yet 4) already

III. Заполните пропуски необходимыми словами.

Jane and Mike are... love with each other. 11

a) out

b) at

c) on

d-) in Schoolchildren to leave school before the

lessons finish.

a) are not allowed

b) couldn't

c) can't

d) mustn't

2 I think he will be back... a week. 12 I think Mike is... person I have ever met.

a) in a) strange

b) of b) stxange

cl after c) the strangest

d) at d) strangest

3 The children saved their cat... fire 13 You should be... when you drive.

a) in a) the most careful

b) at b) the more careful

c) from c) carefuller

d) on d) more careful

4 They wanted to take a walk... dinner.

a) before 14 She doesn't believe that I've knitted the


b) at a) myself

0 to b) ourselves

d) hN. C) for herself

d) herself

5 We stopped... the post office.

a) in 15 Who's ... student in your group,

a) the best

b) by b) good

C) on c), best

d) before d) better

6 You .. smoke in cinemas in Moscow. 16 Excuse me, could you pass me. sugar,please?

a) can't a) a

b) don't have to b) -(nothing)

c) needn't to c) the

d) mustn*t d) an

7 You wake up early tomorrow:.The school

year is over. 17 My little brother is afraid of dogs,

a) a

a) shouldn' t b) -(nothing)

b) don't have to c) the

C.) needn't

d). mustn't d) an

8 I think the girls... -,.w,ear longer skirts to school.

IT 18 1 can only sav that I... agree with it all.

a) should a) don't

b) must to b) doesn't

C) must c) am not

d) should to d) amn't

9 Excuse me..... ask you a personal question'? 19 How., many cars…?.

a) can I to a) has your family got

b) may I b) your family has got

C) Must I c) has got your family

(1) 1 ma) d) does your family have got

I0 Excuse me... tell me the way to the nearest 20 ... where you live?

underground station?

a) you could

b)you Can't a) do she know,

b) do she kno\N,

c) does she kno\y,.)

C) could you

d) you have to d) does she know

Краткое описание документа:

Ещё несколько лет назад английский язык воспринимался как иностранный. Но с течением времени роль английского языка возросла настолько, что теперь он считается во всём мире международным.

Владеть английским языком можно по-разному, кто-то не может связать и двух слов, кто-то бегло говорит и делает ошибки, а некоторые знают язык профессионально.

Важно понимать, что изучение теоретического материала по грамматике  – важный фундамент в построении дороги к хорошему владению иностранным языком.

Но практика ничуть не уступает ей в важности, а самое главное в значении.

Ведь, выученную теорию нужно применять и грамматические тесты по английскому языку отличная возможность усвоить пройденный материал.




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