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Text about Great Britain

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The sightseeing in Great Britain

There are a lot of places of interest in Great Britain. There are both modern and ancient monuments. Britain also has many interesting museums. For example one can visit the Steam Boat Museum in Ambleside. The oldest ship in this museum — her name is “Dolly” — is 150 years old.

In London many places of interest. There are: Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben, Edinburgh zoo, London Bridge, the Tower of London. On the Houses of Parliament one can see the famous Tower Clock Big Ben, the symbol of London.

The Houses of Parliament in London, known also as the Palace of Westminster.

St Paul’s Cathedral It was constructed between 1675 and 1710. The zoo in Edinburgh has opened in 1913.

The column of Nelson on Trafalgar square was built in 1842 under the project of architect John Nash. Height most column - 50 meters.

The climate of Great Britain

The climate of Great Britain it is possible to be in the open air during the whole year, because of the sea, which keeps the island warm in winter and makes the air cool in summer. Britain has a temperate, humid climate. Its characteristic features are mild winters, not very hot summers, rain all the year round and frequent changes of the weather.

Rain is fairly well distributed throughout the year: June is the driest month all over England, May is the next driest in the east and center of England, but April is drier in parts of the west and north. The wettest months are usually October, December and August.

The east and north-east winds are cold and dry. Summers are not too hot and winters are not too cold.

The outstanding features of the climate of Britain are its humidity, mildness and variability. Rain falls on the British Isles in every month of the year.

The mild climate there are a lot of evergreen plants in Great Britain, and the country is always green. Grass grows all the year round.

The geographical location of Great Britain

Situated in north-western Europe, lying to the north of France and west of the Netherlands and Denmark, the United Kingdom, known popularly as Great Britain, is 244,786 sq. km (94,512 sq. miles).

It is situated on the British Isles. There are 5,500 islands. The two main islands are Great Britain and Ireland.

The British Isles are separated from Europe by the Strait of Dover (3) and the English Channel. The British Isles are washed by the North Sea in the East and the Atlantic Ocean in the West.

The territory of Great Britain is divided into four parts: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Symbols: England – Red rose, Scotland –Thistle, Wales – Daffodil, leek, Northern Ireland – Shamrock. The capital of England is LONDON. The capital of Scotland is EDINBURGH. The capital of Wales is CARDIFF. The capital of Northern Ireland is BELFAST. England is in the southern and central part of Great Britain. Scotland is in the north of the island. Wales is in the west. Northern Ireland is situated in the north-eastern part of Ireland.

The most important river in Scotland is the Clyde. Glasgow stands on it. The Thames is the widest river in Great Britain. It is over 200 miles long. London, the capital of Great Britain, is situated on it.

The population of Great Britain is over 56 million. The Greater London — the largest center of industry, the most important center of office employment and the capital city — is the largest of all cities in Great Britain. Other largest cities of the country are: Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

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