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Тезисы Научно-исследовательской работы по английскому языку "Традиционный костюм Шотландии"

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Тезисы научно-исследовательской работы по английскому языку по теме


Гермакова Анастасия, 9 класс

Гимназии №14 г.о.г. Выкса

Нижегородской области

Научный руководитель:

Клипова Анастасия Юрьевна,

учитель английского языка

Гимназии №14 г.о.г. Выкса

Нижегородской области


Every nation has its own traditions, including its national clothes. This is the pride of the country, an integral part of popular culture especially in such conservative countries as the United Kingdom.

Folk costumes of Scotland corresponded to the climatic conditions of the region and had its own color characteristics, which can be determined from what it was a district or that person.

The object of study: characteristics of the traditional costume of Scotland.

Subject of study: Scottish traditional costume.

Research topic: the history and modernity of the traditional costume of Scotland.

Objective: To analyze the history and structure of the traditional male costume peoples of Scotland.

Objectives of the study:

1. To study the history of traditional Scottish costume.

2. Identify the features of national costumes of Scotland.

3. Determine the nature of the concepts of "kilt" and "tartan".

4. Identify the popularity of the traditional costume of Scotland.

In research applied 7 sources, including 2 books and 5 Internet sources.

His story began suit in the 7th century BC in the days of the Vikings. Originally, it was up to the floor and was casual clothes Highlanders.

In the 17th century factory worker Rollison shortened the length of the kilt to his knees. Also suit was supplemented with new accessories: jacket, vest, shirt, cufflinks, belt, sporran, kilt pin, knife, brooch, hat, Brogg flash.

Tartan - picture kilt. It differed depending on the terrain, as for its production of paints used natural origin.

  Initially, there were only 11 genera and 3 species of tartans, but at this time there are 6 000 species of tartans. Dress kilt with a strange pattern is considered a social disorder. The observance of this rule the following main Herald.

Initially considered a kilt uniform. Today, he is in demand on the celebrations, sporting events, and as school uniforms in some schools. Fashion on the traditional Scottish clothing spread around the world.

In Scotland kilt remains popular, as evidenced by the results of a survey of Scottish youth: the vast majority (72%) believe it is proud of the country.

Was also carried out a survey of students in our school about their attitudes toward traditional costumes in principle. It was attended by 30 people. Of these, 70% believe traditional costume pride of the country, 20% admit to his old-fashioned, and 10% - care about this topic.

From this it follows that the traditional costumes are still popular, but in everyday life lose their relevance.

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