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Конкурс "Законы экологии"

The black cat. English reading. І ч.


Chapter 1

Salahadin is Worried

Salahadin was sitting in his office with his coat off. It was the month of May in Cairo and it was very hot. Salahadin stood up and turned on the fan. He was a young man, only twenty – eight years old. He was not very tall and quite thin. His black hair was cut very short.

Salahadin’s office was in the centre of Cairo. It was in a large building behind the Nile Hotel. It was a small office and Salahadin’s name was not on the door. Not many people knew that he was a detective. But he was not an ordinary detective. Inspector Salahadin protected all the antiquities of Egypt.

Salahadin was waiting for an archeologist called Mr. Pearson. Pearson had been in Egypt for six months. He had been working in a valley in the south of Egypt. Pearson had been looking for antiquities. He had come back to Cairo a few days ago and was leaving Egypt soon.

But Mr. Pearson had not come to Salahadin’s office. Every archeologist had to see Salahadin before they left Egypt. Salahadin was worried. Pearson had not come yet.

Salahadin picked up the telephone and rang the number of Pearson’s hotel.

Nile Hotel,” said a voice. “Can I help you?”

Can I speak to the manager, please,” said Salahadin.

Salahadin waited for a few moments. Then he heard the manager’s voice.

Can I help you?” said the manager.

Yes,” replied Salahadin. “My name’s Salahadin El Nur. I’m a police inspector. I want to speak to Mr. Pearson.”

Do you mean Mr. Pearson, the archeologist?” asked the manager.

Yes,” replied Salahadin.

I’m sorry. You can’t speak to Mr. Pearson, sir,” said the manager.

Oh,” said Salahadin in surprise. “Why not?”

Mr. Pearson is dead,” replied the manager. “He was found dead in his room this morning. Mr. Pearson was murdered.”

Chapter 2

The missing box

Salahadin put on his coat and quickly left his office. It was much hotter outside in the street. A hot, dusty wind was blowing between the tall buildings. Salahadin jumped into a taxi. The streets were full of cars and the taxi moved slowly; it took a long time to get to the Nile Hotel.

A policeman was standing at the door of the hotel.

I’m sorry,” said the policeman. “No one is allowed into the hotel.”

Salahadin showed the policeman his identity card.

The policeman took Salahadin to his chief. Luckily, Salahadin knew this officer. It was inspector Ahmed, a school friend of Salahadin’s.

Ahmed took Salahadin upstairs to Pearson’s room. Pearson was lying in the bed. There was a knife in his chest.

Why are you interested in this man?” Ahmed asked Salahadin. “Do you know him?”

His name is Pearson,” replied Salahadin. “He’s an archeologist. He was working in the south. He was leaving Egypt soon and I wanted to see him.”

Why was he murdered?” Ahmed asked Salahadin.

I don’t know,” replied Salahadin.

There were some boxes standing against the wall. Salahadin pointed to them.

Perhaps there’s something valuable in these boxes,” said Salahadin. “We must open them.”

Ahmed brought in two policemen and started to open the boxes.

Salahadin looked carefully round the room. There were some papers on the table beside the bed. Salahadin picked them up. There was a map under the papers. On the map were the words “Valley of Zar.”

This may be important,” thought Salahadin. “I’ll take them with me and look at them later.”

Salahadin folded the papers and the map and put them carefully in his wallet.

By this time, the policemen had opened the boxes. There was nothing important in them. The boxes were full of spades and other things for digging.

There’s nothing important or valuable in these boxes,” said Salahadin. “We must speak to all of the hotel staff. Perhaps one of them noticed something unusual.”

The manager brought the staff to Ahmed and Salahadin. They asked each person many questions, but they did not learn anything important.

Then Salahadin had an idea.

Who carried these boxes to this room?” asked the Salahadin.

The manager brought back two porters.

Did you carry these boxes into his room?” Salahadin asked the porters.

Yes,” replied they.

How many boxes were there?” asked Salahadin.

Six boxes,” replied the first porter. “I carried three and my friend carried three.”

Salahadin looked at the boxes. There were six of them. No one had taken a box.

Wait a moment,” said the second porter. “You’re wrong. There were seven boxes. You carried three, I carried three.”

But that makes six boxes, not seven,” said Ahmed with a smile. “You can’t count.”

I can count,” replied the porter. “There were seven boxes. Mr. Pearson carried one into the room himself. It was a heavy box, but it was smaller than the others.”

That is the box which is missing,” Salahadin said to Ahmed. “There’s something valuable in that seventh box. When we find the seventh box, we’ll find the murderer.”

Chapter 3

The Taxi Driver

Ahmed and Salahadin left Pearson’s room and went downstairs. They sat down and the manager brought them some coffee.

How can we find the seventh box?” asked Ahmed.

I need your help,” replied Salahadin.

How can I help you?” asked Ahmed.

The murderer took the box with him,” said Salahadin. “It was heavy and it’s hot today. The murderer did not carry the box very far. Perhaps he took a taxi.”

Perhaps he had his own car,” said Ahmed.

We don’t know,” replied Salahadin. “But, perhaps he took a taxi.”

That’s possible,” agreed Ahmed. “And you want to find that taxi. But, how can I help you?”

You can send out a police message on Radio Cairo,” replied Salahadin.

That’s true,” agreed Ahmed. “What shall I say in the message?”

When did Pearson die?” asked Salahadin.

About half past ten this morning,” replied Ahmed.

Then here’s the message,” said Salahadin. “The police want to speak to a taxi driver. This taxi driver was near the Nile Hotel at about eleven o’clock this morning. A man got into his taxi. The man was carrying a heavy box. The police want to speak to the taxi driver as soon as possible.”

Good,” said Ahmed. “I’ll put out this message immediately.”

Most taxis have radios,” said Salahadin. “Perhaps a taxi driver will remember a man with a heavy box.”

I’ll get back to my office,” went on Salahadin. “When anything happens, let me know.”

I’ll telephone you immediately,” replied Ahmed.

It was now late afternoon. Outside on the street it was still very hot. Salahadin got into a taxi. Luckily there were few cars and the streets were almost empty. He soon arrived back in his office.

Salahadin turned on the radio. He heard the message. It was repeated after fifteen minutes. Salahadin waited. Suddenly the telephone rang. It was Ahmed.

We’ve been lucky,” said Ahmed. “A taxi driver is here in my office. A man with a heavy box got into his taxi near the Nile Hotel.”

At what time?” asked Salahadin.

At eleven o’clock this morning,” replied Ahmed. “Do you want to speak to him?”

Certainly,” replied Salahadin. “I’ll come round to your office immediately.”

Ahmed’s office was quite near. Salahadin walked there. The sun had gone down and it was becoming cooler.

The taxi driver was waiting in Ahmed’s office. He was a fat, happy – looking man. He was also intelligent. Salahadin took out his notebook and asked the taxi driver some questions.

At what time did this man get into your taxi?” asked Salahadin.

A few minutes before eleven o’clock,” replied the taxi driver. “He got in quite near the Nile Hotel.”

Was he carrying anything?” Salahadin asked.

Yes,” replied the taxi driver, “a heavy box.”

And what did he look like?” asked Salahadin.

He was tall with broad shoulders,” replied the taxi driver. “He had fair hair. He spoke Arabic, but he was not an Arab. Perhaps, he was Swedish.”

Salahadin thought for a few moments. Then he asked the taxi driver another question.

This man spoke Arabic, did he?” asked Salahadin. “What kind of Arabic did he speak?”

What do you mean?” asked the driver.

Did he speak Arabic like an Egyptian?” asked Salahadin.

Oh, no,” said the taxi driver. “He spoke like a Lebanese.”

Where did you take this man?” said Salahadin, continuing his questions.

I took him to the railway station,” replied the driver. “He wanted to get there before twelve o’clock.”

Twelve o’clock, midday,” said Salahadin quietly. “What train leaves Cairo at twelve o’clock?”

The express train for Alexandria,” said taxi driver immediately. “I know all the trains. The express train leaves Cairo at twelve o’clock and arrives in Alexandria at half past two.”

Salahadin had been lucky. He had found out some important facts. He looked at the notes in his book.

Pearson’s murderer? X?

What does he look like?

tall and broad

fair hair

perhaps X is Swedish?

Where is X going?

went to Cairo Railway Station

before twelve o’clock

train for Alexandria

at twelve o’clock. (?)

Perhaps X is going to Alexandria.

Why Alexandria?

Alexandria – Beirut??

many ships go from Alexandria to Beirut

easy to get a heavy box on a boat –

not so easy to get a box on an aeroplane

Remember – X speaks like a Lebanese!

Perhaps X going to take a boat to Beirut?



1.Find translation to the combinations

1. with the coat off

2. an ordinary detective

3. to protect all the antiquities

4. to wait for

5. looking for

6. to leave Egypt

7. to be worried

8. to pick up the telephone

9. to be sorry

10. in surprise

11. to be murdered

  1. здивовано

  2. чекати на

  3. жалкувати

  4. без пальта

  5. захищати весь антикваріат

  6. шукати

  7. підняти телефон

  8. звичайний детектив

  9. бути вбитим

  10. залишити Єгипет

  11. бути схвильованим

2. Translate the sentences with new word – combinations from Ukrainian into English.

1. Він жалкував, що не встиг здати екзамени вчасно.


2. Ми шукаємо відповіді на запитання, які ми щойно отримали.


3. Мої друзі, мабуть, залишать Лондон, тому що там дуже часто ідуть дощі.


4. Дівчинка здивовано подивилась на свого брата, коли він грав у футбол.


5. Зазвичай вона спокійна, але сьогодні вона схвильована.


3. Tick the best answer.

1. Who was Salahadin?

a) a policeman

b) a detective

c) an archeologist

d) an architect

2. Where was his office?

a) in the centre of Washington

b) in the centre of Tunis

c) in the centre of Paris

d) in the centre of Cairo

3. For whom was Salahadin waiting?

a) for his wife

b) for a manager

c) for his client

d) for the archeologist

4. How long had Pearson been in Egypt?

a) for one year

b) for eight months

c) for six months

d) for a week

5. What happened to Mr. Pearson?

a) he was murdered

b) he killed a man

c) he broke his leg

d) his antiquities were stolen

4. Write down antonyms to the words.

to work _______________________________________________________________________________________

to leave _______________________________________________________________________________________

to protect _______________________________________________________________________________________

hot _______________________________________________________________________________________

tall _______________________________________________________________________________________

morning _______________________________________________________________________________________

5. Write down questions for the underlined words.

1. He was a young man.


2. Was it a large building?


3. He had come back to Cairo.


4. Salahadin waited for a few moments.


5. My name’s Salahadin El Nur.


6.Complete the sentences with the correct form of following verbs: to ask, to say, to reply, to speak, to tell.

1. The manager ……………Mr. Pearson was dead.

2. Salahadin ………………. he was a police inspector.

3. The manager ….. Salahadin he couldn’t ……….. to Mr. Pearson.

4. The manager ………….. him about archeologist.

7. Put the sentences into Present Tense forms.

1. Salahadin was sitting in his office.


2. Not many people knew that he was detective.


3. Inspector Salahadin protected all the antiquities.


4. Ahmed took Salahadin upstairs.


5. There were some boxes standing against the wall.


8. Turn the following sentences into Reported Speech.

1. “Can I help you?”, a voice said.


2. “I’m a police inspector,” replied Salahadin.


3. “Do you mean Mr. Pearson?” asked the manager.


4. “Mr. Pearson is dead,” replied the manager.



1.Find translation to the combinations

1. dusty wind

2. to jump into a taxi

3. to be full of smth.

4. to be allowed into

5. identity card

6. luckily

7. to take smb. Upstairs

8. to be interested in smth.

9. to point to smth.

10. something valuable

11. to look carefully round the room

12. to pick up

13. to fold the papers

14. in the wallet

15. things for digging

16. the hotel staff

17. to notice something unusual

18. to be wrong

19. with a smile

20. the missing box

    1. усміхаючись

    2. цікавитися чимось

    3. речі для розкопок

    4. коробка, котра пропала

    5. згорнути папери

    6. обережно оглянути кімнату

    7. підняти

    8. персонал готелю

    9. у папці

    10. заскочити у таксі

    11. взяти когось із собою

    12. вітер з пилом

    13. показувати на щось

    14. посвідчення

    15. бути допущеним до

    16. бути повним чогось

    17. помилятися

    18. щось важливе

    19. помічати щось незвичне

    20. на щастя

2. Tick the best answer.

1. Who was standing at the door of the hotel?

a) Ahmed

b) a policeman

c) a strange man

d) Salahadin

2. What did Salahadin show to the policeman?

a) a missing box

b) his passport

c) the letter

d) identity card

3. Ahmed was Salahadin’s…

a) brother

b) friend

c) enemy

d) father

4. What was in Pearson’s chest?

a) a medallion

b) a bunch of flowers

c) a knife

d) scissors

5. What words were on the map?

a) “Valley of Zar”

b) “House of miracles”

c) “Field of hopes”

d) “River of pain”

6. What were in the boxes?

a) spades

b) rakes

c) axes

d) knives

7. Who carried the boxes to Pearson’s room?

a) murderer

b) Pearson himself

c) porters

d) hotel stuff

8. How many boxes did Pearson and the porters carry?

a) 10 boxes

b) 7 boxes

c) 6 boxes

d) 3 boxes

3. Write down synonyms to the words.

unusual ________________________________________________________________________________________________

valuable ________________________________________________________________________________________

murderer ________________________________________________________________________________________

to make ________________________________________________________________________________________

room ________________________________________________________________________________________

to reply ________________________________________________________________________________________

4. Unjumble the letters to find the words from the story and complete the sentences.

1. MAHED ______________ was Salahadin’s acquaintance

2. SOTIGEROLACH A dead man was the Egyptian ________________________.

3. NUSUALU Salahadin hoped, the hotel staff had noticed ______________________ things.

4. SOBEX The _____________________ were standing against the wall.

5. REPORT The ___________________ asked to wait for a moment.

5. What makes you think…

1. Why Pearson was murdered


2. What were in boxes?


3. Who killed an archeologist?


6. Write down questions for the underlined words.

1. The streets were full of cars.


2. Pearson was lying on the bed.


3. He was working in the south.


4. Salahadin pointed to them.


5. We must speak to all of the hotel staff.


6. Perhaps one of them noticed something unusual.


7. Turn the following sentences into Reported Speech.

1. “I don’t know,” replied he.


2. “His name is Pearson” said Salahadin.


3. “There’s nothing important in the boxes,” said the detective.


4. “Wait a moment,” said the porter.


5. “I can count,” replied the porter.


8. Fill these word combinations in the correct form:

to prepare (1), to notice something unusual (2), to jump into a taxi (3), to be interested in (4) ,to be full of (5), things for digging (6), to decide (7).

Hello my dear friend!

I … to spend my holidays in the little cottage near the city. As you know I … in archaeology, so I’m going to take … with me. I hope, I’ll … tomorrow and go to the river. I want to dig at this place and I’m sure that I’ll … . At the moment I’m … for my journey. And my bag … spades and other things for this kind of work. Sorry, but I have to end the letter.

Your faithfully,

Ann Taylor


1. Find translation to the combinations:

  1. to go downstairs

  2. very far

  3. to send out

  4. to get into

  5. as soon as possible

  6. to put out

  7. to go on

  8. to let smb know

  9. late afternoon

  10. to come round

  11. happy – looking

  12. broad shoulders

    1. розсилати

    2. продовжувати

    3. відсилати

    4. ввечері

    5. широкі плечі

    6. заходити

    7. спускатися вниз

    8. якнайшвидше

    9. давати комусь знати

    10. сідати в таксі

    11. щасливий на вигляд

    12. дуже далеко

  1. Tick the best answer.

1. Salahadin and Ahmed sent out a police message on …

a) internet

b) TV

c) radio

d) Cairo’s newspaper

2. The police wanted … the taxi driver

a) to arrest

b) to kill

c) to catch

d) to speak to

3. … that day the weather was hot.

a) in

b) on

c) at

d) for

4. This message was repeated after …

a) 5 minutes

b) 15 minutes

c) 30 minutes

d) 45 minutes

5. The taxi driver was waiting in …

a) the taxi

b) Ahmed’s office

c) Salahadin’s office

d) Nile Hotel

6. The taxi driver was a … man

a) fat

b) thin

c) slender

d) stooping

7. The stranger had … hair.

a) black

b) chest – nut

c) red

d) fair

8. He spoke …

a) Egyptian

b) Arabic

c) Indian

d) Turkish

9. Perhaps, the strange man was …

a) Norwegian

b) Finnish

c) Swedish

d) Dutch

10. The driver took the man to the …

a) railway station

b) airport

c) docks

d) port

3. Complete the sentences with the correct form of following verbs :

to lie, to lay, to sit, to set, to rise, to raise.

1. Don’t _______________ the candle near the curtain!

2. If child want to speak in class, it must _________________ the hand.

3. She _________________ her notebook on the desk two hours ago.

4. The sun ____________________ now.

5. I’m so tired! I need _______________________ in bed for a few minutes.

4. Turn the sentences into Passive Voice.

1. You send out a police message on Radio Cairo.


2. The murderer didn’t carry the box very far.


3. A taxi driver will remember a man with heavy box.


4. Salahadin turned on the radio.


5. Police is searching for a taxi driver.


5. Write the short forms.

that is – __________________________;

who is – __________________________;

you would – __________________________;

must not – __________________________;

can not – __________________________;

would not – __________________________;

you will – __________________________;

were not – __________________________;

will not – __________________________;

am not – __________________________;

6. Put to, for, at, on, or nothing.

1. Salahadin is going _____________Ahmed’s office.

2. Salahadin entered ______________ the room.

3. Salahadin is going ______________ work.

4. The police found out a taxi driver __________ luck.

5. The man with fair hair was ________________the railway station.

6. The message about taxi driver was __________the radio.

7. Fill in : what, who, whose, how long, how often.

1. _______________ does she look like? – Kind and clever.

2. _______________ is going to take a boat to Paris? – I am.

3. _______________ wallet is this? – It’s Salahadin’s.

4. _______________ have you lived in Egypt? – During one year.

5. _______________do you visit you dad? – About twice a week.

8. Guess the meaning.

1. Piece of news, or a request, sent to smb.

2. That part of the body of a human is being or animal where an arm or foreleg is joined to the trunk.

3. A person, who is having good fortune.

4. Having weight; difficult to lift, carry or move.

5. Having nothing inside; containing nothing.

6. Go farther, go on.


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