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The black cat. English reading. ІV ч.


Chapter 9

Beirut to Athens

Salahadin and Fuad got back home before ten o’clock. Leila was pleased to see them. She started to make some food, but Salahadin was in a hurry.

Can you phone Beirut airport?” he asked Fuad. “Find out the time of the first plane to Athens. I want to get there as soon as possible.”

Fuad phoned the airport. Leila brought in some coffee and they sat down. Salahadin told her about Borkman’s death. He spoke about the Black Cat.

But what is the Black Cat?” asked Leila.

Salahadin told her about the pharaon Ankuten and about the tomb in the Valley of Zar.

I know now that Pearson found the tomb,” said Salahadin. “He found the cat in the tomb and brought it to Cairo. Pearson told Borkman about the cat.

But Borkman was a member of the Ba’albek Gang. Pearson didn’t know that. Borkman murdered Pearson and took the cat.”

And where is the cat now?” asked Leila.

Borkman had a plan,” replied Salahadin. “He was not taking the cat to Beirut. He gave the cat to another man on the docks at Alexandria. This other man is called Peterson. Peterson has taken the Black Cat with him to Athens.”

While Salahadin was talking, he was making some notes in his book. This is what he wrote.

1. Pearson

- found Black Cat

- took it to Cairo

- told Borkman

- Pearson murdered by Borkman

2. Borkman

- took Black Cat to Alexandria

- gave it to Peterson

- came to Beirut

- killed on road to Ba’albek

3. The Red Hand Gang

- heard about Cat

- tried to stop Borkman

- killed on road to Ba’albek

4. Jusef

- in café at Ba’albek

- ? leader of Gang

5. Peterson

- has Black Cat

- is on boat to Athens

- boat is called “The Syria”

Fuad came back from the telephone.

There’s a plane in four hours’ time,” he said. “It leaves Beirut at one o’clock in the morning and arrives in Athens at five.”

How long does the boat take from Alexandria to Athens?” asked Salahadin.

Almost two days,” replied Leila. “I once went by boat on a holiday to Athens.”

The Syria” left Alexandria on Monday evening,” said Salahadin. “It’s Tuesday today. It won’t arrive in Athens until tomorrow. I’ll be in Athens before the boat.”

We must leave soon,” said Fuad. “It’s a long way to the airport.”

Salahadin said goodbye to Leila and drove off with Fuad. They arrived at the airport just after midnight. It was already Wednesday. But Salahadin was only a few hours away from Athens by air.

Salahadin thanked Fuad.

Take care,” said Fuad. “Six people have already died because of this Black Cat. Send us a telegramme from Athens.”

I’ll send you a telegramme from Athens tomorrow,” said Salahadin. Then he smiled. “I mean today. It’s Wednesday already. You go to the police in the morning. Tell them about Jusef’s café.”

Salahadin said goodbye to Fuad and went to catch the plane for Athens.

Chapter 10

Salahadin finds Peterson

Salahadin’s plane flew over Athens early in the morning.

From the aeroplane he looked down on the ruins of Acropolis. They looked wonderful in the early morning sunlight. But Salahadin was not a tourist. He was a detective and he had to find Peterson.

Salahadin took a taxi from the airport Piraeus, the seaport of Athens. He got out of the taxi at Piraeus and went to an at the dock gate.

What time does “The Syria” arrive from Alexandria?” he asked.

At midday,” was the reply. “And it leaves again for Venice at four o’clock.”

It was only six o’clock in the morning. Salahadin had a long time to wait. But Piraeus is full of small cafés and restaurants. Salahadin passed the time drinking coffee and sleeping.

At eleven o’clock Salahadin walked back to the docks. He tried to walk through the gate, but a policeman stopped him.

You can’t go through the gate without a ticket,” said the policeman.

Salahadin had an idea. The man in the office had said that “The Syria” was going to Venice. Salahadin went back to the office and bought a first class ticket to Venice.

When he got back into the docks, “The Syria” had not yet arrived. Salahadin sat down on a box and waited.

Peterson is not an Egyptian name,” thought Salahadin. “It’s another Swedish name, like Borkman. Perhaps Peterson is Swedish also. I’ll look for a man with fair hair. He’ll be carrying a box.”

The Syria” was half an hour late. It arrived in the docks at half past twelve. Salahadin watched the people getting off the boat. They were all Egyptian. There were some man with their wives and children, and many students. There was no one who looked Swedish.

At that moment, someone appeared on the top deck of “The Syria”. He was a tall man with fair hair.

That’s Peterson, thought Salahadin. So he’s decided to stay on the boat.

Perhaps he’s going to Venice. I’ll get on the boat and go to Venice too.

But Salahadin was careful. Perhaps it was a trick and Peterson was going to get off the boat at the last moment. Salahadin waited, but no one else got off. At five o’clock Salahadin go on the boat. The gangway was taken down and “The Syria” was ready to leave.

Salahadin went to the ticket office on the boat and showed his ticket to the officer.

I’ve just got on the boat,” said Salahadin. “Can I have a cabin, please?”

You’re traveling first class, sir,” the officer said. “You can go into cabin 22. It’s just under the top deck.”

The officer turned to get the key for cabin 22.

Wait a moment, sir,” said officer. “I’m sorry. I’ve made a mistake. Cabin 22 isn’t empty. Mr. Peterson’s in cabin 22. He’s decided to go on to Venice. But cabin 23 is empty. You can go there.”

Salahadin took the key from the officer, went to cabin 23 and sat down. He had found Peterson.

Chapter 11

In Peterson’s cabin

Ten minutes later there was a knock at the door of Salahadin’s cabin. It was the steward.

Do you want to eat in the dinning – room or in your cabin, sir?” asked the steward.

Where do people usually eat?” asked Salahadin.

In the dinning – room,” replied the steward. “But you can have your dinner in your cabin, if you want.”

That’s an idea,” said Salahadin. “I’ll eat here.”

I’ll bring you dinner at eight o’clock then,” said the steward and walked down the corridor.

Salahadin watched the steward carefully. The steward walked to a small room under the stairs.

Salahadin took out his notebook and drew a plan of the corridor and the cabins. Here is the plan:


After a few moments, the steward came out of his room and walked down the corridor.

Salahadin waited for five minutes. Everything was quiet in the corridor. Salahadin left his cabin and walked quietly to the steward’s room under the stairs.

The steward had not locked the door. Salahadin opened it carefully and looked in. The room was small, with brushes and cleaning things in it. There were some hooks on the wall. A key hung from every hook and there was a number above each one.

Salahadin took the key of cabin 22 and went to the door. Suddenly he heard a noise. Peterson had come back. He was standing at the door of his cabin. Salahadin waited in the steward’s room. Peterson went into his cabin and closed the door.

Salahadin quietly went back to his own cabin, sat down and listened. There was the noise of music. Peterson had turned on the radio. Then there was the noise of running water. Peterson was having a shower.

Salahadin had a shower, too, got dressed and waited. A few minutes later there was a knock at his door. The steward had brought Salahadin’s dinner. At the same time, Peterson came out of his cabin. He locked the door and walked down the corridor. Peterson was going to the dinning room.

The steward went away and Salahadin was left alone. He looked out into the corridor. Everything was quiet. Salahadin left his cabin and crossed the corridor. He put the key in the lock of cabin 22 and quietly opened the door. Then he went into the cabin and shut the door carefully behind him.

Salahadin looked round the cabin. There was a case on top of the cupboard and some clothes on the bed. But he did not see a box. He looked inside the shower – room. It was empty.

The Black Cat must be here, thought Salahadin. Where has he hidden it?

Then he had an idea. The shower – room was very high. Salahadin looked up. There was a box placed above the shower.

Salahadin lifted the box down on the bed and started to open it. But something had gone wrong. There was a noise and the door of cabin 22 suddenly opened. There was a man in the doorway. It was Peterson and he had a gun in his hand. The gun was pointing at Salahadin.

Chapter 12

Peterson’s death

Don’t move,” said Peterson.

Peterson came into the cabin and shut the door. Salahadin stood still in front of the bed.

Who are you?” asked Peterson. “And what are you doing in my cabin?”

Salahadin thought quickly. He had to say something.

Borkman sent me,” he said. “I have a message for you.”

You’re telling lies,” said Peterson. “There’s something on the bed. Stand back.”

Salahadin moved back and Peterson saw the open box.

So, you’ve found the Black Cat,” said Peterson. “You’re a member of the Red Hand Gang.”

Peterson opened the door and looked out into the corridor. It was empty.

Put your hands behind your back and come out of the cabin,” said Peterson. “Then walk slowly up the stairs to the top deck.”

Salahadin came out of the cabin and Peterson followed him. Salahadin walked up the stairs.

When they reached the top deck, Peterson spoke again.

Walk over to the rail.”

There was a rail round the side of the ship. Over the rail was the sea. “The Syria” had now passed through the Corinth Canal and the ship was rolling from side to side.

Salahadin walked slowly forward towards the funnel.

Stop,” said Peterson. “Turn round.”

Salahadin turned and looked at Peterson.

Now, tell me the truth,” said Peterson. “Who are you?”

Salahadin decided to tell some truth and some lies.

Borkman’s dead,” said Salahadin. “And Jusef is caught. The Ba’albek Gang is finished. The police are waiting for you at Venice.”

I don’t believe you,” said Peterson. “How do you know this? Who are you?”

I’m an inspector in Egyptian police,” replied Salahadin. “I’ve followed you from Beirut. The Italian police are waiting for you at Venice.”

You’re telling lies again,” said Peterson. “Why didn’t you bring the police onto the boat at Athens?”

Salahadin did not reply and Peterson started to laugh.

You didn’t tell anyone at Athens,” he said. “There’s no one waiting for this boat at Venice. Now I’m going to shoot you. I’ll throw your body into the sea and no one will ever know.”

Suddenly Peterson lifted his gun. At the some moment a large wave shook the side of the ship. Peterson was thrown against the rail and the gun fell onto the deck. For a second, both men looked at the gun, then at each other. The wind pressed hard against them. Neither of them moved forward.

Peterson was the first to move. He tried to pick up the gun and Salahadin ran straight at him. He held Peterson round the neck and pushed him over the rail. Peterson fell backwards over the rail and disappeared into the angry sea below. There was a scream. Then there was silence.

Salahadin walked slowly away from the rail and sat down on the deck. No one came. Everyone was busy eating dinner. No one had heard the noise.


1. Find translation to the combinations

  1. to look down

  2. a morning sunlight

  3. to pass the time

  4. to get off the boat

  5. to look Swedish

  6. on the top deck

  7. to be careful

  8. a trick

  9. the key for cabin

  10. to make a mistake

    1. дивитися вниз

    2. бути обережним

    3. помилятися

    4. обман

    5. на верхній палубі

    6. вранішнє сонячне світло

    7. виходити з корабля

    8. ключ від каюти

    9. проводити час

    10. бути схожим на шведа

2. Tick the best answer.

1. Salahadin had…

a) to pass the time drinking coffee in café’s

b) to buy a first class ticket to Venice

c) to find a man with fair hair

d) to send a telegram to Fuad

2. A detective took a taxi from…

a) the airport

b) the restaurant

c) the docks

d) the ticket office

3. “The Syria” arrives from Alexandria …

a) in the morning

b) at midday

c) in the afternoon

d) at midnight

4. Piraeus is … of Athens.

a) the capital

b) the culture centre

c) the economic centre

d) the seaport

5. When Salahadin tried to walk through the gate, he was stopped by …

a) the captain of “The Syria”

b) the policeman

c) Peterson

d) the bandit of the Red Hand Gang

6. The people getting of the boat were all …

a) Swedish

b) Turkish

c) Arabian

d) Egyptian

7. Peterson appeared … when Salahadin recognized him.

a) on the top deck

b) at the docks

c) at the pier

d) in the cabin 22

8. “The Syria” was going to…

a) Venice

b) Milan

c) Rome

d) Florence

9. Salahadin got on the boat …

a) at 1 o’clock

b) at 4 o’clock

c) at 5 o’clock

d) at 11 o’clock

10. Peterson’s in cabin …

a) twenty one

b) twenty two

c) thirty four

d) seventy nine

3. Complete the second line of these dialogues.


- What did the policeman ordered Salahadin?

- He ordered him ______________________


-Tell me about Piraeus!

-Piraeus is known _____________________


-What was a detective doing when a policeman stopped him?

- He ________________________________


-What did Salahadin think?

-He thought, Peterson __________________


-How was Salahadin passing the time?

-He _________________________________

4. Fill empty columns









5. Underline the correct item.

1. The people got off the boat except/besides Peterson.

2. Except/besides drinking coffee Salahadin passed the time sleeping.

3. What other boats except/besides “The Syria” go to Venice?

4. They were tourists except/ besides Salahadin.

5. All the cabins were full except/besides 22.

6. Put the correct prepositions.

1. He took the key _________ cabin 22.

2. The officer gave Salahadin the key ____________ cabin.

3. He was looking ____________ Peterson.

4. Salahadin stared ___________the boat.

5. The detective was tired _____________his work.

7. Open the brackets using the correct form of the verbs.

1. “The Syria” (to leave)_______________________ at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

2. I think, Salahadin (to go) ____________________ to get on the boat.

3. Detective is tired, because he (to work) ________________________all month.

4. He (to stand) __________________at the docks, when “The Syria” (to arrive)_____________________________.

5. Salahadin (to wait)______________________________ the boat since this morning.

8. Guess the meaning.

1. A married woman. _______________________________

2. Any of the floors of a ship. _______________________________

3. Make a journey or journeys. _______________________________

4. A person, who studies at a college or a university. _______________________________

5. Put an end to the movement or progress of a person, thing or activity. _______________________________


1. Find translation to the combinations

  1. a knock at the door

  2. a steward

  3. to lock the door

  4. brushes and cleaning things

  5. a hook

  6. noise of running water

  7. to have a shower

  8. to put the key in the lock

  9. to lift the box

  10. to point at smb.

    1. піднімати коробку

    2. приймати душ

    3. стук у двері

    4. націлюватися на когось

    5. всунути ключ в замок

    6. зачиняти двері

    7. гачок

    8. щітки та речі для прибирання

    9. стюард

    10. шум води, яка тече

2. Tick the best answer.

1. Salahadin wanted to eat in …

a) the dinning – room

b) his cabin

c) Peterson’s cabin

d) the corridor

2. The steward’s room was …

a) near the dinning – room

b) behind cabin 23

c) in the end of the corridor

d) under the stairs

3. The detective saw … in the steward’s room.

a) cleaning things

b) a large box

c) Peterson

d) the Black Cat

4. Salahadin took … from steward’s room.

a) brushes

b) clothes

c) the key

d) the mop

5. Peterson came into his cabin and …

a) phoned somebody

b) took a gun

c) called steward

d) had a shower

6. Peterson came out of the cabin when …

a) Salahadin was in the steward’s room

b) Salahadin was having a shower

c) Salahadin was having his dinner

d) Salahadin was in the dinning – room

7. The box was …

a) put under the bed

b) hidden on the shelf

c) placed above the shower

d) hung above the door

8. The man in the doorway was …

a) Peterson

b) Fuad

c) Jusef

d) a steward

9. This man had … in his hand.

a) the Black cat

b) a knife

c) a gun

d) a string

3. Choose the correct meaning of the words.

1. Steward _______________.

a) attends to the needs of passengers on a ship

b) is a chief commander of a ship

c) is a seaman

2. Cabin _________________.

a) is a floor of a ship

b) is an upright support for a ship’s sails

c) is a room in a ship

3. Plan __________________.

a) is an outline drawing showing the relative sizes of the parts

b) is a quickly made drawing

c) is a small painting

4. Corridor _______________.

a) is a large room for meetings

b) is a long passage from which doors open into the rooms

c) is the lowest part of building wholly below ground level

5. Brush _________________.

a) is a bundle of coarse strings fastened to a long handle for cleaning floors

b) is a long – handled implement for sweeping floors

c) implement of bristles, hair, wire fastened in wood bone or other material for scrubbing or cleaning

4. Translate the sentences.

1. Suddenly he heard a knock at the door.


2. What a noise! Nick is knocking nails into the wall.


3. May I take this brush for cleaning my flat?


4. Two years ago he stole a large sum of money. So he had a brush with the police.


5. I think, you’ve got the wrong number.


6. He is numbered among the best sculptors of our country.


7. Michael was seen at this place.


8. In the first place, I’d like to discuss this problem.


9. There was a collar round her neck.


10. All the year round we have to clean the grounds of the park.


5. Turn the following sentences into the Reported Speech.

1. “That’s an idea,” said Salahadin.


2. “I’ll bring you dinner,” said the steward.


3. “Do you want to eat in the dinning – room?” asked the steward.


4. “Where do people usually eat?” asked Salahadin.


5. “You can have your dinner in your cabin,” informed the steward.


6. Odd one out.

1. steward/ sailor/ docker/ surgeon

2. brush/ mop/ hook/ broom

3. silence/ yelp/ scream/ noise

4. gun/ pistol/ shooter/ bow

5. food/ meal/ dinner/ foot

7. Guess the meaning.

1. Apparatus for receiving sound broadcast or other programs. _______________________________________

2. Metal instrument for moving the bolt of a lock. _______________________________________

3. Coverings for a person’s body. _______________________________________

4. Series of fixed steps leading from one floor of a building to another. _______________________________________

5. Set of shelves with doors used for dishes, provisions, clothes. _______________________________________


1. Find translation to the combinations:

  1. to tell lies

  2. to walk over the rail

  3. to roll from side to side

  4. the funnel

  5. to shoot

  6. to be thrown against the rail

  7. to be the first to move

  8. a scream

  9. to be busy doing smth.

    1. поворухнутися першим

    2. крик

    3. бути занятим, роблячи


    1. говорити неправду

    2. застрелити

    3. обійти перила

    4. труба

    5. гойдатися зі сторони

в сторону

    1. бути викинутим за перила

2. Tick the best answer.

1. Salahadin said, he was sent by …

a) Borkman

b) Jusef

c) the steward

d) Pearson

2. The detective found … in Peterson’s cabin.

a) a gun

b) the dead steward

c) gold

d) antiquity

3. Peterson thought, Salahadin was …

a) a detective

b) a policeman

c) a member of a gang

d) a killer

4. Peterson ordered the detective …

a) to buy the Black Cat

b) to leave the boat

c) to walk up the stairs to the top deck

d) to go to Jusef’s café

5. Salahadin lied, the Ba’albeck Gang …

a) was finished

b) was in prison

c) was killed

d) was caught

6. Peterson was going …

a) to blow up the boat

b) to go to Venice

c) to shoot the detective

d) to kill everyone on the boat

7. When Peterson lifted his gun …

a) Salahadin began to scream

b) the wave shook the side of the ship

c) he saw policeman on the boat

d) Salahadin beat him

8. In a few minutes the detective …

a) tried to pick up the gun

b) was thrown against the rail

c) disappeared in the angry sea

d) pushed Peterson over the rail

3. Write down antonyms to the words.

1. to come into ___________

2. something ___________

3. to stop ___________

4. the truth ___________

5. to finish ___________

6. police ______ _____

7. to laugh____________

8. busy ____________

9. to disappear_________

10. to pick up

4. Underline the correct item.

1. Salahadin decided (to tell, telling) the truth.

2. Peterson attempted (to kill, killing) the detective.

3. He went on (to tell, telling) lies.

4. Inspector decided not (to run, running).

5. He was afraid of (to be killed, being killed).

6. It was difficult (to shoot, shooting) the detective.

7. He is clever enough (to solve, solving) this problem.

8. Peterson saw Salahadin (to open, open)

9. He was thinking of (to go, going) to Venice.

10. The man hoped (to receive, receiving) the antiquity.

5. Match the words to make phrases.

  1. ship

  2. hand

  3. police

  4. sea

  5. hard

  1. lion

  2. working

  3. canal

  4. cream

  5. department

6. Change from Indirect to Direct Speech.

1. Dave reminded me not to tell him the truth.


2. They threatened to shoot this man if he didn’t find money.


3. The steward ordered us not to scream on the boat.


4. He denied that he had seen the missing box.


5. Peterson wondered who Salahadin was.


7. Write down special questions to the sentences.

1. Everyone was busy eating dinner.


2. He held Peterson round the neck and pushed him over the rail.


3. The Italian police are waiting for you at Venice.


4. He had to say something.


5. When they reached the top deck, Peterson spoke again.


8. Guess the meaning.

1. Go out of sight; be seen no more. ________________________________

2. Filled with anger. ________________________________

3. Having much to do. ________________________________

4. General name for any kind of firearm that send shells or bullets from a metal tube. _________________________

5. Long ridge of water on the sea. ________________________________

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The black  cat. English reading. Книга для читання. 10-12  частини

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Даний посібник складається з двох частин: з текстової частини та лексико-граматичних  післятекстових завдань, які розроблені на основі художнього тексту " Чорний кіт". 

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