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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / The black cat. English reading. V ч.
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  • Иностранные языки

The black cat. English reading. V ч.


Chapter 13

The Black Cat is in Salahadin’s hands

The corridor outside cabin 22 was still empty. Everything was silent. Salahadin went into the cabin and picked up the box carefully. Then he carried it across the corridor to his own cabin.

He went back across the corridor once more. In every cabin there was a notice with the words “Do Not Disturb” written on it in large letters. Salahadin took this notice and hung it on the door of cabin 22.

Do Not Disturb

The steward will see this on the door, thought Salahadin to himself. He’ll think that Peterson is sick. No one will go into cabin 22 until Venice.

He locked the door of cabin 22 and put the key on its hook in the steward’s room. Then Salahadin went back to his own cabin. The food was still on the table, but he was not hungry. He threw it out of the window.

Salahadin looked at his watch. He was surprised. It was only a quarter to nine. A lot had happened in a short time.

After a few minutes there was a knock at the door. It was the steward.

I hope that you enjoyed your dinner, sir,” he said to Salahadin.

Thank you,” replied Salahadin. “I enjoyed it very much.”

Mr. Peterson’s put the “Do Not Disturb” notice on his door,” said the steward. “Perhaps he’s sick. I’ll not disturb him until Venice.”

Yes,” said Salahadin. “I met him half an hour ago. He said that he felt sick. He’ll not want anything until tomorrow.”

When do you want breakfast, sir?” asked the steward.

I feel tired,” replied Salahadin. “Don’t wake me in the morning. When I want breakfast, I’ll call you.

Goodnight then,” said the steward.

Salahadin said goodnight and locked his door. He had not slept on a bed for many hours and was very tired. He undressed and got into the bed. At first, the movement of the boat kept him awake, but he was soon asleep and slept deeply all night,

When Salahadin woke up the next morning, the bright sun was shining into his cabin. He looked at his watch. It was nearly eleven o’clock. He rang the bell for the steward.

When do we arrive in Venice?” asked Salahadin.

We’re early today,” replied the steward. “We’ll be there in two hours. But you don’t need to get off the boat immediately. You can have lunch first.”

No, thank you,” said Salahadin. “I want to get off the boat as soon as possible. What about Mr. Peterson? Is he better?”

He still has the notice on his door,” replied the steward. “I’ll not disturb him until after lunch.”

That’s a good idea,” said Salahadin. “Now, can you bring me some coffee, please?”

Salahadin drank his coffee slowly and got dressed. He heard a lot of noise. The ship was arriving at Venice.

Salahadin looked out into the corridor. It was empty. The steward had gone to the dinning – room. Salahadin picked up the heavy box and left the cabin.

From the side of the boat, Salahadin saw the tall buildings of Venice. They were passing in front of St. Mark’s Cathedral. They were now near the docks.

After half an hour, the boat was beside the dock. Salahadin left “The Syria” while the other passengers were having lunch.

What is in that box?” asked a policeman.

Some books,” replied Salahadin. He did not want any trouble.

The policeman did not ask Salahadin to open the box. In a few minutes Salahadin was in a water taxi on his way to the railway station.

Safe at last, thought Salahadin. When they open cabin 22, they’ll find it empty. They’ll be very surprised.

Salahadin took the first train to Rome. The next morning he was on a plane for Cairo. The plane was late and he did not arrive after ten o’clock in the morning.

The sun was high in the sky and it was getting hotter and hotter. Salahadin felt better. He preferred the heat of Cairo to the cold deck of “The Syria”.

He took a taxi to his flat. There was a surprise waiting for him. Leila and Fuad were there. Fuad explained. “We arrived this morning from Beirut,” he said. “We were worried about you. You didn’t send a telegram. We thought that something had happened.”

Of course, the telegram!” said Salahadin. “I forgot to send you the telegram. I’m really sorry.”

We phoned the police here in Cairo,” said Fuad. “No one knew anything about you. We were very worried.”

It’s my fault,” said Salahadin.

He told them what had happened. They were happy that he was safe back in Cairo.

And this is the box,” said Leila. “The Black Cat is in this box. Let’s open it!”

Salahadin opened the box and lifted out the Black Cat.

It doesn’t look very valuable,” said Leila. “I don’t like it at all.”

We don’t know its value,” said Salahadin. “We’ll take it to the Cairo Museum tomorrow.”

Then you can have a holiday,” said Leila. “You need a rest. Perhaps you’ll show us round Cairo.”

That won’t be a rest,” replied Salahadin. “But it’s a good idea.”

I’m going to make coffee,” said Leila. “Do you both want some?’

Yes, please,” replied Salahadin. “I want some coffee and I want your story, Fuad. What happened at Ba’albeck?”

And Fuad told his story.

Chapter 14

The end of the Ba’albeck Gang

I went to the Beirut police,” Fuad said, “and told them about Borkman’s death. They asked a lot of questions.”

Police always ask a lot of questions,” said Salahadin.

I told them about Peterson,” continued Fuad. “And I said that you had gone to Athens.”

Did they believe you?”

Not at first,” replied Fuad. “Then I told them about the Black Cat. I gave them Borkman’s message. I told them about the café in Ba’albeck and about Jusef. Then they believed me.”

And what happened next?” asked Salahadin.

The police asked me to help them,” replied Fuad. “It wasn’t possible for a policeman to go into Jusef’s café. The people there knew all the policemen. Jusef was a clever man. The police had to trick him and they asked me to go to Ba’albeck. They wanted me to go into the café and give Jusef the message from Borkman. I went to Ba’albeck in the evening,” continued Fuad. “I found Jusef’s café. It was near the ruins of the old city. I sat down and asked for coffee. Then I asked for Jusef. I told Jusef about Borkman’s death. The police were waiting outside,” Fuad continued. “They were hiding in a car. I told Jusef about the Black Cat and he thanked me. Then he hurried out of the café.”

And the police saw him?” asked Salahadin.

Yes,” replied Fuad. “They watched him carefully.”

Where did Jusef go?”

He got into a car,” replied Fuad, “and drove to a farm in the mountains. The police followed him. Then they hid in the hills round the farm and waited.”

How many men were at the farm?” Salahadin asked.

The police didn’t know”, replied Fuad. “They waited for more police. Then they shouted to the men at the farm and told them to come out.”

Didn’t the men at the farm shoot at the police?”

No, they didn’t,” replied Fuad. “There were only three of them at the farm. Borkman was dead and Peterson was on “The Syria”. The three man came out without shooting. The police took them away. They’re now in prison.”

Did they catch the leader of the gang?” asked Salahadin.

Jusef was the leader of the gang,” replied Fuad. “He’s now in prison with the others.”

Jusef’s in prison,” said Salahadin. “Borkman is dead and so is Peterson. That’s the end of the Ba’albeck Gang.”

And three of the Red Hand Gang were killed in the black car,” said Leila.

That’s true,” said Salahadin. “We’ll have no more trouble for some time.”

Chapter 15

The value of the Black Cat

The next morning Salahadin went with Leila and Fuad to the Cairo Museum. They took the Black Cat with them. They met a friend called Faisal who worked in the museum.

Salahadin gave the Black Cat to Faisal and told him the story.

It looks old,” said Faisal, “and perhaps it’s valuable. But I must say I don’t know about the gold and diamonds. I’ll have to look at it carefully.”

Salahadin, Leila and Fuad went and had some coffee. They came back to the museum about two hours later.

Well, what’s the answer?” asked Fuad.

It’s very old,” replied Faisal. “But it’s not made of gold and there are no diamonds. The eyes and collar are made of stone. The cat is made of a heavy kind of wood.”

So, it’s not valuable,” said Leila. “Seven men have died for a piece of wood.”

No, you’re wrong,” said Faisal. “It’s very, very valuable. It’s more that two thousand years old. The gold and diamonds aren’t important.”

Perhaps, there really was a gold cat,” said Salahadin. “Perhaps, tomb robbers stole the real cat thousand of years ago. Then they put this wooden cat into the tomb.”

We’ll never know,” said Fuad. “But we’re lucky to have this one.”

Yes. We’re lucky,” said Faisal. “Can we have it for our museum.”

Of course, you can,” replied Salahadin. “This is the right place for it.”

Come back in November,” said Faisal. “Then you’ll see the Black Cat in its right place.”

And we’ll come back to,” said Leila. “Fuad’s been working too hard. He needs a real holiday. We’ll come back to Cairo for two weeks in November.”

That’s a good idea,” said Faisal. “I’ll see you all then.”

Six months later, Salahadin was sitting in his office. Summer was over and the weather was getting cold. The telephone rang.

You remember your promise, don’t you?” asked Faisal.

My promise?”

To come to museum,” continued Faisal. “The new room is going to be opened tomorrow at ten o’clock.”

Oh, of course,” said Salahadin. “I’ll be there.”

The next morning, there was a crowd of people in the museum. Faisal met Salahadin and took him to the new room. There was a large notice outside the door:

The treasures of Ankuten

Archeologists had found the tomb of Ankuten. Pearson’s map had helped them. They had brought many things from the tomb to Cairo. They were all in this room.

Ahmed was standing in the middle of the room. He was talking to Fuad and Leila. The taxi driver who had taken Borkman to Cairo station was there also. Salahadin went over to say hello.

Do you see what’s behind me?” asked Ahmed.

There, in the center of the room was a large glass case. The Black Cat was inside. Underneath, there was a notice:

The Black Cat of Ankuten

given by Salahadin El Nur


1. Find translation to the combinations

1.to be hungry

2.to throw something out of the window

3.to enjoy

4.to disturb

5.to feel tired

6.to undress

7.to sleep deeply all night

8.at lost

9.a fault

10.to look very valuable

a) відчувати втому

b) роздягатися

c) помилка

d) нарешті

e) міцно спати цілу ніч

f) бути голодним

g) подобатися, отримувати насолоду

h) виглядати дуже цінним

i) викинути щось з вікна

j) турбувати

2. Tick the best answer.

1. Salahadin entered the cabin and…

a) saw Peterson with the gun in his hands

b) heard a terrible scream

c) picked up the box

d) threw the box out of the window

2. The detective hung the notice on the door of…

a) the Steward’s room

b) Peterson’s cabin

c) his cabin

d) the captain’s room

3. The time on Salahadin’s watch was…

a) 6.45

b) 7.45

c) 8.45

d) 9.45

4. When the steward came to the detective, he asked about…

a) Peterson’s illness

b) the food

c) the history of Egypt

d) his work

5. Salahadin … all night.

a) was thinking about Peterson’s death

b) was talking to the steward

c) was reading about Venice

d) was sleeping

6. The tall buildings of Venice were passing in front of…

a) St. Mark’s Cathedral

b) St. Paul’s Cathedral

c) St. Sophia Cathedral

d) St. Maria Cathedral

7. In a few minutes Salahadin was going to…

a) St. Mark’s Cathedral

b) the railway station

c) the main Venice library

d) the airport

8. Salahadin took the train to…

a) Rome

b) Athens

c) Cairo

d) Milan

9. The detective saw… in his flat.

a) the police inspector

b) Jusef and his gang

c) Fuad and his wife

d) Ahmed

10. The Black Cat looked…

a) very valuable

b) not very valuable

c) expensive

d) luxurious

3. Translate the word – combinations. Make sentences with them.

1. outside the cabin - ____________________. ______________________________________________________

2. across the corridor – ____________________. ______________________________________________________

3. into the room – ____________________. ______________________________________________________

4. to keep smb. awake ____________________. ______________________________________________________

5. a water taxi – ____________________. ______________________________________________________

4. Find mistakes in the sentences.

1. In every cabin there is notices with the word “Do not disturb”.

2. All you need is to put the key at the hook.

3. Have your hear the knock in the door?

4. It is near 12 o’clock.

5. He was the first leave the boat.

5. Write questions to the underlined words.

1. The corridor was empty.


2. He went back across the corridor.


3. Salahadin took this notice and hung it on the door.


4. Then he went back to his cabin.


5. Salahadin looked at his watch.


6. He thanked the steward.


7. I met him half an hour ago.


8. The bright sun is shining.


9. You can have lunch first.


10. That’s good idea.


6. Make compound adjectives to describe the following:

MODEL: A detective who works hard. – A hard-working detective.

  1. Food that is prepared badly - ______________________.

  2. Antiquity that looks valuable - ______________________.

  3. A cruise that takes two weeks - ______________________.

  4. A boat with 24 cabins – ______________________.

7. Open the brackets:

1. Salahadin (to work) _______________________________________in Cairo this week.

2. He (to see) _____________________________________________ Fuad today.

3. The detective (to enter) ___________ the cabin, (to lock)___________the door and (to open)____________ the box.

4. Yesterday he (to sleep)_________________ deeply while the steward (to clean)___________________ the corridor.

5. He just (to kill)________________________ this man.

8. Fill in the blanks with the correct question tags.

1. Everything was silent , _____________?

2. I enjoyed it very much, _____________?

3. I’ll not disturb him, _____________?

4. We’re early today, _____________?

5. He isn’t better, _____________?


    1. Find translation to the combinations.

1. to continue

2. to hurry out of the café.

3. to trick

4. to shout to smb.

a) поспішити з кафе

b) продовжувати

c) закричати до когось

d) жартувати

2. Tick the best answer.

1.When Fuad came to the Beirut police, he told them about…

a) Salahadin’s troubles

b) Peterson’s murder

c) Borkman’s death

d) the end of the Ba’albek gang.

2. The police asked Fuad…

a) to go away

b) not to lie

c) to help them

d) to leave Beirut

3. The policemen couldn’t go into Jusef’s café, because…

a) the visitors of the café knew all the policemen

b) they were afraid of Jusef

c) they weren’t allowed to go to the café

d) they hadn’t enough money

4. Fuad had to…

a) arrest Jusef

b) give Jusef the message from Borkman

c) steal Jusef’s money

d) to redeem the café

5. The café was near…

a) Salahadin’s office

b) the road to Ba’albek

c) the police station

d) the ruins of the old city

6. Fuad was talking to Jusef while the police were…

a) waiting outside

b) going to the café

c) searching for the Ba’albek gang

d) fighting with the Ba’albek gang

7. After the conversation with Fuad, Jusef…

a) left the cafe

b) killed him

c) wanted to tell everything to the police

d) gave Fuad some money

8. Then Jusef drove to…

a) the airport

b) the farm

c) the factory

d) the bank

9. … was the leader of the Red Hand gang.

a) Jusef

b) Peterson

c) Salahadin

d) Fuad

10. The police took the Ba’albek gang to…

a) the cafe

b) the railway station

c) the prison

d) Salahadin’s office

3. Complete the sentences by adding reflexive pronounce.

1. MODEL: I’ll do it… - I’ll do it myself.

2. Fuad will solve this problem. ________________________________________.

3. I’ve found the Ba’albek gang. ________________________________________.

4. Leila is making coffee for her guests ____________________________________.

5. They killed Pearson ________________________________________.

6. We can catch the bandits ________________________________________.

4. Translate the sentences from English into Ukrainian:.

1. The man listening to Fuad’s story is the policeman. _______________________________________

2. The police had to make sure that he was the leader of the gang. _______________________________________

3. Fuad welcomed Salahadin with open arms. _______________________________________

4. I find it astonishing that the gang is in prison. _______________________________________

5. He killed Peterson for a reason. _______________________________________

5. Rewrite the sentences using “to be able”.

1. MODEL : They can hurt you. – They are able to hurt you.

2. I can go to Beirut police. – ____________________________________________________________

3. They can ask a lot of questions. – ____________________________________________________________

4. He could gave them Borkman’s message. – __________________________________________________________

5. The police can wait outside. – ____________________________________________________________

6. Jusef could get into a car. – ____________________________________________________________

6. Open the brackets.

1. I’m sure I (to meet) ____________________________________________________________ this man somewhere.

2. The Red Hand Gang was very much (to talk)________________________________________ about.

3. The police is clever enough (to catch)______________________________________________ the bandits.

4. Fuad liked (to drink) coffee and (to sit)_____________________________________________ down.

5. They thanked Fuad for (to help)___________________________________________________ them.

7. Turn the following sentences into Reported Speech:

1. “I went to the police,” said Fuad. _____________________________________________________.

2. “Jusef is in prison,” said Salahadin. _____________________________________________________.

3. “That is the end of the Ba’albek Gang,” said the detective._______________________________________________.

4. “Did they catch the leader of the gang?” asked Salahadin. _______________________________________________.

5. “They are waiting for more police,” he said. _____________________________________________________.

8. Write down general, alternative, special and disjunctive questions of your own:

















9. Guess the meaning.

1) Feel sure of the truth of smth.; that smb. is telling the truth. ______________________________________

2) Something done to make a person appear ridiculous. ______________________________________

3) Have or use a power of sight. ______________________________________

4) Closed road vehicle on four wheels with an engine and seats for 2-5 people.


5) Person is kept there for a crime. ______________________________________


1.Find translation to the combinations:

  1. collar

  2. to be made of stone

  3. tomb robbers

  4. a lucky

  5. in the right place

  6. to be over

  7. a crowd of people

  8. a treasure

  9. a glass case

  10. underneath

    1. грабіжники могил

    2. внизу

    3. скарб

    4. вітрина

    5. натовп людей

    6. щасливчик

    7. нашийник

    8. бути зробленим з каменю

    9. у правильному місці

    10. закінчуватися

2. Tick the best answer.

1. The next morning detective went with his friends to …

a) the Cairo University

b) the Cairo Library

c) the Cairo Gallery

f) the Cairo Museum

2. They took … with them.

a) the collar

b) the Black Cat

c) diamonds

f) gold

3. Salahadin gave the Black Cat to …

a) Fuad

b) Ahmed

c) Faisal

d) Leila

4. The Black Cat was …

a) forged

b) inexpensive

c) valuable

d) disgusting

5. The Black Cat was made of …

a) stone and wood

b) gold and diamonds

c) silver and diamonds

d) stone and marble

6. ... men have died for the Black Cat.

a) 12

b) 13

c) 5

d) 7

7. The antiquity is more than … years old.

a) 2000

b) 200

c) 20

d) 20 000

8. Perhaps … stole the real cat.

a) the Ba’albeck Gang

b) the tomb robbers

c) the gang of smugglers

d) Borkman

9. … was the right place for the treasure.

a) the auction

b) the museum

c) the antique shop

d) Salahadin’s office

10. The new room in the museum was going to be opened …

a) at 1 o’clock

b) at 11 o’clock

c) at 10 o’clock

d) at 4 o’clock

3. Write down as many meanings as you can.

year – ________________________________________________________________________________________________

story – ________________________________________________________________________________________________

kind – ________________________________________________________________________________________________

call – ________________________________________________________________________________________________

piece – _______________________________________________________________________________________________

back – _______________________________________________________________________________________________

right – _______________________________________________________________________________________________

holiday – _____________________________________________________________________________________________

idea – ________________________________________________________________________________________________

promise – _____________________________________________________________________________________________

4. Put the verbs in brackets into the infinitive or the –ing form.

What a pleasure (read) _______________ detective novels! _____________(Read) such novels is entertaining, amazing, interesting for everyone. When you (read) _______________ detective stories, you try (do) ________it quicker. You can’t stand (read)__________ it. _________(Be) honest, there are many terrible moments in the detective novels, for example (kill)____________ people and (steal)____________ money. But without a doubt, these books develop our logic.

5. Change from Active to Passive Voice.

1. They take the Black Cat with them.


2. They met a friend in the museum.


3. The tomb robbers stole the real cat.


4. He can’t sell the Black Cat.


5. Salahadin will visit the museum tomorrow.


6. He has remembered this promise.


7. We are opening the new room in the museum.


8. Archaeologist had found the tomb of Ankuten.


9. Salahadin gave the Black Cat to Faisal.


10. He thanked detective for the antiquity.


6. Write special questions to the sentences.

1. They came back to the museum about two hours later.


2. The cat is made of a heavy kind of wood.


3. The new room is going to be opened tomorrow at ten o’clock.


4. The taxi driver who had taken Borkman to Cairo station was there also.


5. Salahadin went over to say hello.


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