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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / The Indefinite Tense Group. Grammar test.
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  • Иностранные языки

The Indefinite Tense Group. Grammar test.


Grammar Test

The Indefinite Tense Group

Variant 1

Part A.

Complete the sentences making the right choice:

1.I will talk to you again when I next … you.

a) see b)sees c)will see d)saw

2. We wanted to catch some rays but the sun never…the whole time we were there.

a) comes out b)is to come out c)was to come out d)came out

3. What … you call that kind of problem? You must have some special name for it.

a)does b) will c)would d) do

4. I never… sunrise. I am an early bird.

a).missed b) miss c)didn’t miss d)don’t miss

5. This car really… gas! Why not buy another?

a)is eating up b)ate up c)eats up d)has eaten up

6. When I am elected, you can be sure that the economic situation, the budget deficit, the trade deficit, and everything….

a)improves b)is going to improve c)will improve d)improving

7. This place always… so crowded during the season.

a)has got b)getting c)get d)gets

8. People watch too much TV and … read enough these days.

a)will not b)can’t c)not d)do not

9. I used to read about the early space flights in the newspapers, but it… seem very real.

a)never b)doesn’t c)can’t d)didn’t

10. I’ll call on you before I… Moscow.

a)leave b)left c)will be leaving d)will leave

Part B.

Open the brackets using the right form of the verb.

  1. (I/be/not/usually) at my best on Monday mornings.

  2. I am sorry but (I/not/hear) what (you/say).

  3. Why (you/not/look around and see) what the world is like?

  4. (I/get) into computers when I was in a junior high school.

  5. (What/John/do) for a living, I wonder? He seems to be quite well-off.

  • (he/make) his living buying and selling used cars.

  1. When (the truth/dawn) on you?

  • A few days ago.

  1. His paintings are splendid! (how/long/it/take/him) to acquire the necessary skills to become a professional artist?

  2. (Why/you/have/collect) all these facts and figures?

-We need them for our current reports.

  1. When she was younger, (she/be/never) particularly interested in politics.

  2. Take your umbrella – (it/probably/rain) later, may be in one or two hours.

Variant 2

Part A.

Complete the sentences making the right choice:

  1. Gwen’s experience of the business… the gaps in it which were unknown to me.

a)filled in b)fill in c)fills in d)filling in

2. - …Richard ever stay at home on a Sunday evening?

- No, I can’t say he … . In fact, he’s very often away for the whole weekend.

A. a)has b)isn’t c)doesn’t d)won’t

B. a)does b)isn’t c)doesn’t d)won’t

3. None of us … quite sure of the time without looking at the clock.

a)are b)isn’t c)is d)aren’t

4.None of my friends …at the party, and it seemed very dull to me.

a)were b)wasn’t c)weren’t d)was

5. Professor Horace John Morris did not like to be called “Professor Horace”, so his housekeeper called him “Professor Morris”. When Professor Morris … in the morning to sit all day in his professor’s chair, then all the house… silent except for the sound of the clocks in the rooms.

A. a)is going b)go off c)went off d)to go off

B. a)got b)will get c)gets d)will

6. Miss Pinkerton telephoned to her two scientific friends – one… in physic research and the other… electrician.

A. a)is interesting b)was interesting c)was interested d)will interest

B. a)is interested in b)was interested in c)will interest d)was an

7. Nick is a very good driver. Snow, rain, sleet – nothing…him. He never…the least trouble handling a car.

A. a)to bother b)doesn’t bother c)not bother d)bothers

B. a)has b)had c)doesn’t have d)not have

8. Diana and the kids were only a hundred feet ahead. Jim … with them. It … difficult to close the gap.

A. a)caught up b)catches up c)will catch up d)ought to catch up

B. a)was b)were c)wasn’t d)weren’t

9. Psychoanalysts, for the most part, … ordinary people with ordinary problems.

a)dealing with b)to deal with c)deals with d)deal with

10. If I am free tomorrow night, I … to the club with you.

a)will go b)go c)went d)is going

Part B.

Open the brackets using the right form of the verb.

  1. This man Jackson is very ill – mannered. (He/not/even/bother) to say “hello” when we meet in the elevator on our way to work.

  • (it/bother/you) that much?

  1. She spoke English so well that (I/not/realize) she was French.

  2. These events are all history now. (Who/remember) them, I wonder?

  3. Young man,”-the old lady said to the taxi driver. – “(Where/you/learn) to drive a car? (You/not/know) the streets of this city are a mess? (You/have/keep/your eyes open”.

  4. (The reporters/soon/realize) that this is the biggest story of the year.

  5. (How much time/I/have) to make up my mind about this job?

  6. (What kind of men/people/want) to see at a brokerage firm?

  • (People/want) to see stable, conservative men there before (they/trust) them their investments.

  1. (Your school/have) any good sporting facilities?

  • Yes, we have all we need.

  1. (it/suit/you) if I come around at 4?

  • Yes, (that/suit/me) fine.

  1. (Why/you/not/come) to class yesterday? (What/happen) to you?

Краткое описание документа:

Тест-это форма контроля, позволяющая качественно и эффективно измерить уровень и оценить структуру подготовленности учащихся. К огромному сожалению, не во всех школьных программах по иностранному языку уделяется должное внимание изучению    грамматических структур. Нередко приходится прибегать к использованию дополнительной литературы,чтобы четко объяснить и донести грамматический материал.Данный тест предназначен для проверки знаний учащихся по теме "Времена группы Simple." Задания теста разделены на 2 варианта,что удобно при стандартной рассадке детей в классе.

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