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The theme: What time is it?

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Form: 5

The theme of the lesson: I think it’s beautiful.

The aims: to speak about geograhiocal position of Kazakhstan.

to develop pupils’ skills in speaking,reading,writing.

to bring up pupils to love their mothetrland.

The type of the lesson: new lesson.

The methods: group work,answer-questions,game,association,explanation.

The visual aids: an interactive board,pictures,slides,cards,posters.

The plan of the lesson:

Organization moment:


-Checking the attendance:

I am very glad to see you.Let’s begin our lesson.Now,children stand in a circle.

I’ll divide into 3-groups.


I have a Magic box you must take one and answer the guestions.

mountain - [‘mauntin]-тау

beach - [bi:tJ]-жағажай
- [‘forist]-орман
- [‘ailәnd]-арал
to travel - [trәеvәl]-саяхат жасау
to visit - [‘visit]-бару

Checking the hometask:



I think it’s beautiful.

Ex.2p.155 Read the dialogue.

Ex.4p.156 Listen and read the text.

I-group: read the text about Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is an independent and sovereign state. Has got its own national flag, state coat of arms, emblem, and anthem. The capital of Kazakhstan is Astana. Our country is very large. Kazakhstan borders China, Russian Federation, Uzbekistan, Kirgizia and Turkmenistan.The population of the country about 17 million. People of about 1hundred nationalities live.

Astana is a very modern and beautiful city. Astana situated on the Esil.
Modern building in Astana: Baiterek,Hanshatir,Kazakh eli,Piramida,Akorda, Ministries House, Astana international airport,Entertaining centre “Duman”.Astana is the capital of the republic and an important political center.

II-group: translate the text

Қазақстан тәуелсіз мемлекет.Елтаңба,ту және әнұранымыз бар.

Қазақстанның астанасы –Астана.Еліміз өте үлкен.Қазақстан Қытай,Ресей,Өзбекстан,Қырғызстан,Түркіменстан елдерімен шекаралас.Халқы шамамен 17 миллион. 100 –ген ұлт өкілдері тұрады.

Астана жаңа әрі әдемі қала.Ол Есілдің жағалауында орналасқан Астананың әдемі ғимараттары Бәйтерек,Ханшатыр,Қазақ елі,ПирамидаАқорда,Министрліктер уйі,Астана қаласының халықаралық әуежайы.Астана еліміздің астанасы және саяси орталығы.

III-group: Sighting about Astana.



I-group: Complete the sentences.

1.Kazakhstan is an ______ and sovereign state.2. The capital of _____ is Astana.3. Our country _____ very large.4. Astana is a _____ modern and beautiful city.5 Astana situated _____ the Esil.6. Astana is the capital ____ the republic.

II-group: Translate the sentences:

1. The capital of Kazakhstan is Astana.

2. Our country is very large.

3. Astana is a very modern and beautiful city.

4. The population of the country about 17 million.

5. Astana situated on the Esil.

6. Astana is an important political center.

III-group: Match the new words:
mountain арал
саяхат жасау
forest ғимарат
island шекаралас
to travel жағажай
to visit орналасу

border тау

building бару

independent орман

situated тәуелсіз



-What is the capital of Kazakhstan?

-What river is Astana situated on?

-What is the building in Astana?

-What is the population of Kazakhstan?

-Who is the head of Kazakhstan?

Home task:

Text “Astana” dialogue. Write an essay about our Motherland.


C:\Users\admin\Documents\Bluetooth Folder\20150206_174437.jpg

Выберите курс повышения квалификации со скидкой 50%:

Краткое описание документа:

The a


Result of the lesson:



Pupils have learnt to speak about the time. They can to ask “What time is it” and answer on it.

The aims:

Educational: to consolidate the knowledge on the theme “Time” and to enlarge pupils vocabulary.

Developing: To develop pupils’ listening comprehension, reading, speaking, writing skills and habits; to develop pupils’ skills and habits in dialogue speech through asking and answering questions, making up conversations.

Teaching: To teach to express gratitude; to bring up respect to the classmates and friends.


Type of the lesson:




 individual, work in pairs/group, new teaching technologies

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