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The theme of lesson: “My Room”

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The theme of lesson: “My Room”
The aims of the lesson:
a) To develop communicative skills and abilities. Developing the vocabulary
b) To stimulate the students interest and their power of guessing and thinking in the foreign language.
c) Talking about rooms and things of the room. Asking and talking about jobs in the house. Asking and talking about location of things.
Language functions: Recycling the language functions.
Language structures: Are there... Is there....
The connection with other subjects: Kazakh language, computer studies (informatics).
Aids: pictures, an Active board, a book.
The type: competition, non - traditional.
I. Organization moment
a) Greeting
Good morning, dear friends!
Pupils: Good morning,
Good morning,
Good morning to you.
Good morning, dear teacher,
We are glad to see you!
Teacher: I’m very glad to see you at our English lesson. So, you are welcome! Please answer to my questions.
Who is on duty today?
Who is absent today?
What is date today?
b) Checking up the home task.
I’ll check up your home work. What was your home work today?
Our home work was to learn the words about rooms and things of the room. Phonetic drills.
In first let’s sing a MARRY RHYMES.
Kitty meets Minnie
“Minnie” says Kitty,
“Look at my pinny, isn’t it pretty?”
“Very,” says Minnie.
“I like white and blue. “Thank you.” says Kitty,
“And I like it, too” Mind the clock
And keep the rule:

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