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"Типы упражнений на уроках английского языка"

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Рецептивные упражнения

Exercise 1. Read the letter, then read the questions and circle the correct item.

Dear Mum and Dad, I’m so happy to be in Bergen for our holidays . I’m having a fantastic time and just love this part of Norway. Lee and I are staying at the historic Royal Hotel. At the moment we are having a cup of hot chocolate and enjoying the spectacular view of harbor. The weather is cold, and perfect for skiing. The seven mountains around the city are covered in thick snow. The famous fjords are stunning in these quiet waters you can sail past mountains, waterfalls and fields. We spend most of our days hiking in the mountains with our Norwegian friends, Erik and Katerina. Norwegians really love the outdoors. They’re very friendly and kind to us. I think they’re really good-looking. Most of them tend to be tall, with fair hair and light blue eyes. The food is delicious. Norwegians like eating fish and seafood, especially salmon, shrimps, lobster and caviar. I just love eating fresh bread and smoked salmon for lunch. Next week we’re going to Oslo. I can’t wait to visit the Outdoor Folk Museum. Lee is not so keen, but I’m looking forward to it . Our flight is leaving from Oslo next Friday, so I hope you’ll receive this before we get home! I think you should come here next year . I’m sure you would love it !

See you soon.

Love, Susan

1.Where’s Susan ?

A. France B. Norway

2. Where are she and Lee staying ?

A. at hotel B. in a flat

3. How do they spend most of their days ?

A. hiking in the mountains B. going to museums

4. What are Norwegians like eating ?

A. pasta B. fish

5. What are Norwegians like ?

A. shy and honest B. friendly and kind

6. Where are Susan and Lee going next week ?

A. Paris B. Oslo

Exercise 2. Read the letter and match the headings to the paragraphs

Food -------------

Location/Accommodation -------------

People(Looks/Character) ------------

Plans ---------------

Weather/Sights/Activities -----------

Recommendation --------------------

Exercise 3.

Fill in the correct word from the list ,then make sentences using them .

Smoked, thick, fantastic, quiet, historic, spectacular

1. a --------------- time

2. a --------------- hotel

3. a ---------------- view

4. ------------------ snow

5. ------------------ waters

6. ------------------ salmon

Репродуктивные упражнения направлены на развитие навыков и умений:

· выявления основных элементов содержания текста;

· поиска необходимой информации в текстах разного жанра;

· извлечения информации и трансформаций структуры и языкового материала текста;

· определения основной и второстепенной информации;

· семантизации языковых единиц и речевых образцов, их узнавания в тексте;

· языковой догадки (по формальным признакам и по контексту);

· проведения словообразовательного анализа;

· свободного ориентирования и восприятия текстов разного стиля;

· нахождения ключевых слов текста;

· применения грамматических правил в выполнении работы.

Exercise 1. Поставьте следующие предложения в страдательный залог (passive voice).

  1. Did they offer you a good job?
    2. Why can’t you tell them the truth?
    3. What kind of explanation did they give you?
    4. They have just shown us a new film.
    5. The teacher was reading a fairy tale to the children.
    6. Have you written a letter to Father?
    7. Will the teacher dictate the text to you?
    8. They asked me a lot of interesting questions.
    9. Everyone was listening to the speaker very attentively.
    10. People are talking a lot about this young actress.
    11. He never mentioned the incident to his friends.
    12. His father taught him mathematics.
    13. We envy him his luck.

Exercise 2.Прочитайте вопросы и ответьте на них.

1) Do you like painting a picture?

2) Do you like swimming?

3) What do you like doing?

4) What are you doing now?

Exercise 3.Прочитайте слова, запишите их во множественном числе.

baby –

child –

egg –

mouse –

sandwich –



Exercise 4. Заполните пропуски словами преобразованными от слов, данных в конце строк. Слова должны грамматически и лексически соответствовать смыслу предложения.

1. If you want to get enjoyment from your work,

make sure that it involves doing an ____that                                         active

you like.

2. People were nicer in those days, and spent

their free time making models or looking at

their stamp ____.                                                                                           collect

3. The invention led to many important ____,                                        discovery

Including ‘germ theory’, the idea that bacteria

cause disease.

4. Hollywood is, of course, the capital of the___                                   nation

cinema industry.

15. But not eating properly may have serious

consequences on a child’s ___ and physical                                           speak

development, resulting in poorer performance

at school.

Продуктивные упражнения направлены на развитие:

· умения осознанно использовать речевые средства в соответствии с задачей коммуникации для выражения своих чувств, мыслей и потребностей;

· умения  определять понятия, создавать обобщения, устанавливать аналогии, классифицировать,  самостоятельно выбирать основания и критерии для классификации, умозаключение (индуктивное, дедуктивное  и по аналогии) и делать выводы;

· умения выводить следствия и причинно-следственных связей;

· умения построить логическую цепь рассуждений;

· умения выдвигать гипотезы;

· умения осознанно строить речевое высказывание;

· навыков перевода с русского на английский;

· умения подробно или сжато передавать содержания текста с опорой и без;

· умения высказываться по теме, используя эмоциональное и оценочное суждение;

· умения с достаточной полнотой и точностью выражать свои мысли в соответствии с задачами и условиями коммуникации;

Exercise 1. Interviewing.

Let’s choose some “correspondents”. They are very curious and you’ll be asked the questions according to your hobbies. Well! Olya,Nadya, Nick are the correspondents and they will interview pupils.

Nadya will interview the teacher. Don’t forget about the phrase. Take these cards they will help you:


Their names

What they collect

If their collections are large(not large)

What for tese things are collected


If your collect different things of the same

Who these things are collected by

If these collections are large or small

What for these things are collected

Let’s listen to the dialogue between Nadya and the teacher

Let’s listen to some dialogues.

I see every body has a hobby. Try to use these phrases (by the way...,e.g.), don’t forget about greetings, partings and remember that everybody must say 7 phrases.

Exercise 2. Writing ( Project )

Imagine you are at a holiday resort. Write a letter to your pen-friend about the location of the place, Your accommodation, the weather, the sights, your activities, the people there, the food and plans . End the letter by recommending the place to your pen-friend. Use the model letters

Exercise 3.Нарисуйте свою комнату и опишите её.


This is my room. There is a bed in my room. It is big. There is a table in front of the window. There are some books on it. There are two chairs and bookcase near the table. Ilikemyroom.






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Абдураманова Эльнура Зевадиновна ,

учитель английского языка






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