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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / “To know English – demand of time” competition
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“To know English – demand of time” competition


The date 16.09.2013

The grade: 9th forms

The type: competition

The theme: “To know English – demand of time”

Visual aids: slides, an interactive board, pictures, posters

Connection of the subjects: English – Russian - Kazakh

Aims of the lesson:

educational – to remember some words about professions, to give information about professions;

developing – to develop thinking, understanding, memory, oral speech, reading, writing, listening skills;

bringing up – to bring up love and interest to the subject, respect to each other; to help students to choose their professions for the future.

The teacher: Good morning dear pupils, teachers and guests! Welcome to our competition. We are glad to see you and we hope that you’ll enjoy today’s competition.

English is a world language. It’s the language of progressive science and technology, trade and cultural relations, commerce and business. English is spoken by more than 350 million people. English is the most widespread language on earth. “To know English – demand of time”.

Now I give the words to leader. Leader: Our language is connected with our thought and sense. It appeared in antiquity. It’s close to the society’s life. All languages developed under influence of economic, political and geographical conditions.

Dear guests, teachers and pupils! Welcome to our competition named “To know English – demand of time”! We are happy to see you at our competition. The game will pass as a competition between two teams. The pupils of 9th forms take part in this competition.

Today we’ll define the expert of the 9th pupil. You are welcome to our competition! You should count points of two teams and later each level talk result.

Our president N. A. Nazarbayev said: “Every person in our country must know three languages: Kazakh as a state language, Russian as a language of international communication and English as a widespread language in the world, as a language of business and new technology”.

And our pupils know these languages well and now they show us their knowledge.

Our competition consists of 6 levels:

1. Greeting

2. 1st level “Presentation of the teams”

3. 2nd level “Speak about yourselves”

4. 3rd level “Our dream”

5. Playing the game with onlookers.

6. 4th level “Show a stage view on free theme”

7. 5th level “Say about your future profession”

8. 6th level “Make up the dialogue”

9. Results of the competition.

Well, we begin our competition.

I hope you’ll find something interesting and new for yourselves.

Good Luck!

Dear guests, please meet the participants of the competition. Your applauses, please!

The captain of each teams come here, take out cards. There are numbers 1 and 2, who take number 1, that first start our competition.

Let’s start, please.

Our 1st level “Presentation of the teams”

Participants say their team’s name, about emblem, motto, etc.

We give the word to our expert, please your points.

A man who knows many languages has no barriers and difficulties,

especially in the 2nd level “Speak about yourselves”. In this level you must introducing yourselves.

Expert your points to our participants.

Training “Make a present” Participants in each team make a present to each other with give a sign. The next team must find what their present.

Gymnastics for eyes.

Are you tired? Let’s do gymnastics for eyes.

Your next task is “The best translator”. You must translate these words.

Мысық, house, сүт, egg, дәрігер, money, мұғалім, girl, машина, newspaper, алма, 1945, аға, water.

Now you next task is “Leader”. In this task was given quickness reaction and smart.

You must write an appropriate name of professions in a English language.

Ән, кітап, сөздік, дәрі, шаш, тіс, ұшақ

Your next 3rd level “Our dream”. Work with posters. Now, pupils, be very attentive and listen to me. You have a posters; your task draw in it your dreams and protect your work.

While the participants do the task we’ll playing the game with onlookers.

Please onlookers look at the blackboard. You can see the riddles and you must decide it and say the answers into three languages.

Now your time is over, what team is ready? Please teams you must protect your work.

We give the word to our expert, please your points.

Our 4th level “Show a stage view on free theme”. In this level you must show your stage view how you prepare at home.

Expert, please your points.

5th level “Say about your future profession”. In this level each participants must say about yours future profession. We give the word to our expert, please your points.

6th level “Make up the dialogue”. Captains in each teams come here, take the building block and throw it. Around the building block there are numbers 1 and 2. Come here and take the card, behind the card the theme of dialogues. You must choose one person between our team’s participants, and you two must prepare a dialogue.

Expert, please your result points of the competition.


T: Dear, pupils, our lesson is almost over. What did you do during our lesson?

P: We spoke about professions, kinds of professions.

T: Which part of the lesson did you like best of all?

P: I like …. I enjoyed it.

Giving marks.

between 50 and 40 points – 5 (excellent)

between 40 and 30 points – 4 (good)

between 30 and 15 points – 3 (satisfactory)

Берілген бағалау парақшасы бойынша оқушыларға смайликтер беріп бағалау.

You are very active today. I’m sure that our lesson was interesting and useful for you... That’s all for today. The lesson is over! Thank you for your attention. See you later!

Teacher: We congratulate winners! Great! Thank you for your work, you were very active, it was such a pleasure to work with you.

Thank you for your attention. Competition is over, good – bye!

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