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Topic "Reading: Forgotten Pleasures?"

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Reading: Forgotten Pleasure?

In the age of modern technology and gadgets children don’t read books. Now every child has a phone and a computer. The book became completely uninteresting way of hanging out, and fewer people are interested in it. But reading books is very useful. Some of the reasons that it is when you complete reading, your vocabulary and thinking will develop.

And what a pleasure to dive into the world of books, to be a part of their adventures! Along with the book you can go everywhere! And in space, and under water, and in the jungles, forests, mountains, mysterious caves, forgotten temples! Along with Gulliver we traveled through uncharted lands and forgotten world, along with Robinson Crusoe survive on the island, along with Frodo came a long way to Mount Doom. Solve riddles; find the traitor, worry and grief, joy and illness, and happiness, and excitement! Only in the books, you can experience all of these feelings, imbued with the strength and character of the hero, himself, though for a moment, but to become the same as they are!

Books can be interesting, great, well-known, powerful, amusing, funny, exciting. There are many genres of books. From a historical novel to the children's fairy tales. There are stories invented by the author, and have invented people. Stories that tell mom the night - this is probably a fairy tale or folklore. But long novels, biographies (autobiography), detective stories, books about any events taking place in ancient times, as well as documentary history-it is a serious book written by people who have the talent and ability to the writing of books, and they earn money to afford this life.

People who read books is cleverer, more concentrated, with interesting personalities, they know a lot of stories and can tell a lot of interesting things.


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