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Topics " About Myself " and " My Friends "

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About Myself

My name is Ainur. I am 11. I am in the 6th form.

I live in a good flat in Astana. I have a mother and a father but I have neither a sister or a brother.

I am tall. My hair is long and black. My eyes are big and brown.

I have a straight nose.

I learn many interesting subjects at school. They are: Kazakh, English, Russian, Maths, History, Art, Music and others.

I am fond of English. I like reading English books and I learn easy poems and songs.

My hobby is swimming. I go to a small swimming –pool twice a week.

I have got many friends. We play different games together.

My friends

I have got a friend. His name is Aidos. He is 14. Aidos is neither tall nor short. He is thin. His face is round and his eyes are black. His hair is short and black.

My friend is in the 9th form. He studies well and likes to study at school. He is a good pupil. Aidos is not only a good pupil but is also a faithful friend. He often helps me to do my homework.

I like to spend my free time with my friend. We go for walks, read and discuss books together and we go to the cinema.

Aidos enjoys playing chess. He is a good player. He spends a lot of time on this game. In the evening if we have time, he comes to see me and teaches me how to play chess.

I have got another friend. Her name is Dina. She is a nice girl. She is short and thin. Her eyes are brown. Her hair is dark and long.

Dina is 13. She is in the 8th form. She likes to study at school and she does it well. Her favourite subject is English. She spends a lot of time learning it. Dina knows many English poems and recites them to me.

My friend likes music. She plays the piano well. Sometimes I go to see her and she plays the piano.

My friends Aidos and Dina like computer games. They have got many interesting games and sometimes we play together.

I like my friends very much. I think they are true friends.

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